Bernie Sanders Vows To Fight To Uphold Obama’s Keystone XL Decision

Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed today that he will fight to uphold President Obama’s to deny the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.


In response to President Obama’s decision to deny the Keystone XL pipeline permit, Sen. Sanders said, “The president made the correct decision today in rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, and I will fight to ensure Congress does not overturn the decision.”

Sanders explained why Keystone was a bad deal for America,”The United States must help lead the world in combating global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It would be incomprehensible to give approval to a tar sands oil project when producing tar sands oil creates 82 percent more carbon emissions than conventional oil, and when it poses the risk of extremely damaging oil spills. I agree with NASA scientist James Hansen who has stated that fully exploiting the tar sands would mean ‘game over’ for our efforts to reverse global warming. If we are serious about protecting the planet and improving our economy, America’s energy future must focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. We know that by improving the fuel efficiency of our cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon, an easily achievable accomplishment, we can save up to three times more oil per day than Keystone XL would carry.”


He ended his statement by praising Obama’s decision, “In my view, this tar sands pipeline is a bad deal for the country and for our planet, and the president has acted in the best interest of the American people in saying no to Keystone XL.”

In December, Senator Sanders urged Obama to call the Republicans bluff on Keystone XL. President Obama did more than call their bluff. He let the Republicans kill Keystone XL for him.

Republicans set themselves up for this one when they demanded that the 60 day deadline be included in the payroll tax/unemployment benefits extension. Republicans are already trying to spin Obama’s decision as a refusal to create jobs, but the truth is that Keystone XL project would only create 6,000 or so jobs. Most of the full time jobs would not be filled by locals, and the other jobs would be temporary construction.

The Keystone XL project is not a job creator, or a path to energy independence. The oil that would come from the project was destined to be sold on the global market. If anything, Keystone would open up all US production to the international market. A point that Republicans never seem to understand is that oil drilled in the United States to the oil company, not the country where it was extracted from.

The Republican strategy of hostage taking and bullying has once again failed to net them their desired result. It appears that congressional Republicans need to come up with a new strategy because President Obama and his congressional allies have them all figured out, and as long as Sen. Sanders is standing with the president, I like the odds that Obama’s decision on Keystone XL will stand.

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  1. 1. the Boehner has lied repeatedly, blatantly about how many jobs, sayiong over 100,000 of them. In actuality more like 6000 non full time jobs. For a guy who laughed off 2 million jobs Boehner needs to be quiet.

    2. The Boehner has invested quite heavily in 7 of the company’s that would be working as sub-contractors on the pipeline. Mr Boehner is or was planning on coming out big time on inside trading.

    3. The idiots never should have given Obama a time limit. Several TV shows at that time said the pipeline is over at that point.

    4. This pipeline will take oil that is refined and used in the midwest and send it overseas after refining in Texas. No matter how much the oil baroness stomps her red shoes and winks, the pipeline means little more than oil company profits and higher prices in the midwest for gas.

    5 Look up pictures on what this is doing to Alberta. Its horrifying

  2. God Bless Bernie Sanders! I’m glad Obama took this action quickly so that there is plenty of time to get out ahead of how the Republicans are going to spin it.

  3. Yea for president Obama and Bernie. Oh, and f u republicans. We are in to your lies. show us the tax returns mittens!

  4. I completely trust Bernie. Boehner is invested in this pipeline. Would not be surprised if our Governor Mary Fallin is invested as well. She blatantly lied about the pipeline tonight on News 9, Oklahoma City. I can not stand liars!

  5. Thank you, Bernie Sanders. When this president has the stones to stand up to the lowlifes of the GOP, he needs to hear that this country has his back! There have been too few times that Obama has done so, and this is one where there is glaring and obvious destruction to be suffered should the GOP get its sniveling way.

  6. This project is for Canada and investors, only. Canada is for Canada, rightly or wrongly. Google James Bay Project! Canadian power at the expense of US coal fired power.

  7. President Obama has plenty of “stones” as you put it. I know exactly what PBO has accomplished. Just because he doesn’t come out and yell like a mad man doesn’t mean he isn’t getting things done in spite of all the hateful opposition on the right and the profiteeringt left.

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