Do You Love Your Freedoms? Sarah Palin Has Citizen Kicked Out for T-Shirt

Exercising Freedom of Speech is Dangerous in Alaska
Exercising Freedom of Speech is Dangerous in Alaska

Do You Love Your Freedoms? Sarah Palin Has Citizen Kicked Out for T-Shirt

Sarah Palin had a woman escorted out of her book signing today in Alaska. The woman’s crime was the t-shirt she wore which read “worst governor ever”. Ms Palin is often complaining about her own first amendment rights (translated to mean the Press can not criticize her or fact-check her without trampling on her first amendment rights) but seems to think less highly of other Americans’ rights.

Sarah Palin appeared at the Costco Warehouse in South Anchorage Saturday morning, December 18, 2010, to sign her recently-released book “America by Heart.” The Anchorage Daily News reported:

“Security kicked out at least two people — a woman with a “Worst Governor Ever” shirt, and a blogger critical of Palin, who claimed Todd recognized him and security escorted him out.

The store was prepared to give out paper wrist bands to 1,000 customers, assuring the first 500 they would see Palin. The next 500 had no guarantee, but not nearly that many people showed up.”

This isn’t the first time dissenters have been escorted out of a Palin event. Last year during her book signing in Alaska, two Alaskans were escorted out. Speaking of them, one of them is blogger Gryphen of Immoral Minority, the same blogger referred to by the ADN. Gryphen tweeted today that he was also escorted out of Ms Palin’s book signing:

“Denied! Kicked out again! Todd identified me immediately. And.damn was Sarah was pissed! about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck”

It’s hard to imagine a leader who can’t handle reading a t-shirt that is not supportive of her. Oh, wait, former President Bush also had problems with t-shirts. And we all know how much he valued our right to dissent.

If Ms Palin is really going to run for President, one hopes she grows thicker skin and has someone explain the first amendment to her because in this case, she represents the government a lot more than any of these citizens do. And were she to occupy a public office again, it would be frowned upon for her to have citizens escorted out of her proximity for daring to criticize her. Were we to apply Ms Palin’s logic to President Obama, then he should have Ms Palin escorted out of any event he attends due to her incessant, inaccurate and unseemly attacks upon him.

How do you like Ms Palin’s America now?

Image Courtesy of ADN

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  1. “Do you love your freedoms Is anyone here in the military?” Screech opens every speech this way. I guess she doesn’t love our freedoms.

  2. A leader would have conversed with the person, even got a couple of good natured laughs out of it like a mature adult. I bet Romney would have…wait, he has stayed on all his jobs. I bet huck would have too. Obama would have laughed with the person, I honestly believe that. All she had to do is smile and get up and shake the persons hand, at least she would have tried to act like an adult.

    No surprise she is signing books in a warehouse now. She is at 45 on Amazon. Barefoot Contessa at 15 and Glenn lonesome rhoades beck at 16. An American serial killer is at #1, and yes………Jon Stewarts Earth is at #5


  3. As I recall, Bush had a bigger problem with shoes. ;)

    This is definitely a woman who believes in one-way communication.

  4. Last year Palin had a young man arrested who threw a tomato in her general direction. It came no where near her but you know how it is. And then we have other leaders who do not have folks arrested who bring assault weapons to debates. Hmm….

  5. Yea, she’d make a great president eh? Only people who like me can come to my press conference. We’ll have them all frisked and scanned and x-rayed. No cell phones, no cameras, no recording equipment, no clothes.

    She does not get it. You have to govern ALL people, not just the ones you deem worthy. She is an idiot. Mark my words, this will come back to haunt her. Is there anyone left for her to alienate?

  6. I hear tell the insects in her house are out, so that would be a no. Oh, wait, there’s the men who lust after her and the women who want to be her, all of whom are subsets of Fox viewers; if she can manage to alienate them she’ll be on a real winning streak but I hear they’re in this thing for the long haul- have even stopped eating meat or feeding their families so they can mail Sarah money. You know how much she needs it.

  7. The SarahWannabes are really spooky, too. I know a few local examples of them here. It’s really wild to hear the wind whistle through their ears!

