On GMA, Sarah Palin Hints at Her Plan to Transform America

Constitution? What constitution?
Constitution? What constitution?

Ms Palin has spent years avoiding the “lame stream media” (ironically of which she is a part), but recently she’s started spreading her wings, albeit to softball media such as her appearance this morning on “Good Morning America”. During her interview with GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts, Ms Palin responded to criticisms regarding her rather dismal current poll numbers were she to run against President Obama in 2012. Ms Palin’s response put to bed notions that she isn’t running as she extolled the virtues of “debating ideas” in competitive primaries.

Anyone who is in doubt about Ms Palin running for President had best grab the smelling salts. She is and it’s uncertain if the GOP can stop her without alienating her Tea Party evangelical base.

Here’s a clip from the interview:

From ABC’s website: When asked about her plans for 2010, Ms Palin replied, “It’s a prayerful consideration because, obviously, the sacrifices that have to be made in order to put yourself forward in the name of public service is, it’s brutal.”

If Ms Palin were taking an interview with a hard-hitting news journalist, she might have been asked at this point about her decision to quit on her vow to Alaskans to serve them as a public servant for four years and if perhaps she just hadn’t prayed enough before taking that job, since she quit claiming that she was being brutalized with ethics complaints by citizens — the majority of whom were Republicans, contrary to her claims.

While Ms Palin’s references to prayer may not seem odd in this country, if we take a look under the hood there are causes for alarm. Ms Palin is a Dominionist Christian, a sect whose goal is to transform America into a theocratic state resembling fascism in many ways. Ms Palin has made numerous references to her belief that the constitution is based upon the bible and that our laws are also based on the bible. She seems to still be laboring under this misinformation, perhaps because it is her belief and no fact will alter her belief. This should set that alarm bell a clankin’.

Furthermore, while running for mayor of Wasilla, Ms Palin’s Dominionist leanings opened the door further to her fruitful relationship with the Alaskan Independence Party, a secessionist movement, which originated during her tenure on the City Council. The AIP worked on her behalf to get her elected.

Salon reported:

“Chryson boasted that he and his allies urged Palin to focus her campaign on slashing character-based attacks. For instance, Chryson advised Palin to paint Stein as a sexist who had told her “to just sit there and look pretty” while she served on Wasilla’s City Council. Though Palin never made this accusation, her 1996 campaign for mayor was the most negative Wasilla residents had ever witnessed.

While Palin played up her total opposition to the sales tax and gun control — the two hobgoblins of the AIP — mailers spread throughout the town portraying her as “the Christian candidate,” a subtle suggestion that Stein, who is Lutheran, might be Jewish.”

(John Stein, her mayoral opponent, claimed,) “This same group [Stoll and Chryson] also [publicly] challenged me on whether my wife and I were married because she had kept her maiden name,” Stein bitterly recalled. “So we literally had to produce a marriage certificate. And as I recall, they said, ‘Well, you could have forged that.'””

Gosh that sounds like familiar campaigning tactics from the woman who has suggested that it is reasonable to ask for President Obama’s birth certificate, even though said birth certificate has been available online and has been verified by authorities on numerous occasions. It’s hard to sell this kind of campaigning as anything other than appealing to the worst in people, and ginning up hate and division based upon religion, ethnicity, and any other charge of doubt Ms Palin can lob at her stunned opponents.

This was just the beginning of Ms Palin’s tight relationship with the AIP, whose sole purpose is for Alaska to secede from the union. The AIP also has ties with the theocratic US Constitution Party. The Constitution Party has adopted the ideas of a militant form of Christian Dominionism known as Dominion Theology. The Constitution Party platform reads, “It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions and to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.”

In 2008, Chip Berlet, co-author of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort (Guilford, 2000) wrote:

“The AIP has placed the candidate of the U.S. Constitution Party on the Presidential ballot in Alaska in the 2008 race. Let’s be clear, the U.S. Constitution Party would impose a form of theocratic neofascism in the United States. And I am not a person who tosses the term fascism around lightly.”

