Sarah Palin Calls Obama Nauseating, America Replies the Feeling’s Mutual

Sarah Palin surfaced on Sean Hannity’s show tonight to call President Obama a nauseating liar. One look at Palin’s poll numbers reveals that the feeling is mutual.

Here is the video from Mediaite:

Buried amongst Palin’s faux Fox Obama outrage and self victimization was this nugget,

I hope his daughters never after go through what he allows and even I believe helps perpetuate what other women go through. He the president as the leader of these attackers, and these attackers trying to invalidate somebody’s record and reputation, and what they stand for by diminishing them via these horrible attacks. I hope these family members don’t have to go through that. You don’t wish it on your worst enemy.

But you know at this point President Obama has proven himself to be one that’s just all talk. He’s no person that actually walks the walk. He talks the talk about civility, and about fairness and ethics, and yet he is the leader of those unfair and disgusting attacks on people he just happens to politically disagree with. I think it’s disgusting, and at this point, you know with all due respect to the office of the presidency, when I hear Barack Obama speak at this point, especially when he lectures about ethics and civility, it’s nauseating to me.

As governor of Alaska Sarah Palin had no less than 15 ethics complaints filed against her, plus the Troopergate scandal where Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power.

In 2011, on the very same Fox News program, Sarah Palin sided with Donald Trump on Obama’s birth certificate, “Well first, I do have respect for Donald Trump and his candidness. I think people are craving that today in the world of political speak that we’re coming out the White House, and the confusing messages coming from our politicos. We appreciate that Donald Trump is so candid. Donald Trump is the one being really treated unfairly, I’d say though in the press, when they’re hammering him about the one issue that he has brought up, and not been shy about and that’s the birth certificate.”

Speaking of attacks on families, this is the same Sarah Palin who attacked Michelle Obama’s breast feeding campaign.

Most of all, it is hilarious to watch Palin mount her high horse and try to make President Obama unpopular, when she has set disapproval ratings that may never be touched. After her Paul Revere debacle, Palin’s approval rating fell to 24%. (Barack Obama’s is currently 56%.) Palin has at numerous times over the past two years been the most hated political figure in the country. She held her position as America’s most disliked politician without challenge until Mitt Romney recently replaced her.

One look at her poll numbers tells you all you need to know.

If Sarah Palin is nauseated by Barack Obama, America feels the same way about Sarah Palin.

60 Replies to “Sarah Palin Calls Obama Nauseating, America Replies the Feeling’s Mutual”

  1. You know it’s pretty bad when Fox news has to lower themselves to get people like Sarah Palin to come on and slam the President because no one else will.

  2. Oh, man, I can’t seem to stop laughing. Palin is the last person who should be calling someone else a liar. Not only is Palin a liar, but she’s dumb as a post. Fox can have as many GOP shills as it wants come on the network to blast the ads that the president and the PACs that support him are running. It won’t change a thing, and they know know it because the ads are based on facts. They’re upset because the president and left-leaning PACs are beating them over the head by showing how corrupt they are, and they’re having trouble eating their peas and carrots.

  3. I spy Rachel Maddow glasses. And no, that doesn’t put humpty back together again or make her seem smart. Nothing, in fact, could make her seem smart except not talking.

  4. So it’s just fine and not ‘nauseating’ at all when right wing politicians paa around racist jokes, pictures and call for the death of our President, but a PAC that the President by LAW has no control over, tells the truth about their candidate, and suddenly they are just sick that any liberal could be so bold as to call out a man’s record? I am sick that it has taken Democrats so long to make the GOP ‘sick.’ Usually we stand back and let them lie and cheat and ride their high horses. About damn time we beat them at their own games. THAT is what is really making Sarah sick…that and her lack of a proper diet.

  5. What the hell was she even talking about with that first part? She has the IQ of a cow patty. Curious that she’s doing the younger look thing lately. Must have read something that said she looked rather old and haggard. Boom – take that Super PAC moolah and buy herself a new face!

  6. Wow, Mittens;s campaign/surrogates are back to this one already??? From Ms. Pallin’ Around With Terrorists herself no less!

    See Puggies, not so fun when someone actually hits back, is it?

    Also, too, also—-I think Snowtard Snooki’s panties are in a twist cause

    A) no one liked the outfit she wore for her audition as Frenchie in all GOP bimbo production of “Grease”.

