Mean Girl Down: Sarah Palin’s Pathetic Plummet to Today Irrelevance

It’s fame-adjacent week TMZ style on Today! Just how desperate is NBC’s Today for ratings? Well, they’re as ticked off and desperate as John McCain in 2008, and pulling the same Sarah Palin Hail Mary.

Tomorrow, Her Royal Self will co-host Today but in case you thought it was going to be all winks, Paul Revere bells and gaffes, no. No, people, this is serious mean girl stuff (aka: Palin ™ politics). Palin is doing this to get even with Katie Couric, former co-anchor of Today, who will be guest hosting in the opposing time slot on ABC’s Good Morning America. Katie is using her guest host time to befriend the morning viewers again, and entice them to tune in to her upcoming talk show debuting this fall.

Watch a preview here, as Palin tells us all how she doesn’t want to bore viewers (too late) with in depth political talk (as if?), but there’s so much to talk about what with the oh my goodness and the energy and the freedom and all!

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Matt Lauer “joked” about Palin preparing for the guest host slot by reading some newspapers. He might have thought Palin was laughing with him, but he’ll pay.

You recall that Couric had the nerve to ask Palin what she reads, and that is a sin for which she cannot be allowed to roam free without repercussion. The Palin fans are licking their lipstick and getting their nightsticks ready, because they are so sure Sarah Palin is going to bring the hurt on liberal nasty Katie Couric (who was actually McCain friendly, but had the bad grace to think a VP should know what they read).

NBC is doing this to dig at Katie, who left them for a nighttime desk. But NBC probably should have checked with Fox about the ratings for Palin’s Real American Stories show, but then, they probably forgot about that little fizzle since it was dropped faster than Sarah Palin’s forlorn agent said yes to The Today Show gig. Maybe NBC didn’t read the fine print on the Palin’s last book sales. Or maybe when the stench of irrelevance is stalking your nightmares, you just don’t care.

Today sees GMA creeping up just like McCain saw Obama bringing the momentum and the excitement in 2008. And when you need a Game Change, who do you call? Media Bistro reports:

NBC’s “Today” won again for the week of March 19, but ABC’s “Good Morning America” continues to creep up on the perennial leader. The gap last week between the two shows was 140,000 Total Viewers and 210,000 A25-54 viewers.

Compared to the same week last year, only “Good Morning America” is up (+5%) in the A25-54 demographic. “Today” is down -15% and “CBS This Morning” is down -16%. All three shows are down in Total Viewers — “Today” and “CBS This Morning” are both down -9% and “GMA” is down -2%.

NBC’s Today is pulling a Palin. And we all know what that portends. Thank goodness Palin is going to spare us heavy duty politics talk, and just keep things light and talking-pointy. After all, an educated America is bad for Republican business!

The Palinstas thought April of 2012 would bring them Sarah Palin storming the GOP Presidential nomination, atop a Grizzly Bear in all her inevitable God-granted glory. Instead, they’re getting round 500 of a Palin grudge match on morning TV, as Saint Sarah can’t just can’t leave the juicy bitterness of 2008 behind.

Sarah Palin’s stint as Mean Girl getting petty revenge on Katie Couric on Today demonstrates just one more reason why Sarah Palin will never be politically relevant again. And even if Palin’s ratings beat Couric’s, the Palinistas will never understand that four years ago, Sarah Palin was running for VP and today, she can’t get an interview on anything but Fox Business even though she has a contract with Fox. Now Sarah is a guest host on a week when Today is also having such political icons as “Octomom” Nadya Suleman and Kim Kardashian.

Americans love a train wreck. People might watch Palin, but only because they’ll be hoping for a “as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where do they go? It’s Alaska!” as foreign policy/national security cred moment. But meanwhile, Katie Couric will be doing what she’s done for years, which is sort of like being a Fox puppet, only with real responsibilities.

You know what they call an experienced journalist with a peppy smile? A Walter Cronkite Award Winner for Special Achievement for National Impact on the 2008 Campaign.

There’s no way Palin can ever get revenge for this:

In 2008, Sarah Palin thought her running mate John McCain stood for regulation, but couldn’t give one example of such, declaring instead, “I’ll try to find ya’ some and I’ll bring ’em to ya’!”

Now, for her (please God) final act, scorned Sarah Palin will play out her 2012 strip tease on the mainstream media that she loves to pretend she hates. Let’s hope she ensnares a few more faithful, because nothing says revenge like a Republican brokered convention.

Brace yourself, Mitt Rommey. Tuesday’s gonna be politics Palin style and you know how she always manages to hurt those nearest the most.