  8. BTW, lets make something clear. Freedom of speech ONLY applies to the government censoring your right to communication or expression. It does NOT apply to everyday life. Sarah had the right to do what she did, but she also had the right to act mature. Which she gave up the minute she became mayor.

    BTW, did you know that tyranos(tyrant) in Greek means a person who takes office illegally and aligns himself with the lower classes? Its an aristocratic word and the upper class were terrified of any leader that did not come from the upper classes

    Do we note the conservatives calling Obama a tyrant?

    Watched an incredible 4 hour show on Greek history. But I digress

  9. Right– my point is that she represents government (she was their governor) in this scenario, so if there was any doubt, a reasonable person would have let it go. In other words, one would think an ex governor and possible presidential candidate would respect the intent and spirit of the first amendment even if technically she can claim to be a “private citizen” (aka, celebrity who is running for office). Palin has so much power still in Alaska through her many appointees that a person could make the argument that she represents government. In any case, she has the right to do as she wishes on private property, but is it smart? Does she show respect for the rights of citizens? This kind of behavior is why there were so many ethics violations filed against her.

  10. I hope this shit comes back to bite her in the ass! Shiva I have to disagree with you. If that woman could walk in Costco any other day with that shirt on and not get kicked out she shouldn’t of been today. Same with Gryphen. Last year in Wasilly she claimed the book signing was “private” even though she tweeted that she wanted everyone to attend it.
    Now this. She can’t claim Costco is private. She just can’t. Gryphen and the woman should call the ACLU and sue the shit out of her for violating their rights!

  11. She doesnt show respect for herself. I dont think she even knows what it is. A smile and a laugh would have showed respect.

  12. Agreed. What if this woman, after getting her book signed, was going to actually do some SHOPPING in the Costco? Costco is a membership store. That woman PAID for the right to enter that store. Gryphen stated on his blog that he had to show his membership card & Costco receipt for his SP book. They both had the RIGHT to be there – they belong to this membership store!

  13. Last time I checked Costco was run to and for the benefit of the membership. Didn’t they just throw one/two of their members out with this action, since is does take a membership card to enter? Is Sarah a Costco member? If not why is she treated better than a card carrying member? Now if Sarah is a member then she should understand the business model of Costco and therefore not tolerate the removal of a fellow member. Then onthe other hand we are talking about Saint Sarah…America by heart…Stupid by nature.

  14. I wonder if she was creating a disturbance while brandishing her shirt? Keep in mind, Palin IS still a private individual. She is not obligated in any way to accept having her promotional gatherings disrupted.

    Very little information here but based on the picture, she looks like she’s going through some histrionics. I just wonder if there’s more to the story.

  15. And the blogger– you don’t like what someone writes about on their blog so you kick them out? Why? It shows how she handles dissent.

  16. That’s possible, Hank. I’m going off of the ADN report. News is always developing.

    However, even if that’s true, what about the blogger? What was he doing wrong? And I hear two teenagers were kicked out as well. What did they do?

    Let me remind you that our President doesn’t have people kicked out who are carrying assault weapons on their person and who disagree with him vehemently. Who values our freedom to criticize?

    And really, the point isn’t what these folks were doing, it’s a pattern of Palin’s where she kills dissent with an iron fist. She did it last year during her Alaskan book signings as well, so no matter how hard you might want to excuse this, there simply is no reason for her choices except that she dislikes anyone who doesn’t worship her and that isn’t the behavior of someone who loves or even understands our freedoms as she claims to do.

  17. “Histrionics”? Really? could you be more sexist, Hank? From a picture?

    This is from the same woman whose family TORE DOWN A SIGN that said the exact same thing as this woman’s t-shirt! Do you remember THAT episode? Let me help you out- the reason this happened in Alaska is because they KNOW her there and she will NOT tolerate any dissent. If she started screaming anything it was after they tried to escort her out for the t shirt.

  18. Did you see that she accused Gryphen of trying to destroy her children? If writing about her older daughter is destroying them, than what is she trying to do President Obama’s kids? Or his wife?

    What a hypocritical piece of work she is!

  19. Sexist??? Have you lost your mind?? Or do you just not know the meaning of the word??

    As for the balance of your statement, you keep regurgitating this stuff and when asked for sourcing you just go into some sort of Pee Wee Herman act.

