Republican Support for Sarah Palin Plunging in Polls

Sarah Palin fares badly in latest poll
Sarah Palin fares badly in latest poll

Happy New Year, America. Your country is recovering its sanity.

Yes, it’s true. After a rough two years of Palinitis stained by winning Politifacts’ Lie of Year award among other ignoble distinctions, it appears that even Republicans are mournfully unclenching their stubborn fists from around Palin’s star bursts. A new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was conducted December 17-19 and it turns out that support for Ms Palin is nose-diving among Republicans. She has, in fact, lost 18% of her support since 2008 among Republicans. Sigh. Our country may be spared a civil war in 2012. Finally, the Republicans are doing something for America!

CNN Political Ticker reports:

“Among liberal Democrats, 85 percent say they want to see the party re-nominate Obama in 2012,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Among moderate Democrats, his support is almost that high.”

In the battle for the GOP presidential nomination, the survey suggests Palin may have some work to do if she throws her hat in the ring. Only 49 percent of Republicans say that they are likely to support Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008 for the Republican nomination in 2012.

“That’s a huge 18-point drop since December of 2008, when two-thirds of GOPers said they were likely to support Palin. It also puts her well behind potential rivals Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, and a bit behind Newt Gingrich as well,” adds Holland.”

Republicans’ dreams that Ronnie had come back to them in a skirt are dying a tedious, painful death, during which we are all being subjected to Palin’s media blitz until even the sight of her makes us weary. Palin refused to do the work necessary to be taken seriously and cashed in on her fame to make money and in doing so, she mismanaged her star power if she has political ambitions.

Oh, that’s right. I left out that OTHER part of the poll. President Obama enjoys a comfy 85% support from liberal Democrats and 78% of Democrats questioned in the poll want the President to run in 2012. Only 19% would like another nominee to replace the President.

Oh, dear. I’m glad I’m not anywhere near Wasilla right now. I’m afraid I can hear tin cans hitting a refrigerator from my kitchen window. And here the Conservatives for Palin were working so hard on their talking points about how Ms Palin had held elected office longer than President Obama (if you discounted his Presidency and included the City Council for Palin), because we all know how well the talking point of “executive experience” went over in 2008, why not try it again, even after the President has been…well…like the President for two years. Yes, this makes sense.

If you have any Republican friends with a Palin 2012 bumper sticker on their car, remember to be kind today. Dreams of the faithful die hard and Palin was hailed as the God chosen candidate for the evangelical right, so this has to hurt. I just can’t imagine how God can be so wrong, can you?

However, just because Republicans don’t like her doesn’t mean she can’t utilize the Tea Party to her advantage in the primaries and Ms Palin is known for working best with strong opposition from within her own Party, so there may be some hope to cling to here for the die hard Palin fans. I do hope someone assists them in their talking points, though, as re-litigating 2008 is not bound to be effective with any but the Kool-Aid drinkers.

Happy New Year, America. Looks like you might have managed to “take your country back” after all.

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  1. As a liberal, I hope she runs so other liberals can purposely vote for her in the primaries. Voting for Obama in the Democrat primaries is pointless, so liberals should be wise to vote for the weakest Republican candidate. If she becomes the Republican nominee, it will all but guarantee Obama’s reelection.

    Check out Their purpose is exactly what I stated. They even have a state-by-state primary voting guide that lists whether states are open or closed. If a state is closed, it links to the appropriate forms to change party affiliation.

  2. I’ve noticed over the past couple of days – with all the third-stringers on the teevee machine – more and more (including Dana Perino subbing for Greta) are doing everything but saying outright that Snowbilly Grifter has zero chance and the Rethugs in general have little chance of beating Obama.

    Yes, indeedy, we may have our country back – the Teabaggers will spend the next several months screaming when they find out what the Rethugs have in mind for their “entitlements”.

  3. I am sure this poll was taken at Fox news that it would come a little bit different. But at the same time if I was Sarah it would be a tremendous badge of shame to know that you are behind Newt Gingrich who was running on the hate ticket.

