Rush Limbaugh Accuses Those Who Celebrate DADT Repeal of Hating the Military

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh accused anyone who celebrated the repeal of DADT of hating the military. Limbaugh asked, “By the way, isn’t it revealing my friends, the same people who have only shown hatred and contempt for the US military are the ones celebrating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a great historic accomplishment?”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “By the way, isn’t it revealing my friends, the same people who have only shown hatred and contempt for the US military are the ones celebrating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a great historic accomplishment? So much irony in all of this, if we’re not going to call it the Pfc. Bradley Manning Act, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. What are we going to call it, gays in the military, show and tell?”

Here is a video portrait by Jo Ann Santangelo of gay and lesbian soldiers who were kicked out of the military under DADT. As you watch this, keep in mind that these are some of the people who are celebrating the repeal of the policy. These are also the faces of the people who Rush Limbaugh claimed hate the military.

Proud to Serve from Jo Ann Santangelo on Vimeo.

The people in the video above hate the military so much that they are willing to do something that Rush Limbaugh isn’t. They were willing to risk their lives for their country. Gay and lesbian soldiers and the supporters of the repeal of DADT should never be compared to Bradley Manning, the solider currently facing charges in relation to the leaking of government secrets to Wikileaks. Rush Limbaugh is the betrayer of the freedoms that this country stands for, not the men and women who are willing to die for them.

Limbaugh’s comments are important because they highlight the fact that although DADT has been repealed, the forces of bigotry and hate remain strong. Limbaugh also gave us a preview of how socially conservative Republicans plan to use this issue in 2012. To the social and religious conservative, the repeal of DADT is an opportunity to revive the culture wars, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will try to use gays in the military as both a wedge issue and a call of repeal of the repeal to activate their base and get them to the polls.

What Rush Limbaugh’s remarks also highlight is the generational divide on this issue. Limbaugh and his audience are old white America. These are the same people who blocked the repeal of DADT for almost two decades. They don’t understand that the world around them has changed. The attitude of the younger generation about homosexuality is different. To the vast majority of Americans, DADT didn’t make sense. To them, there is nothing dangerous or treasonous about allowing gay soldiers to serve.

People like Limbaugh and Sen. John McCain don’t hate America. They hate that America is changing. They think that they are fighting against gays in the military, but in reality they are engaged in a losing battle against change. Resistance to change has long been a tent pole of conservative thought. This is why Tea Partiers wanted “their country back,” and it is why Sarah Palin talks about the mythic “real America.”

The truth that these people refuse to accept is that “their country” is gone, and “Real America” never existed. Those buzzwords are a mere expression of the conservative desire to return to the past, but America has moved forward, and no amount of hate and intolerance discussed faux patriotism from the voice of Rush Limbaugh can defeat the inertia of progress.

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  1. I hope that the Republicans to use don’t ask don’t tell in 2012. It’s obvious that the majority of the country wanted it changed, it’s obvious that the majority of the military didn’t have any problem with it, and it’s obvious that the Republicans will come up shorthanded on this.

    The Republicans are catching on to the fact that there are a great many young people who are entering their party and don’t have any problem with people getting abortions and don’t have any problem with gay people. They are going to end up alienating everyone except the old crowd that hangs around at the teapot.

    I don’t know of anyone who hates the military. I hate the fact that we need a military. I hate the fact that when you go to war terrible things and illegal things happen. I hate the fact that the military gets away with most of them. But given the fact that there are already a large number of gays in the military serving on the front line it sounds to me like Rush is just trying to create dissent among the relatively few people that he has left. hatemongering and lying is what he does best.

    How much do you love the military Mr. Limbaugh? If you love the you would go along with what the top commanders of the military said about it being okay for this to happen. All you are doing is putting yourself in the position of being the commander-in-chief and you’re a worthless one at that

  2. I have done plenty of work with and for the military. I support the troops in the ways that I can (not just a bumper sticker). I’ll bet I’ve spent more time on base than Rush ever has. I’ll bet I know more about the challenges our troops face in Iraq and Afghanistan than Rush ever cared to know.