    B) Her new BFF (and Christine O’Donnel replacement), Sarah Steelman, didn’t even get a role in the chorus, despite Palin’s help (and Frankenstein hooker shoes). So now Caribou Barbie might not get to speak at the big Puggie Homecoming Dance!

  7. I couldn’t understand her blather either. I understand, though, that a water bra isn’t much good for breast feeding.

  8. So Sarah Palin brings up the President’s children thinking that will endear her to somebody?

    She must have forgotten that it was Barack Obama who stopped all and any campaign talk about her pregnant 17 year old daughter.

    Sarah’s response was to put that 17 year old in the middle of a media campaign

    “Let me be as clear as possible,” Obama said. “I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president.”

    Obama said reporters should “back off these kinds of stories” and noted that he was born to an 18-year-old mother.

  9. I kept wondering what she’s trying to hide with those glasses.

    Also, she’s breathing pretty heavy, it’s almost like she’s excited to get the chance to bash the President a good one.

    She sucks and I can’t stand her. She is one evil bitch.

  10. The citizen from Alaska will go back to her old glasses, you can see the reflection of the teleprompter in these new ones.

  11. Sadly, I watched his interview. She seemed a little farther out there than normal, she was aloof almost looked high.

  12. This Super Pac Ad is scaring the heck out of the GOP! Because it’s catching the attention of ‘The Angry White Man’…those who the GOP are concentrating like crazy on!

    Here’s a great Reich link that explains ‘Private Equity Partnerships’
    “How Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich?”.
    It helps understand and see through the propaganda:

    Also, a new Obama Ad…that’s terrific:

    The New Tax Calculator

    p.s Obama’s Winning!

  13. Sarah Palin must realize she has zero credibility and certainly Fox News does. They must be having a boring day and needed Palin’s nonsense to pump them up. Unbelieveable! This is the “death panel” and “I can see Russia from my front porch” lady, among other foot-in-mouth comments!

    Go home Ms. Palin. Your services are no longer needed. Dick Cheyney got it right. Palin was a mistake — a huge one!

  14. I don’t think that making threats (even on such an unpleasant person as Palin) on a public forum is a very wise idea. Perhaps you should reconsider.

  15. More of the same old same old same old from Sarah Hollywood. Still can’t get over that Barack won’t call her and neither will Glen Rice. Maybe a new wig, bigger water bra and more clothes from Piper’s closet will help.

  16. What is ‘NAUSEATING’ is the fact that while she was a candidate for V.P., her husband was accused of running a Prostitution Ring. Also it seems that age 17 is the normal age for pregnancies in the Palin Family(Willow and Bristol). Why don’t any of the Palin kids graduate from High School with their classmates? Why are they sent away from school with ‘MONO’? How many crimes have been covered up for the Palins?

  17. Doesn’t the Quitter from Wasilla just slay you.

    Wow. This woman has no conscience at all. This woman has NO class at all!

    I have never in my life heard so many people disrespect a president like our Pres. Obama…and Palin is the R Party’s “star hater.” on Pres. O.

    Palin just doesn’t have any brains left what little she did have.

    Palin should be thrown in jail for b a d acting.

  18. Yes. Palin IS looking pretty bad…like a guy in drag.

    On her last interview, she was wearing a very hideous long hairpiece that was just hideous. What in the H was she thinking? I suppose hubby ,Todd, who works the camera and tends to her hair and look from their home studio in Wasilla, told her she looked just great. Poor Sarah, she will believe anything due to her low intelligence .
    Did anyone catch that? Wow. She is becoming such a mess.

    Palin’s hatred just keeps oozing out..Must be that old hag, look that is doing it.

  19. I’ll just bet moosehead is nauseated. PObama is a winner and we’re going forward and she’s stuck hawking her damn hate products on pigslop tv.

  20. Sarah “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille” Palin is a lost ass braying in the wilderness. Everybody hears her, but nobody cares……and that’s what really nauseates her.

  21. The only thing Sarah Palin was ever qualified to run for was that order of chicken wings with a side a fries.

  22. She’s just the kind of person who would say such a thing and reveals much more herself than about Obama when she does.

  23. Someone should tell the Quitter that stupid, screeching, bitter and crazy is no way to go through life.

    Sarah can’t stand that the President just was never gonna give her a nod–about anything. I remember when the poor wretch was literally shooting spit out her her mouth in rage during the BP oil spill in the Gulf. It seems she really went feral about some phone calls that weren’t returned to her from the WH . . . I laughed long and hard over that one.