The AIP called Ms Palin an example of their successful infiltration into the Republican Party. In 2006, Dexter Clark, vice chairman of the Alaska Independence party, said:

“Our current Governor, the one we were hoping would get elected, did get elected…There’s a lot of talk of her moving up. She was an AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town — that was a non-partisan job. But you get along to go along — she eventually joined the Republican Party, where she had all kinds of problems with their ethics, and well, I won’t go into that. She also had about an 80% approval rating, and is pretty well sympathetic to her former membership.”

It should be noted that unlike her husband Todd Palin, Ms Palin was never registered as an AIP member according to Alaskan voter registration records. However, Dexter Clark’s claims of Palin being a successful infiltrator of the Republican Party bears some credence due to the open door policy Ms Palin had for leaders of the AIP while mayor and governor, going so far as attempting to appoint a member of the AIP to a city position while mayor, only to be shot down. Ms Palin also made changes to the state constitution that coincidentally fulfilled part of the AIP agenda.

Salon reported:

“During the 1990s, when Chryson directed the AIP, he and another radical right-winger, Steve Stoll, played a quiet but pivotal role in electing Palin as mayor of Wasilla and shaping her political agenda afterward. Both Stoll and Chryson not only contributed to Palin’s campaign financially, they played major behind-the-scenes roles in the Palin camp before, during and after her victory.

Palin backed Chryson as he successfully advanced a host of anti-tax, pro-gun initiatives, including one that altered the state Constitution’s language to better facilitate the formation of anti-government militias. She joined in their vendetta against several local officials they disliked, and listened to their advice about hiring. She attempted to name Stoll, a John Birch Society activist known in the Mat-Su Valley as “Black Helicopter Steve,” to an empty Wasilla City Council seat. “Every time I showed up her door was open,” said Chryson. “And that policy continued when she became governor.””

Indeed, one of the many ethics complaints filed against Ms Palin related to her refusal to live in the Governor’s mansion and yet still charging the Alaskan citizens a per diem for food and expenses while living in her home in Wasilla and commuting to the state Legislature in Juneau (or not: buttons reading “Where’s Sarah?” began popping up around this time, reflecting her consistent pattern of not being around in Juneau). While Ms Palin claimed that she wanted to be near her family (whom usually move to the governor’s mansion with the governor), Palin did endorse and may have been implementing Chryson’s initiative to move the state Legislature from Juneau to Wasilla. At any rate, their initiative was unsuccessful.

The AIP also has numerous ties with the KKK, white supremacist groups classified as hate groups, and militia movements across the country. They are closely aligned with evangelical Dominionists as well, such as Christian Exodus, which advocates creating an all white homeland. Chryson also wrongly claimed that the Civil War was not about slavery but about states’ rights. Chryson was known to accuse Democratic leaders (such as Ms Palin’s mayoral opponent) of being “socialists” over issues of public education and city planning. That’s not just Right, it’s far, far fringy Right.

When Ms Palin was running for Governor of Alaska, not only did she appoint previous AIP member and then Republican Walter Hickel as her campaign co-chair, but also her church flew in a witch doctor from Kenya to bless her. For these reasons, when Ms Palin refers to prayer, it raises questions that Americans need answered if indeed she’s running for President. In fact, even were Ms Palin to bow out of the 2012 elections, her determination throw gasoline on any political match she sniffs should be reason enough for the main stream media to begin asking some important questions about Ms Palin’s agenda, her associations, her church, and her disconcerting and inaccurate beliefs about America and the Constitution.

However, it doesn’t appear America will be spared a Palin candidacy. When asked about her poor poll numbers, Ms Palin came out punching like a 2012 candidate. “A poll number like that, it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, that doesn’t look really pretty today,’ but a primary is months and months in the process, and there are thankfully many debates,” she said. “And if I were to participate in that contested primary — you know, it — I would be in it to win it.”