    So again, can you source any of this stuff you’re screeching about?? I’m tired of wasting my time. You said you could PROVE she was affiliated with the KKK but couldn’t support that allegation. I’ve been looking for two days with no luck for anything to support an affiliation and frankly, I’m tired of doing it. If you can prove that or anything else you allege, lay a link on me. Please. :-)

  20. I guess you don’t know the origin of the word. “The term histrionic personality disorder evolved from a diagnostic term that has a long tradition within psychoanalysis and psychiatry—hysterical personality disorder. Hysteria has been associated with female psychopathology since ancient times. In ancient Greece the term hysteria referred to a “wandering uterus.” At that time, some women had many physical complaints, but no disease was found to be the cause. The belief was that these women complained because they wanted attention. ”

    “Histrionic personality disorder, often abbreviated as HPD, is a type of personality disorder in which the affected individual displays an enduring pattern of attention-seeking and excessively dramatic behaviors beginning in early adulthood and present across a broad range of situations. Individuals with HPD are highly emotional, charming, energetic, manipulative, seductive, impulsive, erratic, and demanding.”

    That sounds like Ms Sarah Palin so thanks for bringing this up. Good to know it’s not “sexist”.

    As for its history as a sexist word, you only have to google it – the term often is applied in a rather sexist and degrading way and it’s very origin in from the uterus.

  21. Are you saying the blogger was being disruptive, or the t shirt lady? and since when is it cool for a politician to remove people because they’re “disrespectful”? Palin is not queen of america, hank. Look at how you clowns treat the President. You have a lot of nerve.

  22. I don’t consider Palin a private person. She is a quitter 1/2 term Governor. She quit Alaska because she signed a contract with an agency to book her for speaking engagements. I think she signed with the agency very near the time she quit Gov. Jan. 2010 she signed on with Fox as a contributor. She is the author of two best selling books. She is the star of the TV show Alaska on the learning channel. I think that makes her a public person.
    If she wanted to screen the people allowed to venture near her than she should of have her book signing at a private facility.
    If the store doesn’t have a dress code to enter then I don’t think Todd had any business requesting their removal.
    I hope Palin is a private person soon.

  23. They escorted her out because Sarah hates that sign “worst governor ever” and the blogger had to go because Sarah hates him but imagine how afraid they were of sarah’s crazy fans who threatened tlc? There will be no dissent (see Hank above we do not tolerate disrespect of the queen).

  24. Say what you will about Romney’s and Huckabee’s politics, they at least understand how to handle themselves in public appearances and what’s expected of a politician. Palin is clueless.

  25. I remember reading about celebrities and public figures last year and a question about whether they had any expectation of privacy. The attorney who answered the question stated that no, once a person places him/herself “out there,” they have no legal expectation of privacy. This is why it’s legal for the paparazzi to take pictures of celebrities that the celebrities don’t want them to. With the launching of SP’s Alaska, Palin has placed herself “out there,” and essentially has no expectation of privacy.

  26. It wasn’t the Obama Campaign that suspended the student. It was school officials, and he had a choice to change the shirt, turn it inside out, or be suspended. Suspension was the selected option.

    I’m a retired teacher, and I know that it was the school officials who handled this student’s discipline because the same thing happened at the school from which I retired last year when students wore what the system considered inappropriate attire. Trying to intimate that Obama ejected the student from some event where he was appearing is inaccurate, and an entirely different situation than the one where Palin had these citizens removed from her book signing event. President Obama would have talked to this student and made him welcome to the event even if he didn’t agree with what was written on his shirt.

    Another thing that I must state is that the free speech zones that GWB had at all of his events are not used by President Obama because he realizes he is the president of all Americans, whether he agrees with their political ideologies or not.

    The difference between President Obama and Palin regarding interacting with others who are different than they are is like the difference between day and night.

  27. You Americans do confuse me. Well, OK not all of you but some do.

    She doesn’t like it when somebody turns up to an event wearing a t-shirt saying “Worst governor ever”, which she assumes is about her. She then has that person removed from the building thus basically violating that person’s first amendments rights.

    But she will defend to the hilt a person’s second amendments rights so that they can turn up at one of president Obama’s events carrying assault rifles.