    And frankly, if we want to ask someone about having an overwhelming need to hurl—we’ll ask Todd. He probably is in close proximity some days to a small anorexic, Botoxed woman who is rotting with hate from inside. And that is truly nauseating.

  24. WTF was she talking about? She said something about atrophy and
    then rambled w/ some sort of gibberish that made zero sense.

    BTW I loved the books, glasses, and her new hair too.

  25. I think what really bothers her is that they (GOP) lost to a black man. One who has more class in the tip of his little finger than she does in her whole body. That just sticks in her craw and fills her with hate till she can’t breath.

  26. Why are they bitching about campaign ads done by superPACs who can’t collaborate with the candidate,
    when romney is doing the same thing. Hell he even had a closed-door affair with Rove and others putting money into the PACs. Tell me romney is not in bed with those idiots. Palin is a disgusting bitch who raises whores in her own family. When is America going to toss this piece of trash and her whole family into the crap-heep?

  27. If anyone has ever wondered what people mean by the term trailer trash, I think it most represents what Sarah Palin and her crowd most represent, a group of proudly ignorant racists, that think if they can put someone down, either by race or economic division, that some how lifts their pathetic lives above others. Sarah is a most extreme example of packaging hate and racism, and some naturally gifted stupidity in a nice little political hate machine, you have to give her credit, the only way to make people hate you as much as they do Sarah, would be to drown a bag of puppies and kittens. So she is a superstar of hate speech and blatant lies. No wonder Republicans hold her in such high esteem, She is their Pretty little hate machine.

  28. Ah Rhonda, they couldn’t get any lower. That’s what Faux does. They bring on clowns like Palin, Coulter and others to rant and rave about The President. Funny thing is, she was all about Newt. Now she’s sniffin behind Mittins for a job. So pitiful she’s actually nauseating!

  29. “Now she’s sniffin behind Mittins for a job. So pitiful she’s actually nauseating!”

    She’ll never have a real job again. She’ll stay on the PAC dole. She’ll be begging til the end of her days. That is why they have so many reality show contestants in that family, because they are bums who won’t work “normal” bill-paying jobs. Too good and too fancy for that. They want to get paid to talk and giggle and look adorbs while their toddlers call them faggots.

  30. For the past four years I’ve said one thing about Snowbilly v. POTUS:

    Snowbilly Grifter is JEALOUS because our Beloved President of the United States of America will


    say her name…………EVER.


  31. Seriously! Posts have feelings too~!

    One more time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, a republican says something before thinking back to when they have done the exact thing they’re projecting. About Obama, she said “He talks the talk about civility, and about fairness and ethics, and yet he is the leader of those unfair and disgusting attacks on people he just happens to politically disagree with.” and think………..Limbaugh…..Fluke. Their stupidity never fails to make me laugh out loud!

  32. Believe me, subtitles won’t help. Try reading a transcript. Nothing, not even imagination, can make sense of it.

  33. Absolutely amazing that this woman was (supposedly) a journalism major. I didn’t realize colleges gave classes in “How to Speak Word Salad.” What in the world did she say (other than President Obama is the most-evil person in the 6,000-year history of the entire world)? (And he used to beat the dinosaurs he rode back then–a gay, Muslim, Kenyan, socialist, commie tradition.)

  34. I have never ever seen a person that is so jealous of another person like Sarah Palin is with President Obama. She just can’t get pass the black man in the white house beat her. She wants her revenge one way or other. The more she talks bad about Obama the more nasty and mean spirted she comes off.

  35. talk about nauseating.. was nauseating just listening what Palen spued out off her mouth,,arnt the republickns imbaresed by her,,, but then they dont seemed to be imbaresed,,,by rush laimbrain

  36. But’cha’know…when she walks the walk, she usually has to say “Oh officer, I didn’t know I couldn’t stand here…what’s that? Pick another corner to talk the talk? OK, I’m moving, I’m moving…” as she grumbles away, sippin’ on her bendy straw, about how hard it is to make a livin’ as a victim of the system…

  37. Congratulations to all the truth tellers on thissite. I don’t watch Fox because of their “policies”. So far as Pale-in is concerned if her nose gets any bigger sho won’t be able to stick it into anyones’ business Between Romney’s tax tales and palins’they can host a the TV show, long gone “TO TELL THE TRUTH”)

  38. Nauseating doesn’t even begin to describe Sarah Palin. I can’t even stand the sound of her voice. She’s an idiot who has been told for too long by people even stupider than her that she has something useful to say. When is she going to go away?

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