It would be most interesting to see Ms Palin debate any of the other Republican candidates. Ms Palin has always held the notion that getting elected is a popularity contest rather than a knowledge contest and she was proven correct in this assessment in Alaska. She also successfully implemented (with the help of the John Birch Society and the AIP) campaigns of such vicious negativity and misinformation that her opponents were often left stunned as she cheerily gave non-answers in debates and yet sailed right past them to get elected.

Fox News will be handling several of the primary debates for the Republicans, which may assist elevating Ms Palin’s brand of populism and create a disadvantage for her opponents, none of whom enjoy the same level of star treatment Ms Palin does on Fox News.

Ms Palin then went on to accuse President Obama of wanting to fundamentally change America. Phrases like this are thinly veiled jabs at his patriotism, his religion, and imply that his ideology is something un-American, meant to provoke doubt and fear about the man, much like Ms Palin did to her mayoral opponent in Wasilla.

Ms Palin’s unwillingness to be honest about her own record and her unfailing attempts to smear her opponents with baseless accusations of their being somehow less Christian and less American than she only serve to prove that she can’t win on ideas or her record. It also proves that she does not appreciate that the Founders most decidedly rejected the notion of a religious test for office, thereby casting further doubt onto Ms Palin’s version of America.

Does Ms Palin plan on transforming America like she did Wasilla and then Alaska? Will the AIP have an open door to a Palin White House? Will fringe hate groups like Christian Exodus have access to Ms Palin or will she denounce these groups and explain her associations to nervous melting pot Americans who most certainly don’t share the group’s vision of an all white Christian nation.

If that isn’t enough, Ms Palin’s reign of terror in Alaska should give pause to anyone who values their freedom. Ms Palin quite literally ran Wasilla like a dictator, cutting off the press and ordering her staff not to speak to press as she proceeded to fire beloved city employees claiming she doubted their loyalty to her. This continued as Governor, as the Palins terrorized Alaskan citizens who disagreed with them and went to incredible lengths to punish them, using the power of Ms Palin’s office to do so on many occasions, through appointments, firings, and governmental harassment.

One such victim was the trooper in Troopergate (contrary to Ms Palin’s claims, she was found guilty of abusing the power of her office in the bi-partisan report which predated the inquiry she ordered helmed by her appointees) who refused to help the Palins continue their vendetta against Ms Palin’s ex-brother-in-law — a vendetta that had years before been labeled as “child abuse” by a judge who ordered Ms Palin to cease and desist her harassment of the children’s father. Another example lay in the AIP’s claims that she fired someone they had a long standing grievance with, boasting about how this payback only cost them a thousand dollars in campaign donations. Another victim down.

Is this the America Ms Palin sees; an all white Christian country over which she reigns with absolute authority, authorized by none less than God himself?

When Ms Palin accuses President Obama of wanting to “fundamentally transform America” (one assumes she means implement liberal ideology which is not actually a transformation but a continuation of a very American liberal agenda), reasonable people must ask themselves if she’s projecting. And then they must take stock of what a Palin-transformed America would look like. The dingy hockey mom populist America is being sold on is not the real Sarah Palin. Ms Palin isn’t stupid; she’s been indoctrinated to a very extremist Right wing view of America.

While many dismiss Ms Palin as being un-serious, I do not. Ms Palin is deadly serious about amassing power. The real question is, to what end?

Updated: Corrected bumper stickers to buttons 3:54 PM

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  1. This is a very ignorant, dangerous woman. This article needs to be published in a more mainstream media venue so more people can see what she really is. Hopefully when she announces her faux-candidacy all these awful facts about her will come out.

  2. “…bumper stickers reading “Where’s Sarah?” began popping up around this time, reflecting her consistent pattern of not being around in Juneau…”

    Just to correct this small thing – it was buttons being worn by Legislators and staff at the Capitol, bright yellow, not bumper stickers. And then there were the Sarah poo flags which popped up in early summer all over our world class trail system. Those were even better, and more descriptive of her very short tenure in Juneau.

