Rush Limbaugh Insanely Claims Sarah Palin Wasn’t Wrong About Anything


Rush Limbaugh went way, way, way off the deep end today by claiming that Sarah Palin wasn’t ever wrong about anything.

Audio via Media Matters:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: I know what you mean, the liberals, it is their ideology that they are being loyal to. Liberalism must never suffer slings and arrows. Liberalism cannot be seen as the reason for anything going wrong. Liberalism can’t be seen as a failure. Dan Rather, as a liberal, cannot be seen as forging documents and running a phony story. That cannot be allowed to taint liberalism. They are protecting liberalism. It is the ideology. It is the road map. It’s how they want to get to this place you describe, which is total power.

On the Republican side, it’s not just truth. Sarah Palin wasn’t wrong about anything. She didn’t lie about anything. Sarah Palin embarrassed some people. So they had to get rid of her. The point is, the Republicans will not circle the wagons and defend very many. Conservatives will not circle the wagons and defend. Now, I defended Clarence Thomas not even knowing who he was ’cause I knew what happened. I knew the libs were lying about him because I know the libs.

There are some conservatives today who when, Clarence Thomas was accused today about Anita Hill, they would throw him overboard. Not because she was maybe lying or telling the truth, but because he would be tainted. They would throw him overboard, and they wouldn’t even bother to defend him ’cause he’s making them look bad, by supporting him. It’s a far different thing. The number of conservatives when they pop up and defend each other, doesn’t happen. We’re quick to throw everybody because we don’t want the media saying bad things about the rest of us. It’s really a big difference. The left will circle the wagons and protect their reprobates and they promote them. They promote their failures. It’s a huge, huge difference. But I know what you’re trying to say and your instincts are right on the money with it.

Sarah Palin never got anything wrong? If we assume that Limbaugh was just talking about the 2008 campaign, here is a short and very partial list of the things Palin got wrong according to Game Change:

– She thought the queen is the actual head of the U.K. government, not just a figurehead. She had no idea there was something called the prime minister.

– She didn’t know what “the Fed” is, as in the Federal Reserve System.

– She had to be filled in on the history of World War I and World War II, and Germany’s involvement in them.

– She knew zilch about Lehman Brothers’ spiral, and not much about the country’s economic collapse in general.

– She kept insisting on calling her opponent “Joe O’Biden.”

– Most shockingly of all, she confused North and South Korea.

During the 2008 campaign, Palin also thought that the vice president literally made day to day policy and ran the senate.

Palin also demonstrated that she was an “energy expert” who knew absolutely nothing about energy policy. Palin also believes that Sputnik ended communism, and who can forget her classic mangling of Paul Revere’s Ride?

Sarah Palin wasn’t given the boot off the main conservative stage because she embarrassed a few people. Palin was given the hook because she was laughably wrong about almost everything. (We’re talking beyond Dick Morris level wrong.) Since Limbaugh is also wrong about nearly everything on a daily basis, it isn’t a surprise that he was defending Palin.

To Limbaugh, Palin is the ideal Republican. They are cut from the same cloth. Sarah Palin was so wrong so often that she got booted off of Fox News. The same fate hopefully awaits Rush Limbaugh and his radio show.

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