Can Barack Obama Ever Be Enough to Satisfy Us?

Smiling Barack Obama

From the time that Barack Obama campaigned for the Democratic Nomination for President to a year and a half into his Presidency, he has been hammered by the GOP, the media, big corporations, the Tea Party and even some Democrats for not being enough. Every day there is an attack on Obama for never being enough of something. Can we ever be satisfied?

This is how it goes. He didn’t have enough political experience. He didn’t have enough executive experience. He wasn’t Black enough. He wasn’t White enough. He wasn’t old enough. He wasn’t liberal enough. He wasn’t conservative enough. He wasn’t tough enough. He wasn’t angry enough. He wasn’t American enough. He wasn’t partisan enough. He wasn’t bipartisan enough. He wasn’t transparent enough. He wasn’t in the White House enough. He wasn’t out of the White House enough. He wasn’t patriotic enough. He wasn’t apologetic enough. He wasn’t pro Israel enough. He wasn’t anti Israel enough. He wasn’t pro Muslim enough. He wasn’t anti Muslim enough. He wasn’t enough of a peacemaker. He wasn’t enough of a war monger. He’s not concerned enough about education but he’s too educated. He doesn’t take his family on vacations to the right place enough or he doesn’t take vacations at the right time enough. It goes on and on. On one hand the Tea Party accused him of not being enough. On the other hand they accused him of being Hitler and taking over “their” country.

No matter how you look at it, there’s an accusation or an attack on President Obama that he isn’t enough of something. You hear it all day long on the cable networks. You hear it from the GOP every time they speak with rare exceptions. This day to be moderate seems to be the “kiss of death” for the GOP. It’s seen as a lack of purity. If you’re not leaning far enough to the right as a Republican, and denouncing Obama in every way possible, then those who are pulling the strings, clamp down. And who is pulling those strings?

You hear it from Blacks and you hear it from Whites. You hear it from so called liberal Democrats. You even hear it from Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, right after Barack Obama stomped for him in Nevada. He said Obama wasn’t forceful enough. He was too much of a peacemaker.

The fact is that President Barack Obama is very serious, purposeful and strong. Again, starting back with the Democratic Presidential Campaign, he was underestimated by both parties. Obama was able to defeat the Clinton machine. He later was able to unite with his formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton, for a strong union today that works best for this nation and each other. It even includes Bill Clinton all for the good of the country. The President now utilizes the strength, character, dedication and knowledge of Hillary to head up the State Department. He was able to beat the hard line GOP war hero, John McCain with a significant majority. He was then able to incorporate strong members of the GOP into his cabinet to play roles to assist in the transition like GOP Secretary Gates in the Defense Dept.

Many Americans and media personalities still don’t comprehend the style and approach of this President. He is a diplomat at heart and believes in a peaceful state of being. Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Mandela were great men of character and peaceful leaders but were not referred to as weak men. These men led without violence or combative dialogs, yet they each had highly significant and positive impacts on the world. Barack Obama can be firm and formidable when he needs to be, for example, he secured twenty billion dollars from BP for the victims of the Gulf.

Obama’s method of madness does work. He doesn’t have to scream and holler or shut people down to accomplish his goals and policies. He is pragmatic and inclusive. He intends to spread the wealth because he’s a fair man. He was dealt a disastrous hand that was not of his creation and it continues. He becomes either the Fix it man or Mr. Clean up man. He chose to take it all on, and still it isn’t enough.

The American people, according to current polls, believe all the negative press. Americans are struggling and have to blame someone. Bush was given 8 years to do just about whatever he wanted and he had a surplus leftover by the Clinton administration to consume. He consumed it all and then he managed to play cowboy with our country and our lives. He started two wars that were not paid for. He gave tax cuts to the rich that he didn’t pay for. Bush and the GOP didn’t pay for any of it.

They are not the deficit hawks that they project themselves to be. They are quite the opposite. Big business got the benefits and main stream America had to suffer. The tax cuts did not work to bring us new jobs or help small businesses or provide business loans; and we’re still fighting two major wars. The GOP is campaigning to extend the Bush tax cuts that were never paid for, didn’t help small business, and didn’t create new jobs. Everything that the GOP are proposing will add to the deficit in the tune of about 3 trillion dollars according to Rachel Maddow’s research announced on her show this week on MSNBC.

Jonathon Alter, distinguished journalist of Newsweek and author of “The Promise” (Obama’s first year) says the GOP is being compromised by whack jobs. The “whack jobs” are creating a fear based and dangerous environment. I can’t believe that everyday Americans are buying into the GOP and cable rhetoric, but the polls don’t support Obama.

We cannot let the GOP take leadership again. They have made it their intentions to support big business and Wall Street and not the average hardworking American. The GOP, Fox news, Boehner, McConnell, Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Beck and the other usual suspects are dangerous to our country and to our President. Obama is a strong leader for the people. After a year and a half of attacks, he has stood his ground. He continues to fight the giants on behalf of the American people. Obama has faced more obstruction from Congress than any other President. The Congress is holding up the jobs bill.

