BP Buddy Sarah Palin Tells America to Ignore the Oil Spill and Keep on Drilling

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Sarah Palin was on Fox News’ Fox and Friends this morning to argue that the oil spill in the Gulf is not a good enough reason to not, drill, baby, drill. Palin said, “We still need to drill, baby, drill.” She also bogusly claimed that without offshore drilling energy production would be, “outsourced.” Does she understand that the oil belongs to the companies, not the American people?

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

When asked if she had changed her position on drill, baby, drill, Palin said, “No, we still need to drill, baby, drill, and we need to drill safely and ethically, and if we don’t do that here then we will be outsourcing our energy production and development into countries and foreign waters that do not have the strict standards that we have. The problem here with Gulf spill is that we didn’t adhere to those standards, and the MMS didn’t regulate aggressively enough, and BP told the government some things that now we are finding out aren’t necessarily true, so there’s a lot blame to go around. Certainly, the American public can’t be blamed for the problem that we are seeing today that tragedy in the Gulf, and they should not be punished. They should not be punished with cap and tax either. A tax on energy that now Obama is talking about in kind of a response to the Gulf spill, and we shouldn’t be published by outsourcing our energy development anymore than we are already outsourcing.”

Palin claimed that she didn’t support a moratorium on offshore drilling but she did call for government oversight. (This sounds an awful lot like the same big government that Palin is always criticizing Obama for). For a so called energy expert, Sarah Palin knows virtually nothing about how energy markets actually work. Her claim that without offshore drilling American energy production would be outsourced is a lie, based on the even bigger lie that the oil drilled for in this country belongs to America. This is absolutely and completely false.

Oil companies pay fees and royalties to state and federal governments for the right to drill. Any oil that they discover belongs to the companies, not the nation where the oil is taken from. The oil companies are free to sell their oil on the global market to anyone they please. This is why offshore drilling does not ease America’s energy woes. If Palin was serious about keeping energy production in the US, then she would support truly domestic alternative energy sources, which really do stay in the US, not the big lie that America can drill its way to energy independence.

The very system that Palin is supporting is run by international corporations who extract oil from the United States and sell it around the world. Palin tried to use an outsourcing argument to defend the very outsourcing that occurs with offshore drilling. The reality is that there is not enough oil anywhere in the US to feed our habit. Sarah Palin is selling the myth that America can drill its way to energy independence. Cap and trade and alternative energy aren’t punishments for the American people. They are possible ways for the US to get off foreign oil. Of course, this is the last thing that a shill for big oil like Palin ever wants to see.

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  1. “and if we don’t do that here then we will be outsourcing our energy production and development into countries and foreign waters that do not have the strict standards that we have.”

    So she actually said that?

    Other countries do have rules and regulations but thanks to the Dick Cheney Task Force, we appear to have “lifted” all the rules.

    What is this idiot smoking?

    Did someone by chance ask her about drilling on top of a MUNITIONS DUMP like BP did? Does she know what that means? Or what it implies? The Deepwater Horizon drilled next to 15 MUNITIONS DUMP SITES. Was this explosion triggered by that? Did BP HIT something? How much did we dump into the Gulf?

  2. Sarah Palin should be down at the Gulf helping to clean up the mess instead of shooting off her big fat mouth about drill baby drill.

  3. @Basheert, I thought the same thing and I spent some time trying to find rankings for standards, but I couldn’t as soon as I get the data, look for it an upcoming post, because this seems to Palin’s new talking point.

  4. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and she proves it every time she opens her big, flapping mouth. Here we are, faced with the worst oil spill disaster that I can remember, and she is still talking about drilling. No wonder she is BP’s buddy.
    This is a direct result of either no regulations or insufficient regulations. Not only is she stupid, she is also tone-deaf to the implications of what she is saying.
    Does anyone still seriously think this loon is presidential material?

  5. @Anne, I am thinking about doing an upcoming post on how Sarah Palin seems to be stuck in 2008. She just keeps sticking to her old script even if it no longer applies.

