A Call for Progressive Action In the Massachusetts Senate Race

As we arrive at this transformational moment in the history of our country and the Obama administration, here are the Republicans standing in the way to stop progress for main stream America by any means necessary.

Tuesday will mark the day in American history that could give the GOP the momentum they need to block the Obama administration’s agenda for the people and give the power back to the party whose greed and corruption nearly destroyed the nation with an economic recession that will take years to recover from.

How ironic is it for the senate seat of the “Lion”, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and his intense life’s work on healthcare reform to be challenged and in jeopardy by GOP candidate Scott Brown, who is determined to stop healthcare reform if he is elected? That is absolutely unbelievable and tragic that it could even be a possibility! What is wrong with the people of Massachusetts?

Ted Kennedy worked tirelessly and ferociously for the state of Massachusetts. This is one of the most significant senate races and time periods of the year in regards to the success of this administration’s policies.

The Democratic challenger Martha Coakley, the current Attorney General in Massachusetts, was leading in the polls by a significant margin up until about a week ago. Then all of a sudden there was this massive push by the GOP with the notion that this election could prevent the sixty seat majority currently taking place in the senate.

They came out of the woodwork to try to defeat Barack Obama’s healthcare plan by bringing all the support and funding needed. Instead of a state battle for a senate seat, it has become a national battle by the GOP to defeat Barack Obama. It seems like a crime of gigantic proportions.

All the work, all the drama, all the meetings, all the fights, all the challenges have come down to a few days and one man. All we know is that he is against the current administration and all of its policies like all the other republican prototypes.

Even though Ted Kennedy held that seat for an adult lifetime, GOP candidate Scott Brown refuses to even acknowledge it. He says the seat did not belong to Ted Kennedy, it belongs to the people. That is technically true, but it was so arrogant and disrespectful in how he referred to it after all the work done by Ted Kennedy for the state of Massachusetts. Ted Kennedy had worked across party lines and pushed through more policies than any other member of the senate.

Scott Brown is also against the fees Obama is proposing for the financial institutions that are “too big to fail” that are paying out seven and eight figure bonuses this year to their supposed top performers. Again I say what is wrong with the people of Massachusetts? Why is this happening? The Republicans are so charged and ready to pounce like vultures. They smell blood and the idea that they have a new opportunity to stop Barack Obama is just too much excitement.

And when Scott Brown was a younger man, he posed nude in Cosmopolitan. Now some may say that’s dirty politics, but if were in reverse it would mean something different.

The GOP would be screaming! People seem to simply find it amusing. I think it shows a peek into his social character and need for recognition and self focus. I have not heard his desire for the people. His support is for Wall Street and the big financial institutions and he is against healthcare reform.

In December, Democratic challenger, Martha Coakley was ahead in the polls by about 30 points.In less than a week, GOP candidate Scott Brown has taken the lead in this race for the senate that could derail the sixty member democratic majority.
Election Day is Tuesday, January 19, 2010. This is basically one year from Barack Obama being sworn in as President of the United States of
America. If democratic challenger, Martha Coakley loses this seat, the GOP will be able to filibuster all of President Obama’s policies which will block progress again for main stream America.

President Obama is currently handling sending US aid to Haiti, managing two wars, rebuilding the economy, saving and trying to create jobs, pushing healthcare reform, challenging the banks, dealing with threats of terror against the US and his life. And he is also dealing with the nonstop challenges and lies of the GOP.

In terms of aid to Haiti, it has become one of the most horrific disasters in the world and modern history and he has to keep a focus on the tragedy because it’s about life and death and United States leadership in caring for and supporting our neighbors on a humanitarian level.

Still, because of the significance of this election and his entire agenda as the President, he has to risk his political capital and go to Massachusetts on Sunday to stump for the Democratic candidate. Either he has to get the long hard battle of healthcare reform resolved before Tuesday or he has to deal with the long hard battle with the GOP over everything including HCR through the endless filibuster process.

This senate race is extremely important on multiple levels. Obama wants to honor the late Ted Kennedy’s service to the senate and his life’s work and fight for healthcare reform. The democratic majority in the senate needs to be protected to get HCR through and all the other relevant policies urgent to main stream America.

We can’t let the GOP take us back to the days of Bush and Cheney. We can’t afford to have all our democratic policies blocked. We can’t let the GOP win this one.

Democrats have lost 2 governors races to the GOP last year due to their campaigns of lies and misleading information. This seat is too important. Let’s help the President. He has enough on his plate.

That is why this is a notification to call and write everyone we know in Massachusetts to vote Democratic. Democrats cannot lose this seat. Democrats cannot allow the GOP to continue to constantly stop the progress of our nation! The GOP is already gloating and the results are not in!