    Excellent article, Sarah – you did some good research. Much better than the MSM has done overall! For people new to the idea of Dominionism, take a look at Alaskan Leah Burton’s website http://godsownparty.com/blog/7-must-read-books-dominionism-in-america/. If one has time, Leah’s blog can be perused, but don’t read to close to bedtime or bad dreams may result.

  3. Thanks. Leah and I are good friends, she’s definitely an expert on Dominionism. Her blog is also linked at the right. I’ll correct the bumper sticker to buttons:-)

  4. The numbers reflected in the polls of those who view her unfavorably includes me and many of my friends. I will never alter my opinion on her or waste a vote on a woman who I view to be an annoying birdbrain. In less than two months her unfavorable rating went from 52% to a staggering 57% reflecting that the more everyone is exposed to her the more they dislike her. That will continue to climb all the way up to the primary, no matter how much she talks or how much FOX and the Koch bros. spend to try to repackage her. The race in california, las vegas and others proved that no matter how much money they spend, no one is going to elect a kook. There is no power on earth that can reverse the trend against her. There are no numbers to elect her. She has alienated over three quarters of the country with her bigoted rhetoric. To win she would have to reverse everything she has said and done to win back the people she clearly hates and now hate her. We all know that’s not going to happen. She is magnificently insignificant.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I read your posts everyday and find them well written and well researched. As an African American who resided in SC – I have some concerns for anyone who Sista Sarah deems (not-white). I don’t see her hiring any minorities (God-forbid) if she ever becomes President. I wonder how she will attempt to incorporate African Amricans and other minorities into her platform for the presidency – I hope she doesn’t think the Haiti trip will do it!!! That was a farce.

  6. Hi Beverly,

    Ms Palin doesn’t have a good record with African Americans; she refused to hire any in Alaska as governor and she also refused to sign the state constitutionally mandated Juneteenth proclamation. I’m very troubled by her attitude toward different ethnic groups and people who aren’t her kind of Christian. My concern has very little to do with her so-called “conservatism”, as she is not a real conservative by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, real conservatives would have trouble with her if anyone ever discussed her record. My issue with her is that she represents a very powerful movement of Dominionist who see this country in way antithetical to our very foundation.

    I’m glad you enjoy our site and thanks for the great comment.

  7. Yes, thank you Sarah for the article. I also take her very seriously and am not on the side of those who simply dismiss her as a kook. I saw her on O’reilly yesterday and believe me she was arrogant and very scary.

  8. If I had looked, sorry! Leah is an energetic and intelligent Alaskan and I am very proud of her work. Leah stood up against a lot of abuse to put her story out there about Wayne Anthony Ross, who Palin tried to slide in under the radar as Alaska’s AG. Really due to Ms. Burton, Ross’ confirmation was denied and Palin threw a hissy fit which was very fun to watch. We dodged a big bullet with that one – thank you Leah from the bottom of my heart.

  9. This Sarah Palin creature as I have said before is a demonic bitch that must be stopped and not just dismissed as a nut-bag. All that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men and women to do nothing. Sarah Palin for sure qualifies on all levels as evil. This article must be made to go viral. That trip to Haiti was an excellent example of how low Sarah Palin will go. In fact she has no bottom to her depth’s of trickery. This Bitch does not give a F**K about the suffering of the people of Haiti or the people of the world period. Wake Up People!!!

  10. Leah is dong great work and I am glad you directed people to her. People can also listen to her on the radio, which I highly recommend. Her courage with the WAR business as well as many other pivotal moments is noteworthy. She is truly a heroine:-)

  11. But if the maintstream media do not tell any of these stories, there are millions of people who will not know about this. Like the people in rural Iowa who watch a half hour of national news at night after the local new. How is that going to work?

  12. This person scares the crap out of me. This person must not become the nominee of the Republican Party. I don’t care how well President Obama is polling against her, or how bad her popularity numbers are; it is not impossible for her to win (say, a Palin/Rubio ticket?), given the right concatenation of circumstances. And then we would all be in deeper doo-doo than the whale dung in the Marianas Trench.