  6. @Jason Easley,

    I have always said exactly the same thing about her and her followers. You might be surprised at the people who continue to perpetuate the ignorant and erroneous meme about her having more executive experience than Obama.

    It’s always been obvious that she is smarting from both anger and disbelief that she lost to Obama. That’s because she has a grossly inflated sense of her intelligence and importance. It’s also sickening that many of her male followers can’t come up with anything better than she’s “hot.” As if that would ever be a reason for her to be in elective office! I had to let one of them know in no uncertain terms that being stupid with so many issues is nothing to be envious of, and furthermore, her behavior has always been age-inappropriate.

  7. @Jason Easley, The real problem is with the news today about the Munitions Dumps in the Gulf, and the increased refusal to give reporters access, it looks like they do have something to hide and/or suppress.

    She is a trained seal. When someone blows her whistle, she honks her current horn. I don’t think she comprehends what she says. She simply spews, like an uncontrolled volcano.

    More and more people are realizing that the BP (not the Gulf Oil Spill – the BP OIL SPILL) oil spill has the potential to be a doomsday event. And the Administration continues to hide/duck/suppress.

    On the other hand….try and imagine the scenario we would be facing with Johnny McInsane and $aint$arah in charge of this hideous mess!!!!! She’d be down there with her bendy straws sucking it all up.

  8. @Anne, Very true Anne. She lost her first contest to a young black woman, Miss Alaska. Then she lost to Mr. Obama – a black man. She is absolutely pathologically obsessed with President Obama. If she was in D.C. she’d probably stalk him and his family.

    She has never dealt with the fact that the American electorate picked an African American as President over her.

  9. @Basheert,

    Yes, I knew about that too. It says absolutely nothing about either race being superior or inferior, just that the judges thought Maryline Blackburn was more qualified. But they probably didn’t want to spend a year of hearing that banshee screech of a voice. In any case, she has shown herself to be enormously unqualified, and she has no one to blame but herself. I will never forgive McCain for foisting her on us, but the GOP is reaping what it has sown by even considering her.

  10. In a democracy people get the government that they deserve. If we ever elect this moron as our President, we will deserve her.

    Ignorance and stupidity must be confronted and defeated.

  11. @Basheert, McCain would pronounce that the fundamentals of the Gulf are strong, and then go back to planning the invasion of Iran in between naps.

  12. @Marvin, You would think that after the intellectual reign of terror of George W. Bush people would catch on. I have often wondering how many of Palin’s supporters also think that Bush was a great president?

  13. I would love to see someone ask her how much the oil that comes out of Alaska actually lands in the US.

    I agree with the paragraph you quoted from her above except that last sentence. We do need to drill, however we should be concentrating on getting the oil out of the Green river basin reserves that are larger than the middle east reserves. But guess what? It costs too much to get it out so we sont research it at all.

    I hate it when people talk about wind and other sources of power and say “well that wont solve the problem”. As one who problem solved in a factory for 26 years, every KW you create from other sources takes us a little further away from foreign sales.

    We are over a barrel with oil. Anytime we raise the rent on them, they raise the cost of gas on us. We ned to get out from under these companys

  14. Republicans are having it both ways when they say “keep govt. small” and “let there be oversight”. Jason is right in calling out this hypocrisy.

    They protest taxes, and yet would like USDA to prevent cases of tainted meat and veggies. Who’s gonna pay for USDA?

    They protest taxes, yet are ‘fiercely proud of the military’ and root for it all the way. They are always waiting on the sidelines to pounce on any politician and declare them ‘traitor’ when any talk of military expenditure cuts is initiated. Who’s gonna pay for the military when taxes are reduced, and there is no revenue for the Govt.? You cannot have the cake and eat it too!

    In spite of the ruin that the two unpaid-for wars have brought on the US economy, they are always ready to blame “the big Govt.” of Obama, as if it was the big Govt. that led to the economic disaster that was years in the making during the W administration.

