Meet President Obama’s Anger Translator, Luther – NSFW

When cool cat President Barack Obama addresses his fellow Americans, his anger translator Luther helps him get his real message across.

Comedians Key and Peele introduce Americans to Luther, the Obama anger translator, in their new web show. Watch here (video is not safe for work, children, etc):

The satirization of the President needing an anger translator is right on the money. The President doesn’t express anger the way some people do (i.e., he is not a classless clown), but his enemies are fools to not see the warning signs.

Maybe Luther will help the Teapublicans in the future, since he speaks their language of vulgarity rather than the erudite and cerebral manner in which the President communicates. In fact, maybe the President should hire Luther for realz and he can explain to the Tea Party how things are gonna be after he gets re-elected in 2012 and some real socialism gets going up in these parts.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele make their mark on Comedy Central with the new original sketch-comedy show, “Key & Peele,” debuting on Tuesday, January 31 at 10:30/9:30c.

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  1. I can guarantee you one thing, at the end of his presidency you will not see him come out and apologize for being a war starved idiot simply so Cheney would still be his friend.

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