    Classy bird that palin woman.

  28. Story time. A true story from Sarah Paylins Alaska.
    About a year ago there was a person named anonamoose.
    Anonamoose had “Impeach Her” written on top of the garage at the house…Toad could see it everytime he touched down at Lake Lucille.
    The palinbots have a quaint saying called the “3 S’s” shut up,shovel & shoot.
    After paylin QUIT Anonamoose changed the writing on the garage to “Worst gov Ever”
    One day anonamoose went shopping. We they returned her garage had been set of fire and her beloved 12 yr old dog, who never hurt anyone missing.
    The fire was put out, without too much damage and anonamoose still has writing that Toad can see to this day…. However the beloved dog was found murdered, shot in the woods.
    They had also tried to set the house on fire also,too.
    Last year blogger Phil Munger of wasilla went out to find strangers taking pics of his house.
    Phil is a outspoken blogger of Worst governor quitter.
    So Hank…
    “…she kills dissent with an iron fist…”
    Yes she does.
    This is why she will never be anything than a big mouth distraction & the repubs will go down in history as the stupidest ever b/c of her.
    Oh yes, There is also the suspicious plane crash of Curtis Menard Jr.
    Curtis had went to see #WGE shortly before his death to chastise WGE about her parenting skills, according to Curtis’s wife. Shortly after, Curtis a experience pilot filled his tank with gasoline which had water added to it. That was the cause of the crash.
    Oh…did I mention Curtis is rumored to be Track Palin’s father?

  29. Palin is the personification of evil! She is Elitist in attitude, and dumb as a rock. She lacks; class,insight, foresight,professionalism,gravitas and compassion! She represents the proverbial Wolf volunteering to watch the HEN HOUSE; a self centered Egotist. Satan in a tight fitting skirt!

    With her world view, she would not be in position to gallivant around the country making tons of money for doing absolutely nothing except being a flam throwing,piglet squealing,rabble rousing nit-wit, proposing no solutions to anything. It was the thing she hates so much,dissent, that freed Amercan women from second class citizenship! Does she have a clue the role dissent plays in a Democrcy? Her perchant for evicting dissenters seems to be a common trait with the Teabaggers; remeber Rand Paul,Joe Miller, Sharron Angle etc…

    These people are a threat to the USA, not because of who they individually are, but for what they represent. And that being TYRANNY. Sorry Sarah, the rest of us, simply will not let Tyranny flourish in the land of the FREE! Now, to her, and her supporters,”REFUTIATE” that!!!

  30. Scribe…..

    My thoughts exactly! When my husband and I were watching her speech at the Republican Convention, a chill ran through me. I turned to him and said that woman is evil. My vibe meter is usually right on.

  31. This fool is always coming down on the very same “big government” she desperately wants to be the head of. If she can’t deal with a T-Shirt, how on earth does she expect to deal with the nonstop criticism that comes with the presidential terrority? She is delusional, clueless, and classless, and she is operating on a completely false premise of what this country is about. If she had her way, this would be a racially and religiously homogenous country in which education is not valued, and dissent is not allowed. As sick as I am of her, I am only glad that she exposes all that is unappealing about her on a daily basis. At this point, only her reality-denying lemmings think she’s fit for the presidency.

  32. Graceless, thoughtless, clueless, mindless woman!

    But she’s (a) pretty, and (b) good at telling the low-information voters what they want to hear about themselves.

    It will be a disaster if she’s ever elected to any office again. Let’s hope she’s happy with Celebrity and Money, and doesn’t ever receive any more political power to abuse, ever again.

  33. I have an ex-friend — a woman I’ve known since she was a little girl — who still just *loves* her. This young lady never paid a moment’s attention in school to anyone but the boys, was on welfare for several years 10-7 years ago so she could raise the child of her idiotic early-teen pregnancy, never picked up a book in her life, etc.

    She thinks that Sarah’s the Bee’s Knees, and that “Fox is the only station that tells the truth.”

    I’ve tried to help this poor loser hick child for the past 15 years, but I’m giving up.

  34. I understand exactly how you feel. There are people out here who would have to experience the harsh realities of a Palin presidency for them to wake up. Unfortunately, there are those who would willingly follow Simple Sarah over a cliff. There’s just no hope for them.