39 Replies to “Mean Girl Down: Sarah Palin’s Pathetic Plummet to Today Irrelevance”

  1. Katie is a journalist, Sarah is a talking head.No comparison really.Shows NBC’s integrity ….Zero.
    Bad move for them, sure to loose them more viewers.

  2. NBC…meh! What losers. Bringing Palin in informs that NBC has sunk below FOX in terms of credibility. Best possible scenario? Palin interviews Couric and Katie ‘gets real’ with her. That would be worth watching.

  3. I’ll be watching Katie Couric not some dumb nitwit from Alaska. Will she be bashing President Obama and the liberal media? That seems to be what she does best and playing the part of a victim. She’s trash!

  4. I don’t get what NBC is trying to accomplish with this move. Who over there thought this was a good idea, and more to the point, why? If it’s really a dig at Katie Couric for going to CBS…well, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    I usually just watch a local station in the morning but I’ll be sure to tune in to CBS instead.

  5. Palin is the Howard Stern of the Right Wing, she is a “Shock Jock” corporate interests and Fox – she’s a joke! There is NOTHING creditable about this woman, and it’s pathetic that The Today Show would spend ANY time what so ever! Matt Lauer can SUCK IT!!!

  6. recently Palin was asked if she would ever go back on with Katie Couric and she said absolutely not, she wouldn’t waste time on her. She still hasn’t figured out that she was the one who screwed up, it wasn’t Katie. You have to think in all this time no one has told her. How embarrassing.

    I will just stick with morning Joe and listen to him bash the Republicans

  7. Palin is a fool, and her 10 minutes of fame are long over. The country has nothing to gain listening to her spew hate, and even her own party has little use for her.

  8. I read in the comments section of The Obama Diary that NBC had a come-on that said.. “Tune in to find out what she thinks of President Obama”. Bullshite.

    Who cares what that hate-filled propaganda monger thinks about anything? Especially our Esteemed President of the United States of America?

    NBC pulled themselves down to the toilet politics of the bully victim palin. We’ve all seen Game Change and lived through her subsequent vicious attacks on reality.

  9. Puhleeze! I don’t even like Couric OR GMA (both mindless, blathering infotainment) and I still changed the channel to ABC once NBC announced Palin would be checkin’ in. Her next gig is dropping by some local CW affiliate morning show at this rate.

  10. palin chooses to believe that it’s anyone but her. She’s a classic narcississtic bully-victim. She knows she better not get anywhere near Katie Couric or Katie will show her up again for the simpering fool she is.

    Now NBC has shown themselves as fools. I already knew it.

  11. A Palin Couric redux would be fantastic. Couric can finally tell the Klondike Barbie what she really thought about that interview. Any bright, capable and qualified candidate would have enjoyed the “What do you read?” question and considered it softball at best. Only Palin, who reads “People” magazine like it is news, would act like a deer in the headlights. The most galling part of the interview was when she took umbrage and decided to act like a petulant child. It showed her to be petty and small. The interview obviously still haunts and irritates her.

  12. Palin will show up sporadically if the money is right, but this is a last gasp effort for her. The next step is the talk circuit of the religious right, and that will last for a few years. By then, she’ll have accumulated enough cash to carry her into a comfortable oblivion. The last stage? Some desperate producer will do a ‘remember when’ special on her and her family 10 or 15 years from now. No one will care.

  13. I have a problem with Sarah Palin receiving air time by anyone. She began a lot of this disrespect of our President. It’s the only thing she’s good at politically. I will forever praise Katie for being the only main stream media journalist with the integrity and courage at that time, to shine a true light on Sarah Palin!

  14. How f*cking dare anyone out there make fun of [Sarah] after all she has been through?!

    She lost her VP race, she went through a divorce from the Republican love affair. She had two f*ckin retarded TV shows.

    Her husband turned out to be a loser, a secessionist, and Newt’s about to get his ass kicked and there will be no one who wants her! Also, she’s going through a credibility battle.

    All you people care about is…..making money off of her.

    SHE’S A HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that [Sarah] is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her.

    She hasn’t read notes off her palm in months. Her swan song is called “don’t tax me mre” for a reason because all you people want is MORE! MORE-MORE, MORE: MORE!.

    LEAVE HER ALONE! You are lucky she even got dressed and put on her Manolo Blahniks for you BASTARDS!

    LEAVE [SARAH] ALONE!…..Please.

    “Pundits” yakked about professionalism and said if [Sarah] was a professional she would’ve pulled it off no matter what.

    Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional for journalists to ask crazy difficult questions like “what do you read?” Even Steven F*cking Hawkerinski wouldn’t be able to fully answer that tough of a question…

    Also, when is it professional for citizens to publicly bash someone who is genuinely, transparently putting all of her hard times on TV for all to see?