    Can you imagine if Barack Obama had got a show on television prior to his elections whining about how people don’t like his family and talking about those nasty birthers? she turned her television show into a whine-fest. Anyone can see that, except those who follow her. It’s no wonder the people don’t like her. I think it is all going to be as we have discussed before, the men in the blue Republican suits will tolerate her until they decide to cook her.

  4. Seems to me Ms Palin has something on the old lizard, no? I mean, besides the Tea Party. Maybe just his dignity that she stole, but it seems like he’s terrified of her these days. Course, that might be a reasonable reaction….

  5. Incredibly bad bad idea. Its not out of the realm of possibilities she she would get elected. You have far too much faith in the US that they wouldn’t vote for her- and one good viable 3rd party candidate and your plan backfires spectacularly. This potato head should be kept as far from the presidency as possible.

  6. I agree having Palin as president would be horrible. However, it is better to have Obama as president instead of Huckabee or Romney. Therefore, as a liberal, for whom would you vote in your primary? Casting a vote for Obama is a waste, so you might as well vote for the weakest, most divisive opponent.

    Palin consistently polls about 10 to 20 points lower than Obama (Summary of polls: Even the latest poll on that page includes a third party (Bloomberg), and Obama still trounces Palin 42% – 31% – 18%.

  7. I’ve always likened watching Palin like watching the KitKat commerical five times in a row. The awful noise you hear at first of someone breaking the bar and then crunching it catches your attention. But after four more times you want to bound to the television and crank the volume down everytime it appears.

    Or, my favorite made up saying: “Everytime Sarah Palin opens her mouth, I think: what a nice place to pour some concrete.”

  8. I was a die-hard republican – I was starting to switch because of George W, and his fiscal irresponsibility, but changed because McCain chose Palin. Palin believes the world started 6,000 years ago. Vastly ignorant. Hope she does not run, because if she does, I’ll have to actually get involved in the political process to make sure we don’t have an intellect on the level of fungus as president.

  9. Thank you Sarah. Since you brought your non-stop presidential commerical with TLC every week we get to see the real Sarah Palin. You betcha she loves being dumb and being nasty. Who wants that for president? Always being nasty and if something someones says she’ll come out yelling man up. She has no class.

  10. Aw shucks, you mean the “reality” teevee show didn’t put SP back on top? Mebbe her fans couldn’t count that high on the teevee remote thingee.
    Also too, mebbe it’s time for another book — this one with pictures on every page. And a “bus” tour. Connect with the peoples, y’know?
    How ’bout a Palin line of Snuggies? Gotta be some fans amongst that crowd there. His ‘n hers so’s ya kin all be just like Sarah and the First Dude.

  11. Javier
    No! libs should not vote for her in the primaries! Do you not see what has happened in AK b/c of THAT harebrained scheme of progressives voting for Jackwagon Joe MILLER?
    If AK had just voted McAams & Lisa, well Lisa prob would of won, but not this SNAFU that is NOW! And That is exactly why palin won as gov b/c the progressives used that HAREBRAINED scheme to not get her as gov, and it BACKFIRED and yet those SAME progressives yapping on Blogs & radio did the same damn thing! They don’t learn?
    You must be a teabagger to even suggest such a dumbassed idea.
    Better the R’s like Rove take her Ass out as soon as she starts, let those skeletons tumble right on out of the Big closet of her! That’s my NY Wish :D

  12. You do realize that the sum of all this is a net plus for the GOP, right? As Javier points out, if Palin has no chance then the GOP candidate, whoever it may be, has a very good chance of beating a very weak Obama. Make no mistake, he already ha a reputation in the media of being Jimmy Carter the second and that will only get worse if they stand him beside that Clark Kent lookalike Mitt Romney.

    Anyone who *wants* President Obama to be re-elected needs to pray for a Palin resurgence.

  13. Ok, now I know you are a RWNJ. Obama is not going to lose to Mitten’s or Huckbee so get a fricken grip.

  14. I think it goes both ways, he knows about her faked preg ETC. and she pays hush money to his campaign and endorses him also, too…she caught hell for that from some of her bots, wanted her to endorse a teabagger.
    I haven’t really seen the “old senile one” give her campaign $$$?
    I think he’s got some secrets about her, too late since he was impulsive and lazy and didn’t vet her, but when Cindy Lou won’t kick down Sister sarah will…heh! 8)

  15. Lol I see the rwnj are here. Go read the Obama post Matt. No the gop doesn’t stand a good chance against Obama.sorry. they got nothing so far.