    People like your ex-friend like her because for them, she is a validation of their limitations that include anti-intellectualism, bigotry, and jingoism. They have watched her become rich off her fact-free and intellect-free screechfests, and they like her because she is “just like me.” Just like her, they are unable to look past their noses in order to see that even a Palin nomination would subject this country to endless ridicule. Just like her, they are delusional and have a one-dimensional view of America as well as the people in it. They are not called low-information for nothing.

  35. I looked at the video of the woman at the Alaska signing (your article only shows a photo). It looks obvious to me that the woman was kicked out for disrupting the book signing at a business. She disregarded the line, had no wristband, and was creating a mess at an event. If she wants to protest, go outside and protest, but expect to be kicked out of a Costco if you behave like a lunatic.

    As for the comment about the number of people who showed up; a standard contract is signed by both parties as to the procedure of the appearance. There may be a couple dozen at one bookstore in Kansas that shows up and over 2,000 at an arena in New York, but both venues sign to the same contract that protects both parties.

  36. Wow!! That is EXACTLY what I said to my husband too!!! We women can see through this Sheep in Wolves clothing.

  37. Link? And from what I read the woman herself said that she was asked to leave because of her t shirt and then she got upset.

  38. Well true, sarah didnt have the right to kick her out of the store. One has to wonder what agreement Sarah had with Costco

  39. I told him to look up the AIP and Todd and Sarahs affiliations with a group that has affiliations with the KKK etc. But……………..

  40. I just read on ADN that they ordered all of these porta potties expecting a crowd for Sarah but no one showed up and the porta potties weren’t needed. Only 358 people showed up in her home state, in Anchorage, the biggest city in AK with over 300,000 people. And close enough to her home town which is a suburb of Anchorage. Sounds like Worse Governor Ever isn’t loved in her home state. Wonder why?

  41. They don’t allow “video” at Palin book signings. The press was told no sweeping shots of the crowd would be allowed. Only shots from far away of the Queen. Where did you see this video?

  42. Oh, come on! Why do you people always have to focus on the negative? Why can’t you take heart in the fact that Ms. Palin has publically demonstrated she can actually read?

  43. Very funny!! The next question is how well does she understand what she reads? She’s been spouting off the same nonsensical talking points for the last 2 years, which seems to be the extent of her “reading.” There has been no political or intellectual growth that would warrant even consideration as a presidential nominee. This is the same woman who makes fun of higher learning as “elite,” although she is dying to become part of exactly what she professes to despise.

  44. T-shirt slogans are in the upper limit of Palin’s reading skills — she felt it was competition for her book.

  45. If you’re tired of wasting your time, just think how tired we are of hearing you waste your time. I’d suggest you go post on Scott Roses’ blogs, but that’s right, he requested you stop.

    You don’t listen to what responses you get so why do you keep asking the same old tired thing. If you don’t believe SP is involved in the KKK, fine. We don’t really find it necessary that you do.

  46. C’mon folks…it’s Christmas, so cut her a little slack. I ask you this; for all of her $$$ (gathered through her PT Barnum “hucksterism”) would any of you want to trade lives with her? Didn’t think so! Now be nice, as there’s a special place for people like her and I’m not speaking of an “afterlife”.
    One day she may wake up and figure it out…or not. The worst thing (well, one of them anyway) is to be her.

  47. I don’t think she’s actually done that. Signing a ghost-written book isn’t especially connected to reading skills. My four-year old granddaughter can write her own name.

  48. I start by stating that I am conservative in my views on most things and I don’t apologize for my beliefs because they have been developed from years of experience, research, and willingness to dig past the superficial veneer of what has been slooped out by politicians, news media, and the public education system in the United States.

    That being said, I think that we, as people should ask honest and thoughtful questions about things before jumping to conclusions or making rash judgements based on a picture or a blurb on someone’s column. The questions I would ask would something like this.

    Was the woman being disruptive or attempting to stop the Mrs. Palin from conducting private business? If that was the case, and she was indeed being disruptive in a way so that it was impossible for Mrs. Palin for conduct private business in a legal manner, the woman was, in fact, violating the law and also Mrs. palin’s First Ammendment right to free speech, and it was totally legal and correct to have her removed from the event.