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  1. The right wing giddiness over this race is largely based on one poll that shows the election as even. MA is a heavily Democratic state. The only way that the GOP wins this seat is if the Democrats don’t show up. I believe that the Democratic machine in the state will mobilize their voters and this seat will remain Democratic.

    The lesson here though is that Democrats need to wake up and realize that this bad economy has voters angry, so they are going to have to fight tooth and nail in every race. Any outsider mouthing anti-Washington rhetoric will gain support this year. Hopefully, MA serves as a wake up call for Democrats to stop basking in their post Obama glow and get back to work.

  2. Why would any honest law abiding citizen vote to support the healthcare
    DEFORM bill that most Americans would be paying more for Insurance.
    Why are some not paying their fair share? Like the Unions and Nebraska?
    Why do some states like FL get to keep their Medicare Advantage plans,
    while others are not?
    Why are they stealing from Seniors who have paid into Medicare all their
    lives, the group that needs healthcare the most, to start
    a new entitlement program? Many in the Medical field will no long accept
    Medicare patients because of the cuts.
    Why are they doing this NOW, when our country is broke?
    This is not about being Liberal or left or right. It’s about being forced to pass
    a Health DEFORM bill that most American people do not Want.

    Wake up Dems & vote for Scott Brown to STOP this Madness, so we can go
    back and get a real bill that is not full of bribes and discrimination and a bill that
    would actually CUT costs .

    A former Democrat

  3. This bill is full of compromises because there was a desire to get GOP votes, but they had no intention of doing so on any bill originating from the Dems and the real issues came from the Blue Dog Dems who are actually GOP in disguise. But you would have to be one of the millions of working Americans who have no insurance either through denial, it not being offered at work, can’t afford it, has pre-existing conditions, or has been dropped or not properly covered and has filed bankruptcy or lost your home due to the expense of an illness. The Healthcare Reform bill can always be amended as many major bills in the past have after it’s been passed. The GOP has no intention of making a better bill and the nightmare would just start all over again and millions will suffer and the rates of those fortunate to have insurance will have higher rates and less coverage or lower salaries because is what is taking place now.

  4. What you say about just having a bill to amend is a key point many fellow progressives do not fully appreciate.

    We know from the 1993 debacle that if no bill passes, it could be another 15-20 years before the stars align and the political will to take on the healthcare corpocracy is rediscovered. If reform loses in 2010, it could be 2030 till it happens.

    We also know from the passage of other historic bills long in coming, such as ones creating Soc. Sec. or Medicare, or even the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that once we’ve got a law, making changes in the existing law is much easier, than starting from scratch.

    If five or ten years down the pike we see that this bill isn’t doing anything to curb rampant healthcare inflation, then we know that the OPM options and other compromises in the 2010 bill just didn’t work. Then we know its time to seriously discuss a robust public option.

    And, if in five or ten years, healthcare inflation is still killing us, maybe then, finally, we seriously debate single payer.

  5. Is it really that the people of Massachusetts are so angry at government that they would actually vote for this horrible man who wants the banks to keep their fat bonuses? How can they be mad at the government and elect another GOP liar to fill such a prestigious seat? If a female had previously posed nude for a popular magazine, there is no way she could be elected? He is igniting the crowds like Palin with outrageous statements that in the pass would have ruined a politicians chance of election. Please Massachusetts voters…. Please don’t do this to our country and our Congress. The people need to come together for honor and peace. We need American Ted worked til the end

  6. The news media seem to be very anti-the democratic candidate. The GOP candidate for Massachusetts has some serious character flaws that are far worse than his arrogance. The media only reports on the negatives or gaffes of Martha Coakley.
    Now I know for sure that the media is obviously run by big business since the GOP candidate is for the big banks and is against health care reform. He is just plugging into the fear and anger of the people who have been fooled by the previous administration but can’t see clearly what is happening because they just don’t have the mindset to do so. Coakley may have run a lackluster campaign but this is a much bigger election than just the senate race for the state of Massachusetts. This is about the Dem majority that can prevent GOP’s endless filibustering to further block all progress for this nation. I can’t believe that people actually think the problems with the economy and jobs are coming from this administration. More needs to be spent on education because our citizens are seriously dumbed down Americans living in the fear and anxiety that has been created by the Bush/Cheney administration. Remember people, they are the ones that gave the huge tax cuts to big business because it would create jobs with the trickle down effect. Well the only trickling that has taken place has been more of a full blown gush to the the already rich to make them far more wealthy. Wake up people! Stop buying the GOP bullcrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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