    At the same time, I did not support an illegal war. I’m unclear why Rush is unable to make that distinction. Being a war-monger is not the same as supporting the troops.

  3. I am not complacent about the supposed “generational divide” on anti-gay bigotry. A recent wave of anti-gay assaults, for example, were carried out by young persons.

  4. What a sugary-sick concoction of feel-goodism that article was. If you want to expose Rush’s words and his buffoonery, that’s one thing. But I don’t need some starry-eyed academic telling me everything I need to know about those mean old, crusty conservatives and how they betray “freedoms this country stands for”.

  5. and I don’t make decisions based on a wave of anti-gay assaults either. I believe that the majority of young people in this country are straight shooters. I believe that there is a increasing level of totally uneducated people too, the ones that do the anti-gay stuff. but the ones who are into politics and into their futures are really the ones who are intelligent enough to say I don’t care if someone is gay or not. And they don’t even have to be into politics to vote. while the curve is far slower than I want, I think anti-sentiment towards gays in young people is going away

  6. I would suggest that Limpballs really hates the military as he got a deferrment because of a boil on his ass !!!

  7. Sounds to me like you are insecure about your educational attainments!

    As for Limbaugh, you need to have a discussion with him about the “butt boil” that he used to escape serving in Vietnam. My brothers went. Where was he?

    This is not about Limbaugh, conservatives, or the military, really. It’s about depriving some Americans of their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.

    I doubt that many who are celebrating the repeal of DADT hate the military. I view it as necessary for our defense, but I would rather that our service persons not be sent into harm’s way because a certain segment of the American population feels the need to “flex” it’s muscles. I always keep in mind that our service persons are someone’s child, husband, wife, brother, sister, niece, nephew, etc. For me, they’re people, not pawns to deploy, serve, and then forget/neglect.

    Limbaugh must be the world’s most successful soothsayer if he can speak so definitively and say that those of us who are celebrating the repeal of DADT “hate” the military.

  8. Limbaugh is among those who pay lip service to the military in the form of bumper sticker slogans. Fortunately, he does not represent all older people, just those who are steeped in senseless bigotry.

    I hope that if the GOP is dumb enough to use this as an issue in cultural wars, it comes back to bite them in the worst way. Just like everyone else, gays do vote, and I hope they keep people like McCain and Kyl in mind in 2012.

  9. I bet you’d be wrong, Sarah Jones! You have no idea what Rush has done and continues to do for the Military and their families. Nor do you know about the respect he has for the Military and the mutual respect they extend to him. But your comments aren’t a surprise. What is funny is all the attacks the liberals do against the republicans about this DADT rule. You’re all aware, I’m sure, it was great, former President Bill Clinton who out this into place? But he’s not a racist, homophobe, no, that label is saved for Rush and republicans. What a joke!

  10. “It’s about depriving some Americans of their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.”

    That’s why the article focuses on people’s opinions of the move, not the move itself, right?

  11. These are the same type of people who were /are SURE that African Americans, women, and non-Christians would ruin the military. They’re all sick as well as being ANTI-American.

  12. Rush was AWOL on DADT leading up to the vote, as were many other talk radio phony patriots like Hannity and Beck. Rush has already said he embraces gay civil unions (like his liberal heroes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney) so he sees nothing immoral in gay behavior and thus in his heart agrees with the DADT repeal.

    Rush is really mostly a fiscal libertarian who masquerades as a conservative for rating. Ask yourself how often Rush or his other minions rage against social liberal Republicans – rarely, he carries their liberal water.

    We not only need a third (Tea) party for 2012 but we also are in desperate need for a new patriotic media that voices traditional values and American-first fiscal policies (end the outsourcing and cheap foreign labor scam).

  13. The reason that people don’t have to “realize” that Bill Clinton put it into place is because he had to compromise just to get that as Repubs wanted it to still just be completely illegal. You should remember your facts before spewing your hate so generically.

  14. Strangely enough, I know many gays that are staunch republicans. Guess their personal lives and how they are allowed to live them, aren’t that important to them in some cases. I don’t get it at all.

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