    Was the book signing a private event, which is to say, did Sarah Palin pay to rent a building or a space in the building from her own private funds, or was the event financed or the spaced paid for by a third party? If the space was paid for from Mrs. palin’s own funds, she had the right to decide who attends, just as any other private citizen has the right to invite who they choose to any private function. If, as it was reported that the woman was not part of the “first 500” attendees, it was already understood that she had no garauntee of meeting with her. If the event was paid for 0or the space leased by a third party, the third party who financed it had the final say in regard to who attended and who did not, and also who could stay.

    Exactly who was it who had the woman ejected? Was it Mrs. Palin, was it security personnel, or was it some other interested party? That information was not really clarified, since one sentence says mrs. Palin had the woman ejected, and another states that “security” kicked her out.

    It is stated there that a blogger tweeted the ha was thrown out. to be totally honest,anyone could send out a tweet or text message about anything under the sun, but that still does make it truth unless it is collaborated through outside sources or trustworthy accounts by someone who has nothing to gain or lose.

    I am no fan of Sarah palin at this point, especially after the McCain campaign allowed the media and her detractors to attack, smear, insult, and villify her without, even one time, coming to her defense, only to have her go crawling right back to him in AZ and endorse him in his campaign for re-election. I held my nose and voted for him in 2008 as the lesser of two evils, and to see her go back and do what she did for him in hte 2010 mid term elections showed me that she is nothing more than a big establishment, go along to get along, politician,,, or she is nothing more than a boot licker slinking back to the master who’d just kicked her in the gut. Either way, I lost all respect I’d had for her prior to that time and I would not offer her any time of support in another election. But, that’s just me and I have a right to my opinion as well, be it agreeable or not.

    That being said, I still think that peo0ple should seriously dig for true and accurate information on issue and topics before running off and name calling tangents and or rantings off the cuff just from reading one short artical or seeing a picture.

    I personal think, given the articles I’ve read so far, and given the picture of the woman and viewing her facial expressions and body position, that she was indeed, being disruptive and Mrs. Palin had every right to have her security detail maintain order during the event. With the understanding that she is not an elected official and serves in no public office at this time, she does have the right to conduct her private business peacefully and without distruption as long as she breaks no laws in doing so. We do have laws in the United States which protect people from such things, and even throwing an object, whether it hits the thrower’s intended target or not, in that setting is a violation of law in which the perpetrator can be arrested and charged.. Sorry folks, what applies to one applies to all whether we like, dislike, love or hate the person or people who are involved..
    people to have the right to express their opinions and speak their minds during events and gatherings. that’s a fact. But, what they absolutely do NOT have the right to do is violate the rights other others holding or hosting events by being disruptive in an attempt to silence or shut them down……

  49. I think perhaps, we have all just wasted our time here, but I will indulge for the sake of indulging.

    We know what this individual stands for – nothing but the flavor of the day that affords her exposure. Palin lacks the intellectual capacity to form opinions or debate on a range of issues demanding intense reflection.

    In short, she approaches politics like a popularity contest and this certainly should concern even the average, misinformed American citizen.

    Palin is easily controlled. Money and glitz – she responds like a male dog chasing a bitch in heat. You don’t put someone like that in power unless you want to reign behind the scenes.

    Why do you think so many didn’t want Obama elected? Not so easily controlled unless you pressure him enough. Bush, piece of cake. Palin will run in 2012. Some will do whatever it takes to get her into power.

    First amendments rights have always applied to circumstances in this country. If you examine our history with intense scrutiny, you will find when convenient, first-amendment rights are touted with fervor. When not, trampled upon by the heavy-weights of totalitarian rule.

    Remember, we are a federal republic, not a democracy. Even our forefathers did not intend on a democratic state. We are at a turning point in our history. The next election will define where we go from here. Americans must chose very carefully this time.

    Americans need to stop voting based on popularity contests, media rhetoric, and present circumstances. Americans need to examine, realistically, where we are; the changing landscape of foreign policy and where we need to fit in globally; and where we need to go. Americans need to re-examine our basic principles, what we stand for and ask “How do we measure up?”