In spite of this fact, he has enormous legislative victories…..more than any other President in the time period. As citizens, let’s demand that all Democrats, Independents, and sane Republicans get out and work with the President for the people and for this country, and don’t underestimate Barack Obama. He is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s join his energy in getting Americans back to work, because Obama has done more than enough as president. It’s time he gets the credit that he deserves.

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  1. Obama has only one problem that is Rahm Emanuel. Every misstep this White House has taken from Healthcare message spiraling out of control to the latest firing of Mrs. Sherrod and of course the famous rant of Emanuel blasting the left when called “fucking retarded”. To fix this mess fire Emanuel who is in my opinion fucking retarded. Open message to Rahm this is not the Clinton White House, these are not the same GnOP, this is not the 1990s. The left is your friend the GnOP wants to use its second amendment right to take control of the government wake up and grow up.

  2. Excellent post. Very much needed.

    While I’m disgusted by the right-wing attacks against Obama, they were expected.

    The relentless attacks by the left are incomprehensible and short-sighted.

    There’s a good reason why the public is believing the right-wing’s propaganda concerning PO — The left is too busy slamming him in idealistic fervor to even fight and counter the right’s egregious lies and false narratives about PO and the Democratic agenda.

    I can just see those same “progressives” wailing, rending their clothes, and throwing ashes on their heads if (when?) the GOP take control again and, according to Michelle Bachmann, spend all their time reversing PO’s historic legislative efforts and “issuing subpoenas.” The progressives are progressively disgusting me. Netroots can shove it.

  3. I agree Obama is strong. But that strength doesn’t come out, shine through. We can appreciate what he has done but even that gets muddled. Why? Because its not as wrong and as ridiculous as the Bush years.

    And the sad part is Bush is forgotten thanks to the right wing lie machine

    I read an article today about the House Dems bashing the Senate Dems. The right wing may be stupid and of no help at all, but they do it as a unit.

    What have we wrought? We were handed a huge victory and turned it into a 25% win. And our representatives are still scared of the right wing

  4. President Obama is a strong president, particularly because he has to deal with a never-ending slew of criticism from both the left and the right. One of the most ridiculous criticisms is that he is not “black enough” or “too black'” as if we blacks are monolithic. But most unfortunate is the criticism from the left, which is aiding and abetting the far right in its quest to discredit Obama’s presidency. It’s utterly ridiculous to think that just one man or woman can make major changes single-handedly. While he has had major successes in spite of GOP obstructionism, it’s important that he have key people in place to help move important legislation. That’s why we need a filibuster-proof majority to make up for the few Democrats who go along with the obstructionist nonsense.

    As much as I hate to say this, many if not most Americans are into instant gratification even as far as politics are concerned. There are those among us who are ready to pronounce his presidency a “failure” less than 2 years since he took office. Then there are rabid supporters of Palin who insist that even now, in mid-2010, she has more experience than he does and would do things better than he does. We cannot blame politicians solely, because as a people we keep electing people to Congress and, before Obama, to the White House who clearly don’t have our best interests in mind. In the case of GW and people like Palin, it’s because some get taken in by a phony facade of folksiness.

    Being the first president of African ancestry, Obama has had to deal with major crises from day one, and with people who insanely question his nationality and patriotism.
    He is actually bi-racial, but his white ancestry does not matter to his detractors.
    He has received more death threats than any other president, but he still manages to persevere in spite of all this. Because he is not loud and demonstrative, people equate that with weakness. Frankly, I prefer a calm, rational, and thinking leader who is not about the kind of blustering machismo that has created problems for this country in
    the past. In any case, he deserves immense credit for all his accomplishments in spite of all the negativity he faces on a daily basis.

  5. The Presidents

    America faces eight elephants: war, immigration, ecology, recession, foreclosure, joblessness, tax, and debt. The news cycle is an endless stream of perilous headlines sounding alarms throughout all segments of America. No one is immune.

    America needs nine presidents, one for each elephant and one for the future. War necessitates a president living in Iraq and Afghanistan. Immigration requires a president living on the boarder with Mexico. The ecology calls for a president living on top of oil slicks in the gulf. Housing and foreclosure could do with a president. Jobs and employment require a president. The tax system necessitates a CEO financial wizard president. Another president should camp out on wallstreet. President nine requires an ivory tower to plan the future 20, 50, or 100 years from now.

    America needs a same-song-second-verse millennium-two constitution, constitutionm2, cm2. The executive branch must deal with eight elephants and the needs of 307 million diverse Americans. The executive must face today’s great challenges and opportunities.

    In 1776, the first constitution was a half-baked game-changing idea, too big to fail. Bake it again, America.

    Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.

  6. You guys are racists. Obama is a good guy because, what?

    The new information from Afghanistan is one more sign that Obama has continued a lot of what we found horribly wrong with the Bush administration.

    I judge a person not by color, but by what they do. Obama has done rendition, torture, has kept Gitmo open and running, he jettisoned the “so-called liberals” (as you so sycophantly put it) under the bus, he jettisoned single payer and public option, he has ramped up the war, he has given billions to richest people in America, while taking it from the poorest, the list goes on and on … when do you guys start to see the truth?

    Oh, and I am not a troll, I am a progressive liberal. Not “so-called”, but the real thing.

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