Watch Sarah Palin at Stanislaus

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41 Replies to “Watch Sarah Palin at Stanislaus”

  1. She’s starting late (what else is new). I suspect Palin is having one of her “I hate this make up” freak out moments, as you know how she fears the press.

    She’ll be on at either 8:30 or 9:00 EST — CORRECTION — THAT IS PACIFIC TIME — now instead of 7 — delayed to avoid the 11 PM news in case of disaster. If she messes up on a Friday after 11, she’s safe. Or safer.

    However, I recall PalmGate which I believe happened on a Friday or Saturday night.

  2. ahahah! Yes. Darn limo driver. Darn airline. Darn lamestream media.

    Now, the question of the hour is:

    What clothes will she be wearing? Borrowed clothes from 2008, borrowed clothes from a lost luggage debacle, lost and recovered water bras….tacky hats….oh, I’m hoping for the naughty monkeys! They’re a classic.

  3. Sarah will be speaking in front of a sign in Latin Vox Veritas Vita poetic license translation speak the truth as a way of life. Oh yes, the irony is heavy tonight.

  4. Wanna place a bet? Do we have another breakdown on our hands tonight? Palmgate, Hairgate, what?

    At the very least, we’re looking at Shrill Gate.

    One drink for every time she sneers, says Socialism (she being the socialist windfall profits tax queen), Obama, Ayers, lamestream media or Hitler.

    On second thought…no. Better not.

  5. Protesters chanting: WHOSE COUNTRY/ OUR COUNTRY!!

    Palin is going to freak. They’re going to have to take her in the back way.

  6. I’ve gotten SOS calls from writers transcribing her speeches….nothing irritates a writer more than having to stop and start her screechy voice over and over and over again.

  7. That writer would be me, and yes it is painful. I hope I don’t have to transcribe this. If there is a God in heaven someone will release a transcript for me.

  8. And here come the inaccuracies.

    They are claiming they raised all of this money — but guess who donated 50k? the President. They’re trying to justify this PR debacle.

    Not so much.

  9. Jason, we really should have provided ear plugs and gag bags. Just in case. “Most recognizable woman in the world”?

  10. Am replying here. Here is transcript for you:


    That’s how far we are right now….

  11. She just told people to watch Beck for a history lesson. Good Lord, no wonder her followers are dumber than Trig.

  12. Im having a hard time deciding here. Sarah or Celebrity Deathmatch on

    Sarah, no one apologized for American, we apologized for Cheney and Bush

    Reagan AGAIN? College kids dont even know who reagan was!

  13. I hope you all heard the live mic drama at the end when the students said she was the dumbest of the dumb and wondered if she had finished ONE statement, but decided, no she had not.

  14. They can afford Sarah but use students to run the feed. Sarah will now require professional production at all events, and a Lear jet and bendy straws. I can see why she doesn’t let the media into these things. She is terrible.

  15. I heard the live mic too! The sound wasn’t so good, so I hope someone managed to capture it and will be able to make a transcript, because they were laughing about something she said about Reagan too!

  16. The BEST part of her speech was after it ended and the “HOT” MIKE was still on the guys who were running the live stream. Laughing, talking about the meaning of the word “dumb” and a bunch of random quotes that had nothing to do with anything, asking did she even complete one sentence, listening to her felt sort of like being on a rollercoaster … and more. It felt like some sort of beautiful karma, with real people speaking the real truth about Sarah Palin, for all to hear. Finally! Thanks so much, guys! Betcha she never, ever lets her so-called “lamestream” media enemies in on another speech.

  17. I just posted my twitter steam and the live mic comments I remembered….though I’m sure they aren’t exact, as it went by so quickly. Will post audio as soon as we get it.

  18. Even if she weren’t as stupid as the day is long, she is a nasty, hateful piece of work for saying, as an example, that Democrats support female genital mutilation. If she had any social consciousness, or any clue of what really goes on in this country, she would know that women escaping that in their countries have received asylum in the United States. If it weren’t for the hatred and venom she spews, her obvious stupidity could be written off as a bad joke. Each time she overexposes herself, she dramatically diminishes her chances of ever becoming president. The worst weapon ever devised against her is her own big, flapping mouth.

  19. There is not one cohesive thought in her speech. She keeps criticizing our Administration, CA’s legislators, the students (you come to their campus and deride them)? She talks about Reagan, she talks about this country is good because it’s great… and Bless you couldn’t have come soon enough…

  20. She has the unmitigated gall to downgrade college education while speaking to college students whose parents scrimped and sacrificed to get them to that point. Her claim is that the “good old common sense,” which she proves she lacks everytime she opens her mouth to speak, is better than education. Her attempts to emulate Ronald Reagan are both transparent and pathetic. It’s sad, because his time came and went a long time ago, and there is no turning the clock back. She cannot sink back into insignificance soon enough.

