Fox News Demands That Deadbeat Poor People Pay More Taxes

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Fox News countered President Obama’s call for the rich to pay their fair share with a demand that taxes be raised on the poor.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Gretchen Carlson said, “So I think when the president says fair share, I think there’s a couple of points here, and earlier this hour I said I think there should be a disclaimer underneath, which is the reason why we’re putting up this graphic for you. Because if in fact you’re paying tax on ordinary income and you’re in the highest tax bracket then you’re paying thirty some percent, but then if you take that money that you’ve already paid taxes on and you go and invest and you make a profit, a long term profit more than a year of investment, then you pay another fifteen percent on top of it. And by the way, with the fair share argument forty seven percent of Americans don’t pay federal income tax….But that didn’t get into it, but that is also part of the fair share. So if we are going to be fair to everyone, should those people then start paying something?”

Steve Doocy added, “Kick in a buck. Kick in something.” Brian Kilmeade jumped in with, “And in many cases some are getting refunds on money they haven’t earned for the year come April, so that’s where a lot of that tax money is going.”

Fox News tried to label most Americans deadbeats who pay no federal income tax, but the truth is that 86% of Americans pay taxes. The group of 14% that pays no taxes is largely made up of senior citizens and disabled people. The 47% figure that Carlson cited was an anomaly that occurred in 2009 because of the combination of the recession and the temporary tax credits in the Obama stimulus.

The Fox and Friends crew was arguing for a tax system where the wealthy aren’t taxed at all on profit derived from their investments. As we have seen with Mitt Romney, most of the super rich pay less than the income tax rate, because their income is largely comes from investments. Fox News also neglected to mention that President Obama only wants to increase taxes on millionaires and above. Obama is not coming after mom and pop retirement investors. His tax increase is aimed at the wealthy Americans who are using various loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.

The reality is that poor and middle class Americans are already carrying the vast majority of the total tax burden, but this isn’t good enough for those wealthy Americans who believe that they should not have to pay anything.

The most ironic point of all is that Fox News has the oldest audience on television, and those viewers don’t seem to realize that the only network that they trust for news is trying to convince them to support raising their own taxes.

Note to Fox News viewers. Those tax deadbeats that Gretchen, Steve, and Brian were talking about are you.

26 Replies to “Fox News Demands That Deadbeat Poor People Pay More Taxes”

  1. Sometimes I feel like these people are caricatures of themselves. If there is any viewpoint too vicious, slanderous, invidious, bullying, hurtful, oppressive, or unjust for decent people to stomach, that is the viewpoint they will propound. In this way, though, they are merely megaphones for their psychopathic leaders, Ailes and Murdoch.

    There has been discussion about the Holodomor of 1931, but the argument has been made that even if it were wholly accidental and Stalin withheld help, it constituted genocide. These people at Fox are promoting economic genocide.

    As for that spoiled little Carlson bitch, nothing would do her more good than trying to get by on the means of a working class young woman under today’s conditions.

  2. Gretchen can’t be bothered to rmake sure what she says is true…after all, when you’re a beauty queen, no one is really listening to you, so you can say whatever you like as long as you can walk in heeels and a bathing suit, and smile seductively. I wonder how many of the bubbleheads on Fox are former beauty queen contestants besides her and Scarah?

  3. The rich and their pet pundits forget that the poor folk need their money for necessities. Taking taxes from the poor means taking food off of their table. Taking higher taxes from the rich means not buying the 12th Bentley for the 2nd garage at their 3rd vacation home in Napa.

  4. I am barely getting by on my disability Check ..that I worked and paid taxes for,for decades.She is a heartless bitch.I am far from a freeloader.

  5. I don’t think of a lot of Fox viewers are in the 1% nor do I think have a lot of money. This is a ‘let them eat cake” remark from wealthy newscasters who don’t live pay check to pay check or get social security. Too bad these people are so brainwashed they don’t realize they are being used to further the 1% interests.

  6. I am sure that someone will correct me if I am wrong but,if one makes three million dollars in capital gains and does not spend ALL of that and purchases more stock with those capital gains in order to make more in capital gains, is that purchase using capital gains not treated the same? I keep hearing of the capital gains Not being taxed as earned income because the original purchase was taxed as ordinary income? As I missing something here?

  7. Leave it to these idiots to come up with a completely false equivalency between the wealthy and the poor. All they know how to do is to be completely oppositional to the president, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Carlson is just another in a long line of clueless idiots that includes Bachmann and Palin, so we have to consider the source.

  8. isn’t it funny that Fox news can slam, kick, scold, and call names at the very people who watch them and those people eat it up. Fox news kicks these people when they’re down and they just keep looking at the Fox news announcers with those big puppy dog eyes.