  13. Good article I guess. Seem a little long on personal opinion and short on reference so I’ll do my own research into some of your allegations. I’m still waiting to see a source linking her to the KKK.

    One question though. How do women feel seeing and hearing another woman profanely and vulgarly assaulted?

  14. As a woman, hank, I feel about as great as I can knowing that Sarah Palin always comes after other women. Remember she laughed on air as a DJ called cancer survivor Lyda Greene a “fat cancer” and she mocks other women constantly, accused Hilary Clinton of being a whiner. Look who’s whining now.

    I don’t get why you think Ms Jones can’t write about Sarah Palin because of her sex. SO men aren’t supposed to attack Palin or they are called sexist and women can’t or they are not being sisters? What’s Sarah Palin ever done for women except knock them down?

  15. And by the way, we all gave you references to her kkk connections and yet you pretend like nothing was said. Oh and as for there being no facts in this article, you obviously didn’t read it. it’s not opinion that Palin is a dominionist or that she did the things in Alaska that she did.

  16. You are so right, Pam. The mainstream media would actually love for her to run, since it would increase ratings. The MSM no longer investigates like they used to. And Fox news would elevate her to sainthood.

  17. That’s what I’m concerned about. I mean, I’d love to see her run as an Obama supporter but you know what kind of nasty vitriol she spews. She might set this country into a civil war.

  18. Jesus.

    Why did you write this? The farthest this will go “viral” is to the HuffPo.

    Maybe, MAYBE, Aaron Sorkin will read it and send you a check. Other than that, you lose people when you start calling your political opponents “fascists” when they are not. You might as well have gone Full Metal Adolf and thrown in Hitler and Mengele for good measure.

    Look, I like Sarah. I hope she whips Obama’s ass and sends him and his corporate Bankster masters the heck out of Washington. I’ve never seen an entire party, the party of FDR, toady to Wall Street the way you guys have. I mean, at least Soros doesn’t take his poodle Obama for walkies. It’s a disgrace. And you’ve made the road much, much easier for the kind of campaign that Palin is almost certain to run.

    Regular registered voters don’t really believe that Sarah Palin from Wasilla is going to establish a fascist theocracy. That’s just nuts. But if you think it helps your cause, more power to you. It beats talking about unemployment, I guess.

  19. Oh look at the little men coming to the aid of poor, whiny Sarah. If you really cared to find out who you are voting for, you’d listen to Alaskans who know her all too well. Feel free to pull the covers up and hide – you’ll be doing that more than you know if she ever gets elected.

  20. It would further our cause to let Palin run. Her numbers suck worse than any candidate’s ever. The fact that you support this horrible person means you are a moron.

  21. Palin’s kind of “Christian” are just fascists who are confusing Jesus with Hitler… the kind of “Christians” who condescendingly look down on other beliefs and basically say: “oh, it’s okay for you to have your beliefs, as long as you know your place. …And that you’re wrong.”

    The same kind of “Christians” who lose their tiny minds with outrage when they see a Mosque being built, but can’t understand why they can’t have the ten commandments posted in government buildings, and then claim to want a “return to the constitution”.

    These are the same “people” who crawl out of the closet every time some piece of legislation is proposed that protects Gays from oppression and discrimination, claiming that protecting the rights of Gays infringes on their religious freedoms. ‘Cause apparently, openly hating on teh gays is a critical religious expression. Like lighting crosses on fire? WWJD?

    I still can’t imagine her getting beyond the primaries (and I predict they will be hilarious!). There are just too many self-respecting REAL Christians and Republicans who aren’t going to drink the grizzly-flavored Kool-Aid.

    Here’s hoping I’m not delusional…

    Then again, I may need smelling salts, because I still don’t believe she’s really going to run. I’m probably in denial.

  22. I’m pretty sure that Haiti photo op was, like everything else she does, a huge embarrassing FAIL and painfully transparent and desperate self-promotional ploy to everyone but her zealous fanclub. I can’t imagine anyone but Hannity and Beck taking that ridiculous shit seriously, and even they’re probably just faking it.