    In my opinion either they are dumber than a box of rocks, or it is cognitive dissonance for justifying myopic positions on issues.

  15. @brown_fox, Great points, and one of the dirty little secrets of the Tea Party crowd is that they like big government too. They just don’t want to have to pay for it. They believe in Karl Rove’s fantasy of being able to spend more money and lower taxes at the same time. It isn’t that these people are dumb. They aren’t. They are an example of what happens when ideology becomes so powerful that it prevents them seeing and understand basic logic and facts.

  16. @Shiva, You are correct. Every little bit counts, because the point isn’t to use zero barrels of oil, but to cut our dependence on oil down to a level where we are importing much less or if we could cut our consumption by 75%, we would not have to import any oil at all.

  17. @Jason Easley,

    It’s also true that this rigid devotion to ideology blinds people to the fact that this particular ideology simply does not work. They like to run on about how government is the problem, and they try to represent themselves as Washington outsiders. Yet they run to either become or remain part of the government they claim is a problem and set about trying to sabotage it. That way, their cock-eyed belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. There is also the undeniable fact that those calling for “less
    government” want more government when it suits their purposes.

  18. @Basheert, Very very few. But is that the point? Isn’t the point to augment everything you can with alternate sources, not attempting to go 100% away from petroleum sources at first?

    You dont have to use wind or solar exclusively to do your part in freeing us from oil usage

    The people of the Southwest could use a tremendous amount of solar power to create electricity and heat water.their air conditioning could come from underground pipes. After 40 years of being in production, solar panels should be(but arnt) totally cost effective. While they would still use electricity from the grid, they would be doing their part to get us off oil a few barrels at a time. Near me we have a large windfarm, there is no excuse for huge areas of this country to not be using them

  19. @Shiva, good response and thanks. We added 22 solar panels approximately 2.5 years ago – last year we plunked 19 trapezoid solar panels on the front of the house, over the garage.

    My electric bill in May was $44. My “normal” (for 22 years) bill was about $150-$170 depending upon temps. My highest bill last summer was $150 where my “normal” summer bill is $350.

    We generate (on our high months) approximately 1250-1400 KwH. And we love it.

    I have changed the way I do things. Laundry, dishwasher, showers – done during the day while generating. We do run a pool pump at least 8 hours a day but even then I’m saving about 60%-75% with the solar. We got a 30% Federal tax CREDIT and the rebates were enormous. We ended up paying a total of about 37-40% of the total cost.

    I am a HUGE solar advocate. For us, in AZ, it makes sense.

  20. @Basheert,

    there’s a whole lot of things one could say about Palin’s comments. To me, the most notable one is what she DOESN’T say– nowhere in this, or any of her “drill baby drill” tirades is there any suggestion about reducing CONSUMPTION. Realizing that the US uses about 1/5 of all the oil in the world, yet only has like 2% of the reserves, or something like that, should make it pretty obvious that “drill baby drill” is not a solution. The only long-term solution is to balance out that demand with supply. Even if we “drill baby drill” like she says, and exploit all the domestic oil reserves that exist, at whatever cost, we’ll still use more oil than we produce, and so we’ll end up importing it, thus increasing the US trade deficit, which you CAN’T fix, even with Keynesian economic theory. So, maybe it really is true that the US is approaching a ‘crisis’ similar to the one in Greece. Not because of the deficit spending, of course, but because we don’t MAKE anything. We get it all from China and Saudi Arabia, like the Greeks get it all from the Germans LOL

  21. “She also bogusly claimed that without offshore drilling energy production would be, “outsourced.” The Bubble-Brained-Bimbo-WasillaBilly just keeps hittin ’em outta the park!

  22. @Anne, you wonder if there are still folks who would vote for Palin? Remember, they elected her male clone TWICE.

  23. @Nikolai,

    You are right. However, I think about the havoc that GW wrought, and wonder how many people still think that the folksy facade devoid of
    any intellect or substance would still go the same route.