    I think watching Fox is a syndrome that should be studied. You can start with the Stockholm syndrome and go from there

  9. Most of the people I know who watch FOX BS network are on anti- depressants — some are just too old to give a damn…

    These people on FOX BS are always talking, as their candidates, about “that’s what the American people want” — exactly what American people are they referring to? Being that they ONLY deal within their small CIRCLE of FOOLS.

  10. If it is logical to regard the rich as wealth creators, and more to them means more jobs for everyone- why not negative capital gains taxes? Why stop at zero capital gains tax? Why not recognize the obvious: the government should be paying the 1% for the contributions they make to everyone else by employing them. Some corporations already manage negative taxation. It’s obviously the way of the future. If Romney’s tax rate was, say, -5% or even -10%- and he was paid three or four million dollars out of other people’s taxes – imagine how many more jobs he would create.

    This is the answer to the politics of envy; we should be grateful for the benefits rich people give us. We should pay them. And soon, no doubt, we all will.

  11. Gretchen doesn’t seem to understand that the 15% “additional” taxes that you pay is on the profit of your investment upon selling it. She implies double taxation but it is tax on profit taken

  12. ‘Scuse me, Duglarri, have you been so high in the mountains your brain is anoxic, or are you turning blue from your tongue in your cheek? (If you are not an ethnic Turk after all, I realize the pun fell flat).

  13. Oh, I think they understand that. It’s the same as when they talk about the 47% who don’t pay taxes, conveniently forgetting to mention these folks don’t make enough money to pay taxes on. Their audience will sit there with their mouths open, gobbling up this tripe and then spitting it out to anyone who will listen.

  14. The business about the 1% paying x amount of the taxes is only smoke.

    They have 80% of the wealth in the country and pay less taxes than the rest of us.

    35% tax on a guy making 40,000 is a far bigger hurt than 15% of a guy making multiple millions

    My argument back is, if they own 80^% of the wealth they should be paying 80% of the taxes. That aught to get some job creation going

  15. Right 47% pay NOTHING … a little number time a big number is a big number a big number time a little number is a big number .. Tax the 1% when everyone pays something .. Deadbeats… I did not here that, pay a buck, I heard that.. pay something.. get some skin in the game.

  16. a guy making 40 grand is not paying 35% in federal taxes.. This country was founded protesting a 1% tax .. Unreal you people just want someone to take care of you .. I could have a billion dollars stuffed in can buried in my back yard.. I would not pay a dime in taxes.. Go ahead.. Tax the rich at 100% would not make a dent in the problem.. The government is spending too much.. Do the math…

  17. These neo-con fools yell at the top of their lungs go get a job! There are no jobs, the reality of the top 5% says were in boom times and it’s 2005. Today they yell at the top of their lungs poor people need to pay more taxes. They don’t have any damn money to pay taxes. This is getting absolutely disgusting to see the horrific income inequality gap resemble third world status and these goons say tax the poor on national tv. When obama debates whoever, he needs to pull a Bernie Sanders and bring out a graph of the income inequality gap in this great crony capitalist country. The country doesn’t know how bad it is and they need to be informed. There I’m done.

  18. It doesn’t matter if 40,000 is paying 35%. It might be 30 or 28%. The fact is it still hurts the 40,000 person far more that 30% hurts a millionaire. The point is, if 80% or thew wealth of this country in in less than 20% of the population then they should be paying the bulk of the taxes. The government is only spending too much because of the lack of employment. Further you cannot pay down debt just by cutting programs. You need income.

    “Unreal you people just want someone to take care of you”
    Childish rhetoric. But typical of people who have no idea of what is going on and rely on Fox for their clichés

    What this country was founded on has no bearing on 2012. Whine about a 1 % tax all you want. BTW, we were all taught the country was founded on freedom of religion. whoops. Im sorry, I have no idea what your email talking points are telling you today

  19. The people who have been left impoverished by your greedocracy do have skin in the game. It’s on the 1%’s lampshades.

  20. What is it that these super wealthy investors want? When I hear about a lady buying a 12 million dollar mansion just to tear it down and build a new one, because the old one wasnt big enough, it makes it really difficult to feel sorry for them and their tax plight. If I was a multi-millionaire, and could live like a king off of just the investments, I’d be so damn happy, I doubt I’d care if they took an extra 10 percent on top of the 15. Good Lord! Get back on your yacht, sail it down to your private island, enjoy yourself and pay your friggin taxes! Everyone’s tired of hearing how tough you got it.

  21. Capital Gains don’t scale they are taxed at a base rate.

    Capital gains tax rates of 0% and 15%. Capital gains generally are the increase in the value of an asset, such as stock or a home, from time of purchase until sale. Net long-term capital gains — those on assets held more than a year — are taxed at the 0% or 15% rate. Net gains on assets held less than a year — short-term gains — are taxed at the regular income tax rates.

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