  23. I think the beauty would be when the other Republican contenders have to beat her down in the primaries. We won’t have to rely on the MSM, the Republicans will do the dirty work for us…

  24. LOL you’ve got to love a right-winger decrying the use of comparisons to Hitler.

    Like I always say, Righties are genetically disposed to having no sense of irony…

  25. You are such a fool. Sarah Palin is the ultimate tool of the corporatacry or haven’t you looked at her record? When she talks, dirty oil money spills.

  26. Sarah Palin is a twidiot. She loves the grift (one thing she’s good at), and loves being a gadfly, hurling her (ghostwritten) missives via Facebook and endless tweets. She craves power, money, and attention. She mistakenly believes she’s as important as our President.

    Remember the Dixie Chicks being lambasted (including CD bonfires) for being ashamed of George W. Bush? Why is no one in the MSM calling out Scarah for being so unpatriotic? We are at war (which I’m sick of), and Barack Obama is a sitting President.

  27. section9 says: Great post!!!

    Its so funny seeing how Palin gets the liberals’ panties in such a snit.
    She is like sunlight to Dracula!!!

  28. No she is the darkest of the dark she is worse than Dracula,we all know he isn’t a real monster while there are doubts about palin.

  29. My concern is when will the main stream media ever really investigate or truly research Sarah Palin? No one recently is coming anywhere close to a real interview! No one is having a Couric moment with Palin. Gone are the days of real journalists like Tim Russert who actually did their homework on these political interviews. Rachel on MSNBC could give her a run for her money but Sarah will never have that match up. Sarah Palin has been soft peddled by Oprah, Robin and Barbara Walters. And of course Fox faux news is going to promote her as a saint against Obama.
    It’s so sad and so scary that our country has sunk to this new low. At this point even the low life GOP are afraid to speak out against her! They’re also afraid to speak out against Beck and Limbaugh! My opinion is that there’s some power behind these individuals that could do some serious damage to this country on many levels. The racism, bigotry and lack of civility is running rampant on the airwaves. There needs to be a new strategy to fight this power that is using Palin’s celebrity status to gain more power. The main goal of these entities is to destroy Obama and take this country back hundreds of years in our history and block any means of intellectual, economic, or social progress!!! I take Palin seriously because she does not operate in a vacuum. We must demand more research and investigation before it’s too late. President Obama has enough on his hands having to battle a disastrous economy, a nuclear treaty, two wars, an obstructive GOP and everyone around him including his own party, to spend the energy required to focus on these blatant and also hidden negative forces riding behind this ego maniac Sarah Palin! Our very democracy is at risk!

  30. You’re wrong section9, regular voters know a bit more about Sarah Palin than you give them credit for, and we’re going to make sure they know a whole lot more before 2012.

  31. Honestly, she scares the hell out of me. Because she does touch on chords that people like getting touched on, she stirs their fears, she pumps their uncertainty, she tweaks their doubts until they are like terrified little bunnies desperate for cover from the evil, evil non-believers. So they go and seek cover with the wolf herself.

  32. Another great post, Sarah.
    The Dominionist angle doesn’t get enough attn. I read Leah & wonder why it’s so rarely mentioned elsewhere.

    Ppl give all sorts of reasons for why SP will or won’t run, mostly using logic on presumed motivations (e.g. money good! campaign = more money), but I believe SP thinks God wants her to be President.
    It’s the Dominionist/7mountains wet dream.

  33. Typical, tired response. Being anonymous allows one to show their stupidity without fear I suppose. Alaska’s largest registered voting block is “Undeclared” poor fella. Ask most Republicans up here what they think of her – you’ll get a snort, a snicker, a sneer and all sorts of things not so pleasant. Ask many of her old friends what they think of her – you’ll get the same response. You have no idea apparently how often we laugh our butts off at her expense. Once you get to know the real Sarah, it’s not about politics at all. But you’re not likely to get that – I’m really typing this for other folks who are more intelligent and thoughtful.

