Alan Grayson Does What The Media Won’t And Calls Out Gingrich’s Racism

On MSNBC tonight, Alan Grayson took apart Newt Gingrich and called out his racist presidential campaign.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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Transcript from MSNBC:

SCHULTZ: Gingrich was pandering to the folks on the space coast today. Let’s take a look.

VIDEO CLIP: (We will at the end of my second term. We will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be American).

SCHULTZ: He forgot to say this wouldn’t be any taxation up there I’m sure. How does that going to work? How is that kind of talk playing?

GRAYSON: Well, it’s –I think there is a race between his egomania and racism. I think he’s running the most overtly racist campaign I’ve seen in the country since George Wallace. If you’re talking about presidential campaigns. I think what he tries to do is do these dog whistle things to people he thinks he can connect with to make up with short comings frankly as a human being, and I just can’t believe people have so much disrespect for the 7th Commandment they would give him serious consideration at all.

Grayson pointed out something the mainstream media has been intentionally ignoring. The media refuses to acknowledge that one of the main reasons for Newt Gingrich’s rise is that he is running a racist campaign. Sarah Palin was the Republican racist trailblazer as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, but Gingrich has taken her tactics to a whole new level.

There is a segment of the Republican electorate who along with Palin and Gingrich believe that racism is their path to victory. Republicans have been using racism as a strategy against since before Obama even before he set foot into the Oval Office, but there is a difference between being racist and using racism as a political strategy to appeal to voters. Gingrich has made a strategic decision to utilize the politics of racial division.

Newt Gingrich understands that there is segment of the Republican primary electorate who want to vote for a candidate who they feel will, “put Obama in his place.” Republican voters want a candidate who makes their fantasies about taking President Obama, “down a few pegs, and put him back in his place” come true, and Gingrich is doing everything he can to be that candidate. Newt Gingrich is following the lead of Donald Trump and trying to race bait his way to the Republican nomination.

Alan Grayson totally dismantled Gingrich and called out his presidential campaign for what it really is. Politically it would be better for Democrats if Newt were to become the GOP nominee, but letting Gingrich spew his racist hate for much of 2012 would be bad for America. More national Democrats should follow Alan Grayson’s lead, and not tolerate Newt Gingrich’s race based politics of hate.

12 Replies to “Alan Grayson Does What The Media Won’t And Calls Out Gingrich’s Racism”

  1. Gingrich is just making obvious the ugly underbelly of racism that runs through parts of this country. What he apparently hasn’t thought out is that mainstream Republicans are going to be repulsed by this line of attack, and he can’t win without them. Either they will sit it out or be nudged, however reluctantly, toward Obama. In that sense, his campaign is not bad for America. It puts the ugliness out there where it can be grappled with and conquered. Ultimately, the Republicans are going to have to find a way to regroup into a party of more reasonable human beings or else go the way of the dinosaurs.

  2. Alan Grayson himself has been targeted with racist tactics. The first time he ran for Congress, coterminously with the Obama campaign, his opposition ran an ad that showed his features subtly altered in a way that made him look Negroid, while a snide voice said, “Alan Grayson- he’s not one of us.” I’m less familiar with what they said the second time, because the compulsory switch to DTV meant I was now getting my news off Megaherz, but given that he was defeated by a stupid and vicious Dominionist. I daresay it got worst. Of course, his tendency to tell unvarnished truths earned him the enmity of the presstitutes. In any case, though, I’d like to see him as Attorney General.

  3. Many times I have read an article where the author calls out Gingrich for his dog whistles (or air sirens as one put it), but then says “I don’t know if he’s a racist. I’m sorry, but you HAVE to be racist to use dog whistle code or blatant references like Gingrich and other politicians have been doing.

  4. And another thing – I like Alan Grayson a lot. However, I’m a little peeved about the Jobs comment he made at the end of the clip. I’m pretty sure President Obama put forth a pretty comprehensive Jobs bill in the Fall, but the Republicans wouldn’t even look at it. As I recall, President Obama said in his speech about the bill, “You need to pass this bill right away.” Many times.

    So while he may have been less specific in the SOTU speech, I think he had plenty of ideas for creating jobs in this country.

  5. ghetto languege? spoken in this country way before his kind arrived here/? This guy is a racist pig. i might remind him, the constitution will read> freedom of speech, its did not say which, but all speech.

  6. Many members of the GOP believe that in the age of Obama all they have to do to win a political race is to “hate” all people who are not white. There is a base of the American electorate who will vote for this kind of a person. This is why Newt has been calling Obama the welfare president. Newt is hoping that people (white people in particular) will associate Obama with welfare and black people.
    Studies have shown that more white people are on welfare that blacks.
    It is so easy for the tea party mentality audience to believe in this kind of foolishness. they are hurting for a leader. They have Newt.
    Newt will never be President of this USA.

  7. Newt Gingrich’s bottom-feeding racism apparently knows no bounds. Now,he has stooped to insulting Latinos as well by calling their language “ghetto.” He is already on record for coming down on Willard because Willard can speak French. All this tells me that he is appealing not only to racism against anyone not white, but also to xenophobia. It’s really a sad commentary that in 2012, there is a significant segment of Americans who are steeped in the kind of ignorance and anti-intellectualism that are the underpinnings of both racism and xenophobia. Gingrich appeals to this segment without any reservation, and he and his followers are a major embarrassment to this country.

  8. Alan Grayson is a very strong proggessive leader and I hope he is able to serve our government again in a capacity that he deserves. Sometimes, he’s too critical of the President but it’s because he’s so passionate about what he believes in. He wants to do what’s right for the people. He’s outspoken and calls it like he sees it. I wish others in the Democratic Party had as much courage as he does. President Obama needs more strong and abundant support by those who want to do the right thing. All Democratic leaders should be calling out these racist attacks. Where’s the senators, congressmen and Jessie Jackson?

  9. Alan Grayson has always been one to tell it just like it is, straight with no chaser. I can’t even imagine what some Floridians were thinking when they voted for the likes of Rick Scott and Marco Rubio over folks like Grayson. They have done themselves and their fellow Floridians a huge disservice, and it will take a while to undo the damage done to their state by folks like Scott and Rubio. I especially appreciate the fact that Grayson has publicly spoken the unadulterated truth about Gingrich. What Newt is doing is appealing to the ugliness in so many Americans and pitting them against other Americans who are not like them. I also agree with the poster above that all Democrats should be as forthright as Grayson in condemning the hate and bigotry.

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