  21. What a hodge podge, singsong mess. I am embarrassed for the idiots who clapped and laughed and paid for this stupidity. The reporters were exactly right. DUMB.

  22. Wow the hate spewing from these bloggers is amazing. why? She is what we were told in the 1970’s woman lib movement to be – career, family, share household and family obligs with husband, can do what men do – she entered a traditional man’s field – politics, she can hunt, fish, etc. Is it b/c she is religious and against abortion? so much for tolerance of the left. have you ever researched what she did as mayor and governor? Have you? I have; and I have been up to Alaska, and her home town before picked by McCain… She did a great job. She gave up her governorship b/c of the expense and distraction of all those stupid, baseless lawsuits filed continuously after her VP run. It was costing the Alaskan gov’t a lot of time and money to defend – How many politician are that self sacrificing??? None.

    I don’t agree with all that Palin promotes, but she is not stupid or ugly or incompetent – The media that were overheard at the end of her speech only showed their bias – her speech was promoting America, not knocking it down – and how our freedom and constitution are being destroyed; if you don’t see that, then pretend the Admin is republican – and do some research outside main stream media – do you realize your loss of medical confidentiality under the HC Bill? Do you understand the financial bill gives the gov’t to inspect, review and monitor every single financial transaction you do? and prohibit you from doing something it doesn’t approve – it is not just ‘big business’ – it is infiltrating every part of our lives. If you objected to the Patriotic Act you should be screaming your head off now – What about how Obama has signed exec order giving himself the authority to shut down the internet for national safety as he sees it Now in what why is national safety threatened by a free internet? They control and shut it down in China, Iran, etc… but America? Stop being so partisan and look at what is happening – The Admin violated and ignored long standing law regarding secured creditors having priority over unsecured in bankcruptcy ct – There was no justification for this and what effects will it have in the long run – this is only one of the blatent violations of law – No Admin – no matter the party – should be allowed to violate black and white law; bad and dangerous precident. Start thinking for yourself rather than blindly believing those who are actually misleading you.

  23. I wish that Sarah Palin did represent all of your comments. That would truly be refreshing and inspiring. But that is not what she actually represents. Yes, I have researched her political life in Alaska and there’s many questions surrounding her governorship and it continues.
    She abused her power with Palingate. And recently she has been ruled against legally to the tune of $500,000. You’re naive to think she quit her responsibilities for the sake of Alaska. Give me a break. She quit because she could become a multi-millionaire doing speaking engagements; she could write books of no substance; she could become a TV pundit for Fox only news; and she could campaign for fellow Republicans while testing the waters for herself for higher office.

    Are you aware that she made rape victims pay for their own rape kits in Alaska? Kids are off limits, but her mothering skills while working are quite questionable.

    Sarah Palin is also mean spirited. She incites extreme right and racist groups that promote hate and violence. She promotes a lot of misleading information that people actually believe without fact-checking. She went to China and attacked the President on foreign soil. That’s a no-no. I could go on and on. She may be religious, but I don’t consider her to be highly evolved as a spiritual person.

    I don’t agree with everything our President does or all is policies, but I do believe that his spiritual intent for the country is good. He tries to fight the giants with very little support and he fights for our security. And I do fact-check his policies and why they were instituted in the first place. It may be helpful for you to explore beyond what you hear if Sarah Palin is your idea of what’s good for this country.

    And just so you know, I used to be pro abortion in my younger days, but I have changed my perspective over the years and if it is at all possible, I believe in the right to life. There are other options that can be taken. I think if you can manage to work and run a household or if you have no choice, then you should do so. I also respect stay at home moms when they are able to do so. And I totally believe in women’s rights. Obama has been for equal rights for women and has established legislation for fair pay for women. He respected his mother and his grandmother. He is surrounded by women in his home life. The first lady is a strong independent woman in her own right. He has also appointed women to high ranking positions and continues to do so. We are currently experiencing the hearings for a second female appointment to the Supreme Court by the Obama administration alone.
    He appointed a once arch campaign rival and highly respected female politician, Hillary Clinton, to head the state department in this country.

    In terms of concerns with the internet, you may want to explore the crimes that have taken place over the internet. Bank theft can take place in seconds without ever entering a location. Hate groups have dramatically increased over the internet. Try doing a little more research beyond the surface. There are various ways for our national security to be at risk.

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