GOP Left In the Dust As Obama Gets All The Credit for Tax Cut Deal

According to the new CNN/Opinion Dynamics poll, confidence is growing among Americans that President Obama’s policies will move the nation in the right direction. 55% of those surveyed believe that Obama will lead us in the right direction compared to 51% who believe that Republican policies will lead the US in the WRONG direction. Most importantly, the poll revealed that Obama, not the GOP is being given the political credit for the tax cut deal.

According to the CNN poll, Obama’s job approval rating is still holding steady at 48%. His disapproval rating is down two points from last month to 48%. What has to be encouraging for Obama and the White House is the rebound in the confidence of the American people in Obama’s policies to lead the country in the right direction. The confidence in Obama to lead the country in the right direction is at its highest level since May. Just as important is the 7 point drop, down to 42%, in the belief that Obama’s policies will lead the nation in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, the Republican electoral victories in November have not translated into faith in GOP policies. 51% of those surveyed believed that Republican policies will lead America in the wrong direction. Only 44% felt that GOP policies would put America back on the right path. Advocacy on two particular issues damaged the Republicans. While 75% of those polled supported the Bush tax cut compromise, 62% opposed an extension of the tax cuts for those making over $250,000, and 59% opposed a reduction in the estate tax.

The parts of the compromise that Obama argued for have turned out to be the most popular parts of the bill. 89% favored tax cuts for people making less than $250,000. 76% favored extending unemployment benefits for the jobless, and 62% favored a one year reduction in the Social Security tax. While the tax cut deal appears to have cost the President a bit of support among liberals, his approval rating has fallen to 72% with them, among moderates his approval rating jumped to 60%.

What this means is that the drum of compromise that Obama has been beating for two years resonated with the American people. It turns that America was paying attention while Senate Republicans were obstructing everything last year. Republicans appear to be struggling to shed their Party of NO image, as Obama is seen as the force behind the compromise, and he is getting all of the political credit for the tax cut deal. The White House is more than happy to trade a small decline in liberal support for increased support from moderates. Since there are more moderates in the country than liberals, they are a key bloc of voters for Obama in 2012.

The other key point to be taken from this is that those on the left who forecasted that the tax cut compromise would equal political doom for Obama were completely wrong. No one is going to vote against Obama because he cut taxes. Politically this compromise is a windfall for Obama, and I believe that he is only beginning to see the benefits of his move to the middle. Obama could be heading into 2012 with high personal popularity (around 73%), and belief among voters that his policies are the right direction for America. Contrary to being doomed, President Obama looks to be putting himself in a great position to win a second term.

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  1. Christmas came early for us:-) I’m glad to see that Americans are not being duped and that Obama’s long term strategy of governing for the majority of Americans is being noticed. After Bush, this is a HUGE relief.

  2. I’ll have to say. I knew what had to be done as soon as the elections were over. I was very surprised at the position struck by the Dems still in the lame duck session. When the President struck this deal, you can call it anything you want but it was a recognition of the position they were in. He was in a lose lose situation and the ONLY way to turn it in anything resembling his (Dems) favor was to do precisely what he did.

    I have always said Obama’s inexperience has been taken advantage of by the seasoned Politicians on the Democratic side, interested in doing little more than using his popularity to further a radical agenda. One that in the end turned out to be TOO radical. And in the end, their arrogance almost delivered a death blow to an already severely challenged Presidency.

    I scored this one straight up for the President when I first learned he had reached a compromise on extending the current tax structure. I have seen nothing to change my mind although Pelosi and crew came very close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!! Had the Dems gone forward with their plans to allow the current tax structure to expire, I think his Presidency would have been done.

    He still has a lot of work to do. And the Republicans are in a tenuous situation where a slight slip could be fatal. If anything, I AM encouraged to see it at least appears that these people may FINALLY have gotten the message and may be, just may be listening to the people.

    Good save Mr. President. But I say it’s still an uphill battle.

  3. You are ignoring the polls that say that the majority of Americans didn’t want what the GOP advocated for.

  4. Are you ignoring the election results?? I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume the majority of Americans soundly rejected what the Democrats have been advocating in the only manner that really counts.

  5. You may have not read the many articles about the Republicans not winning a mandate, nor were they elected on their own merits or programs. Because they had none.

    But think again. Had the tax cuts expired peoples taxes would have went up somewhat. You wouldn’t get as much back at the end of the year. BUT, and thats in caps, we would have brought in an additions 3.9 trillion into the treasury, a good part of it by 2012 and election time. Obama would have been on good standings.

  6. Bottom line: he will get the credit for the UE extension. He did the right thing – he got the best deal he could.
    Now we have DADT repealed and looks like START will be ratified.

    Jam the Lame Duck down the #GOP throats. They are “anti human”.

  7. While I agree with you in principle, will you tell us if you plan to RETURN the tax cut you are scheduled to receive?

  8. Unemployment is going to stay stale for sometime I think. Economists are also expecting a very positive raise in Wall Street next year. So there will be offsetting issues by the time that 2012 rolls around. I think Obama will be on good shape by them

    On the other hand I think America has taken a step in the last 5 years. One that will bring more companys making money with far fewer employees. The days of the 1950’s with everyone working are gone. In my estimation the unemployment figures are at least 10% low and always have been. So a class of people will be/has(been) created. The forevermore unemployed. That will cost the America dearly in time.

  9. I don’t know that you can make that leap. The safest you can assume is that the majority of Americans THAT VOTED rejected the Dems. Even that is presumptuous. The Tea Party did a great job of ousting lots of sitting Congressional members – in some cases even from the Republican party. I’m not convinced they rejected the Dems platform as much as rejecting the status quo. Many of them couldn’t begin to articulate what the Dem platform is. Some of us think they were voting with very misguided anger and fear instead of facts and understanding.

  10. The Dems are not good at clearly announcing what their platform is. Being that, they have to depend on results

    But the republicans clearly had no platform at all and that is what scared me about the vote. I think the republicans are just as worried about the tealings as everyone else is

  11. Um Hank the gop only got the house
    Of the two chambers the Senate is more powerful and the people didn’t trust gop with it

  12. Well….they didn’t just “lose” the House, They lost it in historical fashion. And I think even the left was elated that the weaker TEA Party Candidates were the ONLY thing that kept them from winning the Senate.

    Come on now. Even the most dedicated Democrat or Liberal has to recognize the significance of such an historical repudiation of policy and ideology! I’m not debating or arguing. Just relating facts.

    With that said, I think Obama’s actions have given the Dems some momentum moving forward. I still think they will be playing catch up and it will take significant improvement on the economic front for them to have a realistic chance of gains or even maintaining in 2012.

    Obama needs now to show enough to stop his own party from primarying him. It should be an interesting couple of years politically.

  13. Whew! good thing we have a new president that is continuing the last president’s tax policy! What would we do without him!

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