Bernie Sanders Busts Jeb Bush For Blaming Obama For His Brother W’s Failed Economy

bernie sanders jeb bush ed show

Bernie Sanders busted Jeb Bush for trying to blame President Obama for his brother former President George W. Bush's failed economy during an interview on MSNBC.

Bernie Sanders Confirms Media Bias: The Networks Kept Him Off TV Because He Is A Liberal

During an appearance on The Ed Show, Bernie Sanders confirmed that the television networks didn't want him on their shows because he is a liberal.

Bernie Sanders: Republicans Are Getting Very Nervous About Obamacare’s Success

bernie sanders republican nervous aca

Sen. Bernie Sanders explained on MSNBC that Republicans are very nervous about the success of Obamacare because the ACA proves their ideology that the government can't help people wrong.

Ready For Bernie? Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton To Debate The Issues

bernie sanders on the ed show debate hillary clinton

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) plans on bringing the issues to Hillary Clinton and making her debate the questions that matter most to the middle class.

Bernie Sanders Wants You To Join His Political Revolution To Take Back America

bernie sanders on the ed show

On MSNBC, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that he is testing the presidential campaign waters to see if ordinary Americans will join him in a revolution that take America back from the big money interests like the Koch brothers.

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Marco Rubio For Embarrassing The Nation

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said what many are already thinking when he called out Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for embarrassing the nation.

Bernie Sanders Slams Republican Hypocrites Who Voted For 5 UI Extensions Under Bush

Sen. Bernie Sanders is making Republicans pay for refusing to extend unemployment benefits by pointing out their hypocrisy, and slamming the immoral treachery of the GOP as they devastate millions of American lives.

Alan Grayson Obliterates The GOP: They Have No Solutions They Just Want to Whine

Rep. Alan Grayson obliterated the Republican Party on The Ed Show. He called the GOP out for lacking solutions, and for being a party of whiners.

Bernie Sanders Exposes Ted Cruz and Explains Why He is a Koch Fueled Threat to Democracy

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) connected the dots and explained that by blocking Tom Wheeler's FCC nomination, Ted Cruz revealed himself to be a Koch fueled threat to democracy.

Bernie Sanders Exposes The Republican Goal of Abolishing The Minimum Wage

Sen. Bernie Sanders is talking about something that few other politicians will mention. Republicans aren't just opposed to the minimum wage. They want to abolish it.

As Our Bridges Collapse Republicans Demand We Apologize to Tax Dodging Corporations

Instead of challenging their corporate masters on their tax dodging ways, Republicans are pretending that our crumbling infrastructure is unrelated to corporate protection racket.

Scott Prouty Gives Voice To The Real Silent Majority: The American Worker

Finding out the identity of the 47% videographer was nice, but Scott Prouty's real contribution is that he has given a voice to America's working class silent majority.

Ohio Rep. Accuses Romney of Trolling the Internet for Jeep Lies

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and Congressman Tim Ryan appeared on MSNBC's The Ed Show to address Romney's ies about Jeep moving to China.

Bernie Sanders Destroys Mitt Romney for Arrogantly Lecturing the 47 Percent

Sen. Bernie Sanders took down Mitt Romney tonight for arrogantly daring to lecture the 47 percent about things that he knows absolutely nothing about.

Bernie Sanders Explains in 60 Seconds Why Congress Needs to Regulate Banks

Senator Sanders explained in a few seconds why, in the wake of JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon’s preschool gambling, the banks need to be broken up and regulated.

Bernie Sanders Opens up a Can of Whoop Ass on GOP Oligarchs

In response to Buffett Rule being blocked by Senate Republicans, Bernie Sanders opened up a can on the GOP and connected the dots between Citizens United and taxing the rich.

Bernie Sanders Gives Republicans an Economic Reality Check

Sen. Bernie Sanders brought the reality hammer down on Republicans who are trying to sabotage the economy ahead of the 2012 election.

Alan Grayson Blows Apart Trayvon Martin Shooter’s Story

On MSNBC, Alan Grayson explained why the ABC News video of George Zimmerman blows apart his defense and proves that Trayvon Martin's family was right.

Game Over: The Cynical and Dangerous State of the Republican Party

If you haven’t seen 'Game Change' yet, it’s a must see movie, and not because it’s about Sarah Palin, but because it’s about what she represents: The cynical, dangerous, decaying state of the Republican Party.

Alan Grayson Stands with Obama and Calls out Santorum’s Hitler Comparison

Gee, Toto, we aren't in 2008 anymore. Democratic House candidate Alan Grayson stood with President Obama tonight and called out Rick Santorum's veiled comparison of Obama to Hitler.