  16. I have seen this decline in Republican support for Palin coming for some time now. On other forums, there have been Republicans criticizing her harshly, especially women. Back in 2008, a number of prominent Republicans like Julie Nixon Eisenhower and Colin Powell made no secret of the fact that they endorsed Obama. In fact, Susan Eisenhower, a granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower, expressed disgust with Palin. While there have always been some Republicans who like Palin, there were others who held their noses to vote for McCain and her, while there were still others who either voted for Obama and Biden or didn’t vote at all. The more people are exposed to Palin, the less they like her. That’s because all that is unappealing about her comes out in a way that cannot be denied or ignored. In the more than 2 years she has been on the national scene, she is just as ignorant, divisive, irresponsible, obnoxious, and tiresome as she was in 2008. If you take the first letter of each of these adjectives, you have the word idiot which most aptly describes her.

  17. She’s simply a tool. She is so embarrassingly bad a potential candidate for the presidency that when another candidate (like Gingrich or even Jindal) step up, even the GOP will be proud to cast a vote.

    She’s just a noise machine opening for the main attraction. Pay attention to who is in the wings.

  18. This idea behind makes sense. Based on recent polls, Obama is essentially in statistical ties in theoretical head-to-head matchups with Romney, and he barely beats Huckabee. However, he consistently polls 10-20 points better than Palin. It just makes sense to influence the primaries so Palin is the nominee. Purposely nominating Palin is a bit of an Occam’s Razor, but the chances of her actually winning the presidency are so low that the risk would be worth it to essentially guarantee Obama another four years.

    While the website could be a cover for Palin supporters, I doubt this is the case. All of the blog posts have been highly critical of her.

  19. Dani,

    You are correct – even the Faux Noise talkers will not speculate about the Rethuggery Obstructionist Party of Teabagging Fewls – they KNOW they have NO CHANCE – who do they plan to run?

  20. Dani: They are just pointing out that a weaker Palin (among her Republican support base) is bad news for Democrats in 2012. It means she is less likely to get nominated and it means Huckabee/Romney is more likely to get nominated. As recent polls have shown, Romney is essentially in a statistical tie with Obama and Huckabee barely loses to Obama.

    There is a near zero chance that Palin would defeat Obama. The proof is in all of the recent polls (a great snapshot of polls is here: ) that say 60% of Americans would not even consider voting for her. Independents are widely against voting for her.

  21. The 2010 AK Senate race is a great example of what would happen if Palin runs for president in 2012 — she is Joe Miller. She gets nominated by feverent supporters, but then the majority of the voters are so repulsed by her that they come out in force to vote against her. Sure, it would be scary to have her so close to the presidency, but it won’t happen because the majority of Americans hate her (in recent polls, 60% of Americans say they won’t even consider voting for her).

    Joe Miller lost spectacularly to a candidate who won based on write-in votes. That is only the second time in the history of Senate races that a candidate won from write-in votes. If that doesn’t tell you how repulsed the majority of Alaskans were about Joe Miller, I don’t know what will tell you that.

    Alaska is a microcosm of what would happen across the US if Palin were the Republican nominee. The idea is pretty good. I hope Palin runs so their plan works.

  22. What we really need is for the GOP to come back to moderate part of the spectrum and nominate a smart, experienced leader. We deserve that much. We don’t need someone who abandoned her office due to either avoidance of an ethics scandal or to selfishly seek even higher office. Even before Palin opens her mouth, she should be disqualified on the basis of quitting the Governorship of Alaska alone!

    C’mon, GOP, wake up and give us a real leader to vote for

  23. Well, we see who is “dumb and nasty” – it is the radical left. Sarah Palin would do a vastly better job as president than Barack Obama. Plain and simple. And if she got elected, that would be so entertaining to watch the left-wing hatemongers and filth-spewers go ballistic – hatemongers like Keith Olbermann, Aaron Sorkin, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Sandra Bernhart, Kathy Griffin, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, etc.

