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Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using Big Words

On his radio show today Glenn Beck mocked MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for using the term paleoconservative on her MSNBC program this week. Since Beck doesn’t know what the term means he said, “What the hell is a paleoconservative, a dinosaur?” He then told progressives to stop making up terms. Actually, the term was coined by a conservative 30 years ago, and Beck once again demonstrated his illiteracy.


Glenn Beck Claims that He Boosts Jon Stewart’s Ratings

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck displayed how much fame has gone to his head, while name dropping some celebrities and the fact that he was at the Time 100 Most Influential People banquet last night, Beck said, “It’s like Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart’s not thinking yeah get that guy off the air. I’m good for him and his ratings.” Beck keeps selling himself on the idea that the ship isn’t sinking.


The Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Dick Cheney’s Katrina

This is the story of rampant deregulation in a never-ending ode to Profit as King, as propagated by the Bush/Cheney administration across all sectors of our economy, which didn’t end with Wall Street or mortgage lending or Enron. Indeed, the deregulation scandals extend now to off-shore drilling in the form of the missing Valve, a remote shut-off device called an acoustic switch. Dick Cheney may have had his hand in the Department of Interior’s decision not to mandate the valve for off-shore oil rigs.


“Liberal Elite” Washington Post Advances Fox’s Miranda Lies

The Washington Post, that “liberal elite” paper, is following in Fox’s footsteps by regurgitating false Miranda information, suggesting that Miranda rights are optional and should not be employed with suspected terrorists, even if said suspect is an American citizen. Fox News has long advanced the claim that reading Abdulmutallab Miranda rights compromised the government’s ability to get information. This, of course, was not an issue for Fox when the Bush administration handled the suspected terrorists the exact same way. When they’re not trying to terrorize Americans into voting for them, the Right is trying to terrorize Americans into giving away all of their freedoms.

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