  34. I stopped looking at her as just a joke a long time ago. She is the photogenic, aw-shucks vessel of some extremely dangerous ideas. As an African-American woman, I see her as the embodiment of the worst and most reactionary qualities in this country. It’s obvious that she wants to run on the cult of personality, since she cannot win on knowledge. I also don’t doubt for one moment that her ideal America is a racially homogenous (all white), Dominist society. She has alienated so many different segments of this racially and religiously diverse country that it would be impossible for her to govern effectively even if she weren’t so ignorant. She is obviously suffering from a terminal case of delusional narcissism, which prevents her from acknowledging that the more Americans see of her, the more they dislike her. That is why we keep being subjected to non-stop exposure of Palin in her misguided belief that the overexposure will somehow make her palatable as a nominee, much less as a president. She is aided and abetted in her dangerous delusions by FOX Noise, which she appears on to the exclusion of all other media.

    Because the GOP stupidly allowed her to become their VP nominee in 2008, and tried to sell the idea of her fitness for that office to the rest of America, they have painted themselves into a corner. There is a vocal portion of their party that likes the idea of a Palin presidency, and they run the risk of alienating that portion if they work at getting another nominee for their party. It’s obvious that the GOP establishment wants someone else, as shown in the way that Republicans in high places are now coming down on her. But since she thrives on victimhood, she uses that as another part of her phony meme that people are out to get her. In turn, the Palinbots eat that up, and it strengthens their support for her. However, it’s up to the rest of us to vote in order to ensure that she never gets even a shot at the presidency, no matter who her powerful backers might be.

  35. Whether the story is on a male or female politician, it makes no difference to me. I want the truth about the candidate to be known. Having done a lot of reserch on Palin immediately after she gave her convention speech in 2008, I was shocked at just how little of her past was revealed at that time. I felt we escaped a bullet when she and McCain lost.

    What you don’t seem to realize is that when women talk about equality for themselves and other women, we mean the good and the bad have to be brought out. If this article was about a male politician, would you have any objections to it? I highly doubt it, as long as the article was not playing fast and loose with the truth. In this article, everything is true, just as it should be.

  36. As a woman, I will tell you that my heart literally pounds with fear and loathing every time I see a photo, read an article, or see a news story about this vile, vicious, dangerous creature. Every condemning word and insult spoken against her is justly deserved. America MUST learn these truths about her, and I’m sickened by our press and their refusal to expose her.

  37. The part that really got me was when Palin was getting off the plane in Port Au Prince and commented,”I didn’t know Africa was this close to the U.S.”

  38. Excellent article, Sarah. You nailed her. I think Palin’s candidate for Alaska Senator, Joe Miller, has connections with the AIP and dominionists as well. If you listen to some of his speeches from the primary, they sound like they were written by the AIP. Both Palin and Miller have real problems with the truth and make mockeries of Christianity.

  39. He does it because he cannot address the context of the post.

    BTW Hank
    “The AIP also has numerous ties with the KKK, white supremacist groups classified as hate groups, and militia movements across the country. They are closely aligned with evangelical Dominionists as well, such as Christian Exodus, which advocates creating an all white homeland. ”

    Research Sarahs connection with the AIP, and the fact that Todd was a member till Sarah made him get out. Hope this helps

  40. Funny how she thinks Obama wants to fundamentally change America when he has made no move to do so, and yet her own stated plans are for the same thing

  41. no wait! i thought i was writing to the author of this article!

    in response to your question about how us women feel about seeing palin “assaulted”… this is exactly the mentality that brought us palin to begin with… mccain cynically saw hillary clinton’s success in the primaries and figured that if he got himself a gal, that would win over women once hillary was out. and how did that work for him?

    the deal is, thinking people assess their candidates based on their record, their statements and their personal and political philosophy. palin appalls us because we see her with eyes wide open… and articles like this show palin supporters why they too should be alarmed. why they are not baffles me – but i suspect it’s because they like the packaging — and because her snark satisfies their anger at the world… she’s meaner than they are and they love that. the bottom line is that palin is demonstrably weak intellectually, is willfully ignorant, has ties to organizations that concerns about 99% of the american public, and her hate-filled rhetoric is alarming. that she has gotten this far astounds most of us. and if she were to gain a position of power, you can bet that she would strive to undermine the rights of those she sees as “others”, while coldly looking the other way on issues that deeply affect our fellow humans.

    it’s not an issue of gender. it’s an issue of humanity, integrity, morals, intelligence and honesty. or lack of therein.