    She is even worse than her male clone, and I hope that if she does run,
    at least one of her opponents decides to use the treasure trove of ammunition she has single-handledly provided against her.

  24. “God blessed Adam and Eve and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, fill the world and conquer it! Rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all animals that crawl on the ground.” This is from the Hebrew Bible, Genesis 1:28, my free translation from the Hebrew. Let us read another verse, Genesis 2:15. “The Lord God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to guard it.”

    God has blessed the human race and commanded people to conquer the world. God has blessed America giving us plenty of oil for our needs for plastics, clothing, heating, and transportation. We all must be thankful and work hard, farming, mining, and drilling. We must drill everywhere so that we do not have to buy oil from other countries that hate the American way of life, such as Saudi Arabia. American leaders, such as President Obama and my Senators who are restricting drilling, are people spitting in God’s face, ignoring His blessings, and bringing a curse to America. We must do all we can to remove politicians who suggest moratoriums and restrictions on drilling for oil. We must do our best to remove them immediately without waiting for elections, in order to continue receiving God’s wonderful blessings.

    Let us look at the next verse. The obligation of the human race is to “work it”, to work in the difficult and dangerous task of drilling for oil. When Obama says we should stop drilling for six months, he is asking us not to be human beings for six months. It is not human to ask the country to stop working for six months!

    God commanded us “to guard it”. Major oil spills happen every decade or so. When they happen, we have to guard our country against damage. Governor Jindal of LA wanted to have skimmers and berms to prevent the marshlands from contamination. Jindal is doing his job of guarding the earth. Obama is not letting the skimmers and berms in near the state of LA. Obama is failing his job, as he is not guarding the marshlands. Since Obama is failing his human responsibility to guard the marshlands, he is not acting as a human being should act, and must be fired, and not allowed to continue with his inhuman activities.

    Some say we are guarding the earth by cutting back on carbon dioxide. Since all people and animals exhale carbon dioxide, and we are commanded to multiply, we have to increase production of carbon dioxide in order to fulfill God’s commandment and receive His blessings. Those who say to cut back on carbon dioxide are bringing a curse to America and to the world. God is blessing us by giving us more energy to live, work, and to guard the earth.

  25. Dr. Sanford you are a fruit loop. You and Sarah are like two peas in a pod. God did not tell me or you anything. If you run into him I want to know about it, because I have a lot of questions for that guy. Quit using religion for a reason to escape the reality of what greed and stupidity is doing to our environment. If there was a god, he would be ashamed of what we are doing to the home he gave us.

  26. If all of you people can stop running off at the mouth long enough to realize that you don’t have a brain cell between you it would make the world a better place

  27. @ Basheert
    The only thing that is hidden and suppressed is your intelligence..it’s so well hidden they would have to drill 20 miles into the earth to find it…along with everyone else on this idiotic left wing rag of a web site LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  28. You said it but dont tell that to her followers their worse than obamas fans. I thought it would be smooth sailing for the neocons come election time but seeing how their defending bp and apologizing I don’t think it will be so easy. These rabid right wingers who make millions by claiming to have morals and good character show their hypocrisy when they completely ignore the tragic effects of the spill and what it will do to humanity.

  29. All the neocons are obsessed with obama. Theyre laughing all the way to the bank. He’s been a cash cow for books and palin especially. She’s glad she lost. I wish she would save the country the embarrasement of speaking in public and on television. Really its obvious to most that her fifteen minutes are up.

  30. I’m steppingstones. My real name is Shelby, and I come from a humble home in Michigan. This is my first post on hipblogs, and I hope I do this right. I really like the Earth, and realizing new things and getting much too excited over them. I love learning. I lead a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, and I dance, a lot. I have a fierce addiction to traveling and weddings and ridiculously thorough note-taking in class. I doodle on everything and eat mangoes and ice cream on the roofs of parking garages with my beloved boyfriend. And most of all, I am really, really soft-hearted. So, greetings! It’s nice to meet you.

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