    The 2012 election is still almost 2 years away. Anything can happen.

  24. Bo Gritz said it best, “When you’re catching flak, that means you’re right on target.” Sarah might be “down home”, but her message is liberty and individual responsibility, all things that the liberals just hate! She must be discredited at all cost and no better way than poking fun at her. The libs just can’t wait for big government to rob from the “rich” productive folks and pass it all out to them. They’ll vote for that!!

  25. Would you vote for anyone of the REAL HOUSEWIVES from the reality programs as President of the United States? Of course not.
    That’s how simple this discussion should end. But. of course, it doesn’t.
    No-one heard of Sarah Palin, (outside of Alaska), until John McCain selected her as his VP candidate in his run for the Presidency.
    When she first appeared, I remember thinking: Thank God, women still have an opportunity in politics since I thought Hilary Clinton’s aggressiveness was sometimes abrasive.
    Palin looked nice, was a fresh face. I actually had high hopes.
    And then the interviews happened. Qualified veterans of journalism – up to thirty years. Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, many others. Simple ,unbiased questions. No tricks. Simple questions. Watch the Youtubes. She wasn’t set up or tricked or manipulated. No liberal machinations. Lamestream media actually does NOT exist. Lamestream = Palin’s version of reporters who wont edit her nonsense to make her look good ,or ask the questions that she wrote the answers to on her hands.
    Palin was the deer in the headlights in those real media interviews. Palin rambled, babbled, Yoda-talked (Throw the cow over the fence some hay). Stupidity reared its head out of her Gucci dress. The election landslided in Obama’s favor, and partly due to the fact that McCain had chosen a political, historical and constitutional birdbrain as his running mate. Someone that everyone, including myself, feared being a heartbeat away from having their hand on “the button”. I wondered how, in fact, did McCain make his choice? He certainly couldn’t have talked to her. His managers couldn’t have fully vetted her. That would have stopped them all at the get-go. Maybe he thought a young woman who looked good would be enough to get him in office and no one would talk to her and find out she was … well.. uneducated and not fluent in the english language.
    Well, as we all know, she opened her mouth. I mean YIKES.
    When McCain lost, we heard about the inside fighting about the concession speech because Palin, having tasted the national limelight, wanted to break tradition and add a few words after McCain conceded. She thought “HER public’ deserved that. The self-absorbed vanity of this moment should be studied, because it reveals EVERYTHING about this woman.
    That she had became a national joke, a cartoon on SNL, the face of the word “moron” in political dictionaries, didn’t abate her bloodthirst for fame. She is the Mad Magazine version of the AntiChrist. A religious fanatic wanting to unite religion and politics like a new Holy Roman empire. She’s a bigot, a fearmonger, a devout gaybasher, spiteful and spatful , wrapped in a designer dress with the vocabulary and mind of a fifth grader, thinking she’d look good in the White House because it matches her dress.
    After the election, I think everyone, both parties, thought and hoped this unpleasant experience of the failure of the American educational system would disappear and take her nerve-jarring banshee of a voice with her back to her, also, failing governorship in Alaska. And disappear forever.
    I remember flipping thru the channels and stumbling upon the FOX network with Greta Van Susteren riding with Palin back on the trip to Alaska. I listened for ten minutes before I could tolerate the whining no more. The blame was everyone elses. The problem was everyone elses. Palin was not at fault. Everyone else was. (A theme that would be the music of her future life.) I ,also, remember thinking with a moment of relief, thank goodness this raging narcissist whiner would never be heard of again. I do not exaggerate. I kept thinking how can Greta sit there and talk to this “thing’ (with that horrible voice ) as she cursed everyone else for her failure and not regurgitate. The woman was vile, petty, vain and vengeful. (Perfect for Real Housewives!)
    Then, with a sudden abruptness Palin QUIT her governorship while under fire for numerous political ‘problems”. She abandoned a seat she was elected to. She dismissed it with a wave of her french manicure and said, ” I have better things to do. I’m a Star.”
    I remember how stunned all the political reporters were. UNTIL… she was hired by the FOX network as a political correspondent.
    I actually laughed when I heard that because I said to my friends, ” that’s like hiring the kid who flunked math to teach calculus.” Until that moment I hadn’t really thought or questioned any of the FOX networks’ practices because I rarely watched it. But this.. this.. was black comedy..I actually thought someone at FOX was drinking or hitting a bong on this decision. This was, for a lack of better words, now a FREAKSHOW. Who the hell would choose an incompetent, political featherweight who QUIT her own office and helped lose a national election… as a political correspondent? It became the FOX Network/ Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
    Obviously.. obviously she is the punchline to a joke.