    Some say we are a Christian nation. I beg to differ. My intense study of Christ demonstrates a direct opposition to what we stand for as a nation. Religious institutions in this country (and most others) simply fail the people and their original founders.

    Some say we stand up to the bullies of the world and champion individual rights, especially human rights. Our track-record proves otherwise, accept where convenient. We are not a noble people, but rather self-serving with a self-described label. It is time we accept that fact so that we can move forward, not perpetually backwards.

    Some say America is the land of opportunity. When capitalism was in its infancy, that certainly was true, even if it was still an uphill struggle. Capitalism however, has matured; there is only so much growth until everyone starts feeding off one another. Markets don’t regulate themselves. People regulate them and in capitalism, whomever has the greatest concentrations of wealth holds the only power to do so. The wealthy are left with access to the tools required to feed of the wealth of others. We all understand human greed. As money and markets dry up and profit becomes harder to come by, the feeding frenzy intensifies as we have already seen. Capitalism has a fundamental flaw in that is crowns the individual at the expense of society.

    Perhaps the socialists we not so wrong or so evil after-all, although their module works no better. It is time to re-examine the flawed doctrine of free-market capitalism and accept our failings adhering to such doctrines. Community based economies are the only ones ever proven sustainability and eliminating poverty.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a good beginning. We must examine our basic assumptions first, before we can address the finer details.

    The next election should evolve around addressing what we are as America and who we should be, because the positions are at odds with one another.

    Palin is in no position to address any of those issues, let alone the finer details. Perhaps is time we look beyond democrats and republicans, not just for president, but for Congress as well. We desperately need fresh minds, open minds. Not the stale minds of yesterday, entrenched in doctrine and status qou.

  50. YES!! While I don’t necessarily agree with everything you wrote, I think there is a lot of common ground with the beliefs I hold myself. Your post was very well articulated and obviously well thought out. It’s refreshing to finally see one who uses critical thinking and emotional control in delivering a message. Applause to you, Sir!!!

  51. I don’t like anything I’ve ever heard about this nazi woman, but wondered if you could give me some links about her connection to it. I want to read about it. She is a clown.

  52. I meant to put the “I so agree with you on that one” on this comment. They had no right to kick out those 2 people out of Costco, it is not a private place.

  53. We were ridiculed at the time for electing Reagan too, but he turned out to surprise us and the rest of the world.

  54. Yeah, she sorta had the right (though the people had the right to be there. Heck, they may have simply been shopping and accidentally wore an anti-Palin shirt). However, I think it’s the mentality behind it. This is how Palin fixes her problems. Either she shoots it or she sends it out the doors without thinking about the reason behind it.

  55. Its lying there is no video.
    If that woman had a costco card she had a right to be in the store.
    I hope her and Gryphen sue the shit out of both of them costco & palin!

  56. There is no video of the woman being “disrupted”!
    This was COSTCO!A public place!A membership public place. The people who got kicked our are card carrying members, or WERE!
    You are a fan of her or you wouldn’t of posted here. Is she paying you overtime?

  57. It has to be asked; Who’s security escorted these people out? Sarah’s private thugocracy, or Costco’s security? I expect Mrs. Palin to use any means necessary to manage her tightly controlled image. But if costco is now beholden to her wishes, then I for one am going to send them back my membership card.

  58. There are significant differences between Reagan and Palin. For one thing, he was not a quitter. Secondly, while I strongly disagreed with most of his policies, he was not hateful and divisive like Palin. Third, we were not exposed to a daily diet of Reagan that showcased such glaring flaws as Palin’s. Fourth, I don’t know of anyone in the public arena aspiring for the presidency who was or is as abysmally ignorant as Palin.

    The only similarity is that Palin wants to continue Reagan’s incomprehensible ideology about government being a problem. Some of the things we are facing today began with him.
    But at least he did speak about reducing nuclear weapons. I don’t see that kind of concession to reality in Palin.

    If she were ever elected, this country could just hang it up. We have already suffered the dire consequences of electing people who represent themselves as the aw-shucks, everyday, all-American types who don’t have a clue. We are trying to climb out of a recession, and a Palin presidency would be the proverbial nail in the coffin. Einstein was right when he defined insanity as doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

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