The Terror From Within

The rich and powerful together with the GOP, the bigoted, the racists and the misguided have waged a consumptive and gigantic battle against Obama, the Democratic Party, main stream America, and the very concept of Democracy.

Obama Outclasses GOP Politics On the Oil Spill and Terrorism

Our President, in just a few short weeks, is managing to address multiple disasters and crisis situations at the same time. Response to what may become the largest and most significant and dramatic oil spill disaster in our nation's history is now being blamed on the Obama administration by the "usual suspects on the "Right"' instead of the big oil company, BP that caused it, while at the same time keeping America safe from terrorism.

How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

After the historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty signed the previous week between the United States and Russia, the seemingly logical next step was to get as many nations together as possible to be on the same page. The threat of nuclear weapons getting into the wrong hands like al Qaeda or rogue nations like North Korea or Iran, who are currently developing nuclear weapons, should be of grave concern to the entire world.

Barack Obama and his MOJO Are Back on the Upswing

Barack Obama and his MOJO Are Back on the Upswing

President Obama is exercising his mojo and is on the move. For a little more than a year now, Obama has been criticized by America for doing nothing. The left says he's not doing enough and has compromised too much. The right says he has taken over America on one hand with too much government control and power while on the other hand, claiming he is too weak to do anything, but Obama keeps moving forward.