A New Report Proves Republican Governed Red States Are Economic Parasites

A new report reveals that those same red state Republican voters who want the federal government cut to shreds are leeching substantially more assets from the federal government they want destroyed at the expense of blue states that are supporting them.

The Support of Sarah Palin and the Koch Brothers Backfires and Brings Down Joni Ernst

By more than 2-1, the Koch Brothers affiliation hurts Joni Ernst with voters in Iowa. They are equally unimpressed by Sarah Palin's support for the Republican.

Republican Hypocrites Can’t Hide From the Hypocrisy Behind Their Duck Dynasty Outrage

For Americans with half-a-brain, the conservative hypocrisy is as glaring as the subjects conservatives are certain their older, whiter, and religiously-inclined voters embrace.

Tea Partiers Are Desperately Trying to Get Sarah Palin to Run for Senate

Showing a level of cluelessness that is surprising even for them, a Tea Party PAC is trying to recruit Sarah Palin to run for the U.S. Senate in Alaska.

Jealous ‘Assclown’ Sarah Palin Attacks the Correspondents Dinner Charity Event

The queen of bitter jealousy had reared her ugly head as Sarah Palin attacked the White House Correspondents Dinner, despite the fact that it is a charity event that raises money for scholarships.

An Old Foe Is Returning in 2014, and He Could Defeat Nikki Haley

In all likelihood the 2014 South Carolina Governor's race is going to be a replay of the 2010 race, not good news for incumbent Nikki Haley

Newsflash: Sarah Palin Comes Out Against Education

Sarah Palin thinks that Melissa Harris-Perry's ad calling for an investment in public education is evidence that MSNBC thinks your children don't belong to you.

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, the GOP’s New, Kinda New and Old Voices

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin seem to have captured the spirit of the current crop of Republicans; still extreme and still anti-Obama.

While Railing Against Consultants, Sarah Palin Spent Millions on Republican Consultants

In her latest SarahPAC video, Sarah Palin urges her supporters to give her money to fight back against GOP consultants, but in 2012 Palin spent millions on Republican political consultants.

Reeking of Obama Hate and Desperation, Sarah Palin Was the Joke at CPAC

At CPAC, Sarah Palin stepped straight out of 2008 and offered America the same desperate, cartoonish, Obama hate that has made her a national joke.

Sarah Palin’s Cash Grab War on Christmas Book Doesn’t Mean She’s Back

Sarah Palin's upcoming book complaining about the commercialism of Christmas doesn't mean she's back. Palin is just doing a drive-by cash pick up from the easily exploitable.

The Bill to Fund the Government Is the Latest Bit of Stand-up Comedy From House Republicans

The primary purpose of House Bill 933 is to perpetuate the bloat of the defense budget and decimate domestic programs.

Rush Limbaugh Insanely Claims Sarah Palin Wasn’t Wrong About Anything

Rush Limbaugh went way, way, way off the deep end today by claiming that Sarah Palin wasn't ever wrong about anything.

Calling all Right Wing ‘Patriots’ Please Identify All the Freedoms You’ve Lost

Right wing "patriots" are constantly complaining of losing their freedoms and liberty. I would ask what these freedoms and liberties are.

The Role of Sarah Palin Will Now Be Played By Herman Cain On Fox News

Death panels have been replaced by 9-9-9 as Herman Cain will be taking over Sarah Palin's role as the voice of crazy on Fox News.

Like Most Cockroaches, Ted Nugent is Still Here

Ted Nugent said that if Barack Obama was re-elected and Mitt Romney did not prevail, then he would either be in jail or dead around this time. But Nugent, like most cockroaches, is still here.

Sarah Palin Hits Rock Bottom, Would Lose Alaska to Her ‘Rival’ Hillary Clinton

A new poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that not only are Alaskans done with Palin, but Clinton could win the state by 16 points were she to run in 2016.

The Firing of Sarah Palin Signals the Ultimate Failure of Fox News to Defeat Obama

Many in the media are calling the firing of Sarah Palin the end of an era, but what it truly represents is the ultimate failure of Fox News to influence elections and defeat President Obama.

The Conservative Obsession with Liberal Media Bias is Right Wing Propaganda

The "Liberal Media", is a tiresome and wholly inaccurate screed that is the centerpiece of right-wing propaganda.

After She Was Fired Sarah Palin Hilariously Tried to Out Fox Fox News

Ego met ineptitude as Sarah Palin hilariously thought that she could out fox Fox News, and manage the spin behind her firing.