The White House Gives Glenn Beck A Big STFU


At his daily press briefing today White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about Glenn Beck’s attacks on Obama’s Christianity. Gibbs said, “People are entitled to their own opinion as ill informed as it may be, but they’re not entitled to their own facts. The president is a committed mainstream Christian.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:


Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about Glenn Beck claiming that Obama believes in liberation theology, and that he is a Marxist Christian, and he answered, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I will say this Bill, I, a crude paraphrasing of an old quote, people are entitled to their own opinion as ill informed as it may be, but they’re not entitled to their own facts. The president is a committed mainstream Christian. I have no evidence to guide me that Glenn Beck would have any kind of genuine knowledge of what the President does or does not believe. Gibbs was asked, “So this Marxist form of theology?” Gibbs replied, “I can only imagine where Mr. Beck conjured that phrase.”

If I may translate for Sec. Gibbs. Glenn Beck is making s**t up. He has no factual basis for his claims that Barack Obama is anything, but a mainstream Christian, but in case any of you brainwashed Fox News viewers happened to have stumbled across this, hear me now. Barack Obama is a mainstream Christian, and Glenn Beck has no idea what he is talking about. In other words, F-you, Glenn Beck.

Here is Beck explaining his view of Obama as a “Marxist Christian” :

Gibbs was correct. Beck has absolutely no evidence to support his claim that the President is not a Christian, and that is what this is really about. Beck knew that he could not go down the Right Wing Nut Job Path that Obama is a secret Muslim path, so he invented an attack on Obama’s faith that is designed to make Evangelical Christians fear and hate the President of the United States. It is obvious that Beck devised the liberation theology nonsense to distract from the fact that he once called Obama a racist. It is also an attack intended to motivate the Evangelicals to vote Republican while also smearing Barack Obama as a Marxist.

Many Americans have been waiting for the White House to respond to these unpatriotic character assassinations against our Commander In Chief. This is nothing American about attempting to divide the country based on race and religion, but this is exactly the strategy that Beck and the Republican Party are pursuing. As Robert Gibbs demonstrated today, the way to counter these attacks is not to get down in the mud with Glenn Beck, but to use the large megaphone of the presidency to spread facts.

Glenn Beck may be on radio and television every day, but he only reaches a few million people. Neither Beck nor Fox News can match the communications power of the White House and the President. I believe that it is way past time for this White House to put their bully pulpit to use combating the baseless smear campaigns that have been undertaken by the Right Wing media. Hopefully, the White House has finally realized that they can reach and speak to more Americans on their worst day than Glenn Beck can on his best.

10 Replies to “The White House Gives Glenn Beck A Big STFU”

  1. Oh dear. I sense tears a brewin’ for real in a dark Fox studio. Wails of, “Why, oh why, hath the advertisers forsaken me?” can be heard echoing off of crazy Beckian (that was redundant) chalkboards.

    A man in white appears to explain to Beck that what he hears and fears is not equivalent to reality at the same time as a Fox hatchet man delivers the dreaded time slot move notice.

    Sad days for a clown.

  2. I have to agree with you, Beck knows that whether it’s truth or not all he has to do is throw it out there and his loyal minions will follow it.
    He also knows as well as everybody else does that all three of the new Black Panthers are hardly an effective group and any time he compares anyone to them it is pretty much totally meaningless. Taking film clips from a time when black people were truly oppressed and playing them now to make a point is just plain stupid. I find it funny that Fox news is going to grind these three Black Panthers down into the ground for all it’s worth. In fact it’s hilarious.
    I can tell you I am far more afraid of the people who run around thinking that their guns are more important than any of the rest of their rights then I am the three Black Panthers. I do hope Gibbs keeps it up, because it only takes a few words to shoot Beck down. He isn’t even a moving target anymore because he spews so much BS

  3. it sure didn’t take him long to go from Jesus Christ superstar right back to the fountain of misinformation that he is

  4. Love It Tully! LoL Its like a really, really bad joke…. How many Palin and Beck Flockers even realize that he is a Morman? None….. Because they don’t even know what a Morman is!

    How many flockers does it take to turn off Fox News? Too many to count but Not Enough to Matter! LOL! Can ya’ll tell its happy hour at my house? Raising a toast to Politicususa….CHEERS!

  5. Every hour is crazy hour! Put up an infinity sign because there is no sign that it’s ending any time soon.

    And good for Gibbs, but I wish he’d used stronger language.

  6. There are some things that are just beyond my understanding. How does Beck get such a huge following from the very people who have always insisted that the LDS is NOT Christian, but a cult?

    Do they not know he is Mormon? Are their churches no longer hammering away on the LDS? Are these people just paying lip service to being Evangelicals? Or are they so happy that he delivers the conservative message with all the fire and fear mongering they have come to love, they no longer care about his church affiliation?

    I keep hearing that Mitt Romney doesn’t stand a chance carrying the south because he is LDS. Does this make sense? What am I missing?

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