    Leave [Sarah] Alone Please…. !

    Leave [Sarah] alone!…right now!….I mean it!!

    Anyone that has a problem with her you deal with me, because she is not well right now.


  15. I watch Bill Press and Stephanie Miller now every morning on Current, I have to say, they are both pretty good. A real treat from Joe Scarboro.

  16. I am wondering how Fox News, especially O’Reilly will spin this. O’Reilly constantly besmears NBC and MSNBC. Also, what will her adorable fans say when she now shows up at the ‘lamestream media’ and makes more money than her adorable fans.

    Also, isn’t her contract with Fox up at the end of the year? She knows that they don’t particularly care for her any more on Fox (except Hannity) so she is trying to get a contract with another TV show to stay relevant. Her ego simply will not allow her to sink into oblivion. She will sell anyone down the drain, including her supporters, who by now must be delusional.

  17. She should get a spot on Comedy Central .. ..
    Maybe stick her between “South Park” and “Family Guy”.

  18. Those who are fans of this idiot, are all those folks who know nothing, and feel bad when in a room with intelligent folks. They like that she slings insults at knowledgeable, informed public figures. But since they are, Palin and fans, equally stupid, they just don’t get that they are the ones being laughed at.
    It scares the crap out of me that there are people who think she is capable and representative of the “REAL PEOPLE.

  19. Well, I don’t watch the morning shows, but, I’ll be watching Katie on ABC this ONE day. There is no new side to Sarah P. She repeats the same stuff ad nauseam. She hates the President every way to Sunday. No news there. I had enough of her in 2008. I have no desire to listen to a woman who supported the Alaska AIP (recall the video of her telling those America-hating members to “keep up the good work”?) and whose husband was a 7-year member of this same America-hating group. She is a two-faced hypocrite, speaking out of one side of her face of her love for America while the other side of her face is embracing those very people who hate this country! Shame on NBC!

  20. i watched Katie on GMA this morning and she was great. I never watch GMA because I have always watched Today but tomorrow I will be watching GMA again since Today has sunk so low to have Sarah on. Maybe I will permenantly switch.

  21. NBC has really showed what they are all about, with this caper. I am glad I don’t watch them.
    BOYCOTT the Today Show!

  22. The following is a partial transcript of Palin’s planned opening remarks — a predictable boilerplate talking point-by-numbers diatribe — to be delivered during her first day as guest host:

    “It’s time to call upon all freedom-loving patriotic Americans … blah, blah, blah … our Constitution … yada, yada, yada … our Founding Fathers …. non sequitur … elite left wing tyranny in Washington …. more blah, blah, blah … revolution to … (something grammatically unintelligible) … take back our country! God-bless us all! “

  23. What next, NBC, that lunatic Glenn Beck!? As if Hoda and Kathy Lee haven’t already turned the last hour of the show into an embarrasment. TODAY has become as irrelevant as TMZ.

  24. I watch the Today show every day. But, tomorrow, I will not be watching, as I think this stunt with this idiot is of no value to their viewers…

  25. If I was in America I would tune into Katies show even if I didn’t watch it.
    That damn fool Palin doesn’t even recognize that Fox are laughing at her also, other wise why would they let her do this. This is a 49 year old woman
    acting like a teenager and she can’t see it.
    How big is her ego,stupid woman.

  26. The battle of the simpering twits! Comparing Katie Couric to a real journalist like Walter Cronkite – is like comparing a child with a hammer to a construction worker with a jackhammer! I’m not a sexist – watch Diane Sawyer regularly, but couldn’t stomach watching Couric at CBS News – thank God now for Scott Pelley.

  27. What are they trying to accomplish? It’s a “Howard Beale Network” appeal…she’ll say and do “crazy” and get a cult-like following…as Carly Fiorina (sp) once said, “Ho,ho,ho, it’s sooo yesterday”…

  28. Your right Con-Heart…this is comedy gold! Bringin’back the old school!I can hear the theme music now…

    “I-gotta’-meetin’-in-the-ladies-room-uh-oh-oo-uh-uh-oooo”…pan to the make up set where Tracy Ullman dons her “make-up lady to the stars” schtick and talks trash about working on Katie’s face for years…

    Let the box wine flow while brushing the spent Salem ashes off the old robe…and will somebody PLEASE get Earl ta’ fix those dang rabbit ears sos’ I kin have the picture real clear…don’t wanna’ miss a minute of “That One”…

  29. Thanks. I don’t watch the morning shows at all, unless I know there’s something on for me (rare!), in which case I tape it to watch later so I can fast-forward through all the crap and all the commercials. $carah has been irrelevant for a long time, and all her Obama-bashing makes me want to vomit.

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