  26. So, how do you explain the fact that many Republicans are turning away from her? You are falling into the trap of assuming that the disapproval of Palin comes only from the left. The fact is that in the more than 2 years since Palin came on the national scene, she has been thoroughly vetted and found sorely lacking. She has done nothing to alter her image of willful ignorance, and has a well-deserved reputation for being divisive. I love how her defenders make her out to be a victim of smears, when she does a good job on her own of smearing others. The fact that she has such a negative image is entirely her own doing. This is a woman whose 47th birthday is just around the corner
    (February 11), whose ignorance about national and international affairs is legendary. Because of her insatiable need for attention, she continues to put herself out there, commenting on issues when she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. That has caused her to be a laughingstock nationally and internationally. She is also vindictive, mean-spirited, and a sore loser which she constantly proves with her venomous criticism of the President and the First Lady. In the extremely unlikely event that she ever became president, those singing her praises now would find themselves singing an entirely different tune if that came to pass. As time goes by, the false equivalency her supporters try to draw between her and the President become more and more laughable. It’s a prime example of grasping at straws.

  27. “…vile, petty, vain and vengeful…”

    That describes Joy Behar, Kathy Griffin, Sandra Bernhart, Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann to a T.

    Considering all the bogus ethics allegations that were being leveled at her after the 2008 election, it’s understanable why she resigned. Legal bills would have probably hit the $10 million mark by the time her term would have been over, and the Palin haters would have found nothing.

  28. Well, since she became a “celebrity,” we have learned all we need to know about her, and much more. I have to laugh at the defenders who still think it’s only Democrats and liberals who don’t like her. As far as being “petty” is concerned, someone who criticizes others for using teleprompters while reading notes from her hand–or using teleprompters herself–definitely comes off as petty. Criticizing the First Lady for trying to address the problem of obesity among American kids, while evoking a false narrative of government interference, is both vile and petty. As far as “finding nothing” about Palin is concerned, she has given us all plenty of ammunition.

    I find it both funny and ironic that the charges leveled against her in Alaska came mostly from fellow Republicans in her state. She seems to be ethically challenged even from what we’ve learned about her on a national scale, as she is cited for the biggest political lie of 2009, namely her vile assertions about
    “Death Panels.” Her being ethically challenged is also illustrated in the way she smears others, while whining about being smeared herself. It’s amazing that a woman of nearly 47 succeeds in inducing others to look at her as this poor, put-upon little woman who’s done nothing wrong.

  29. You New World Order stooges don’t get it. The Democrats have been mindless zombies willing to sell their freedoms for the empty promises of a Marxist utopia ever since WW2. The Repubics have been pushing this NWO crap down our throats since Bush sr. Sarah gets it, and we’re going to run the Rinos out or go 3rd party. You NWO scum can fight over whats left of the GOP and the Democraps.

  30. Yes, Sarah had to get a person to run the city when she was elected Mayor. She couldnt handle Governor. She has no knowledge of anything she tweets or puts on her facebook page.

    I think you are the one that doesnt get it, Sarah has no platform, no knowledge of how government works, no knowledge of our history, no knowledge of our constitution and no solutions. And you fell for it

  31. AFM, well said. Especially after yesterday’s trajedy in Arizona. The hate machine at work again. Frankly, I’m sick of this hollow brain traveling the country and the globe talking trash on our government! It does nothing but hurt America. She’s made her millions, now she should just stay in Alaska, out of the media. I wouldn’t buy one of her books, or watch her “reality” show because I won’t contribute one penny to this BS.

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