  42. Joe Miller still will not concede even a month and a half after the election in
    Alaska. Just like his endorser-in-chief, Palin, he is a sore loser who wants the will of the people respected only when it goes his way. I have a feeling that he will go down in history as one of Palin’s most disastrous legacies regardless of whether she disavows him. He is one of the many nutcases she endorsed. As with Palin, his actions and words are illuminating in showing what he would have in store for Alaska, and the rest of the country, if he ever came to political power. Because Alaskans see Palin and Miller for what they are, they have my lasting respect. Neither one can be off the political stage fast enough.

  43. Hello Beverly,

    I live outside Nashville, grew up in Dallas, Texas – I understand the “dixiecrat” mentality very well. For a lot of information and fun – check out Mudflats.net.

    Those people KNOW who the Snowbilly Grifter really is and they HATE her and have hated her for a good long while.

  44. Isn’t it just amazing. Joe Miller who said Murkowski was a sore loser and should listen to the voters. Funny, now it’s OK to ignore the voters because he is so special, (at least in his mind).

    He has basically no chance of winning and is spending tons of money on lawyers and when it is all said and done, he has no job and not too many offers of employment I’m guessing. Perhaps Sarah will hire him as a nanny for her misguided children.

  45. It’s non-thinkers like you who will eventually run this country into the ground. Do you really think this is about people not “liking” Sarah Palin? We are smart enough to know that the future of the US depends on finding out the skeletons in the closets of anyone we trust to become the leader of the free world. First of all, we do expect them to know something about that world. Second, we expect them to love this country and to fight for it — not to bring it down to its knees. And third, we expect someone who understands that this country is made up of many different kinds of people — different races, ethnic groups, religions, political beliefs, lifestyles, etc — who also are AMERICANS.

    Sarah Palin is the probably the most divisive political figure we have seen in our lifetimes. Should we compare her to Hitler?? What do you think? Her tactics sound like they come right out of Mein Kamph. Have you ever read it?

  46. Hank, take a deep breath and smell some reality instead of that funny cigarette you’re smoking. Do you think women are so lame-brained that they support a candidate simply because she is a female? Do you disrespect us that much? How do you feel about blacks who didn’t vote for Obama? Or Catholics who didn’t vote for Kennedy? Or southerners who didn’t vote for Carter? The fact remains that people vote — or they are supposed to vote — for people whose policies they support and agree with. True patriots do not support someone only because they have the same hormones and gonads.

    As a female, I believe that Sarah Palin represents the absolute opposite of what women have striven to become. She is vicious, self-centered, a poor role model as a mother, dishonest, disloyal, and (in my opinion) a terrible example of what a true American patriot represents. As a longtime feminist, I cannot in clear conscience ever support her disdain for true morality, integrity, intelligence, and personal freedom.

  47. idesign, can’t you people come up with something original? Your tune is getting so old it’s no longer on the charts.

    If you were smart, you’d have your own panties in a twist (not in a snit, by the way — get your idioms correct). If you were a true patriot, you’d be worried about what she would do to this country, too. I get an earful from my friends in Alaska. Ever been there?? Go on up and put your ear to the ground.

  48. She did not! Tell me you’re kidding. I know she’s confused but even Palin gets prepped about where she’s going. Loved the way she made sure the camera caught her in the background “reading” a paper. Could she have been more obvious? We all know what “papers” she had delivered to Juneau – Us Weekly, People, and Entertainment Weekly. I kid you not. that is it. No wonder she didn’t know what we were doing in Iraq.

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