Romney Tells The GOP He Is The Hero Who Will Destroy Social Security

Human beings are fortunate that one function of memory is to forget the enormous amount of data a person absorbs throughout their lifetime. Important events are often difficult to forget and they either become valuable life lessons or unhealthy obsessions that if left unresolved become a grudge that gives a vindictive person a reason to hold something against someone. Conservatives have held a grudge against Progressives and FDR over the New Deal and especially the creation of the Social Security Trust, and they are obsessed with destroying the most successful and popular program in the nation’s history.

In 2010, George W. Bush said his greatest failure was not privatizing Social Security even though doing so in 2005 would have left tens-of-millions of retired Americans without security in their old age after the stock market crashed in 2008. Bush’s regret at not destroying Social Security when he had the opportunity informs the level of contempt conservatives have for the American people and it seemed that Republicans learned their lesson, but their obsession with the New Deal prevents them from learning. Perhaps Republicans are competing with each other to be the conservative hero that gets even with Progressives for creating Social Security, and if presidential hopeful Willard “Mitt” Romney wins the nomination and presidency, he promises to be the hero that destroys Social Security.

Romney resorts to every conservative hero’s tactic of lying to promote an agenda that harms millions of Americans. At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Romney resorted to lying to promote privatizing Social Security. Willard said, “We’re going to have to recognize that Social Security and Medicare are unsustainable and we can’t afford to avoid these entitlement challenges any longer.” It is a typical Republican lie that Bush used in 2005, and the truth is that without any adjustments, Social Security will remain solvent for the next thirty years or more. Romney also lied when he said current retirees would not see a change in their benefits under his plan. During the same speech, Romney promised to increase defense spending, give the wealthiest 1% approximately $6.7 trillion in tax cuts,  and slash “entitlement” spending that surely includes Medicare and Social Security as part of his balanced budget farce.

Then there is this recurring “Social Security is an entitlement” meme that Republicans use to portray the program as welfare. Every working American pays 6.2% of every dollar they earn into the Social Security Trust. The rate decreased by 1% as part of President Obama’s payroll tax holiday except for wealthy Americans like Romney who pays on only the first .5% of his income because his earnings exceed the current $110,100 cap. If Romney is concerned that Social Security is in jeopardy of running out of funds, his Republican pals can eliminate the cap on payroll tax contributions and keep the Trust bloated with cash forever. Every other American pays Social Security tax on 100% of their income and with the median income at $49,909, over 90% of Americans would never reach the cap limit.

Romney just wants to transfer approximately $2.7 trillion in surplus assets in the Social Security Trust Fund to Wall Street to enrich himself and other high-income investors. A typical conservative ploy to convince Americans Social Security does not work is to label it a failure and a fraud and Romney said, “To put it in a nutshell, the American people have been effectively defrauded out of their Social Security,” and that there is a “looming bankruptcy of Social Security.” Willard just doesn’t get that Social Security is popular with nearly every American (especially older tea party-supporting white voters) because it works and that is one reason why he is losing popularity by the second. Willard, like nearly all conservatives, also parrots the fallacy that Social Security is adding to the nation’s debt, but in accordance with the Trust’s rules, Social Security is forbidden from taking one penny from the government for administrative costs or benefit payments. It is a self-sufficient program that not only works well, but is extremely popular.

Republicans are so consumed with hatred for the New Deal that produced Social Security, that 76 years after its creation they are still attempting to dismantle the only retirement income for millions of Americans as well as the largest insurance program for children. The program has never failed to pay out benefits on schedule, and the surplus is invested in U.S. Treasury securities that are considered the safest investment in the world. More than anything, Social Security provides a measure of security that Wall Street can never match, but that doesn’t stop conservatives from lying about the system to garner support for eliminating it. Romney is not the first conservative to promote privatizing or eliminating Social Security and he will not be the last.

Romney is out-of-touch with America and out of touch with reality if he thinks he will ever convince Americans to allow him to take their hard-earned retirement savings and offer it up to his god Wall Street. It is a mystery why Republicans cannot recognize that despite their lies, misinformation, and scare tactics, Americans do not want Social Security privatized. It is telling that Bush laments not privatizing Social Security even though doing so would have left millions of Americans without income in their golden years, and it is a testament to the man’s vile contempt for Americans. Romney is worse than Bush. He is also stupider because his desire to be the conservative hero that dismantles the New Deal is taking the same path that began Bush’s popularity slide.

If Romney wants to raid programs to enrich Wall Street and his investor cohorts, he can return to Bain Capital and destroy struggling businesses because Americans will never allow him near the White House. As one pundit said, “There is a reason you are having serious trouble in primaries and caucuses in states where older white voters reside in disproportionately large numbers, such as Missouri, Maine (almost losing to Ron Paul?) and Minnesota.”  Romney will continue having trouble with Americans and it is a good lesson that holding a grudge is about as good of an idea as trying to be a hero for a losing cause; especially when the cause is dismantling the New Deal.




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  1. I think Romney is staking a lot on the debate in Mesa, AZ on Wed., but if he thinks that kind of talk is going to fly in this state, he’s sadly mistaken. There are over 750,000 people over 65 here who rely on Social Security. Mesa is a bastion of conservatism and a Mormon stronghold, but he’ll find some tough going with that attitude. I’m beginning to think Arizona itself is poised for the kind of change that’s going to sweep the country soon, and the kind of change that is working toward obsolescence for the GOP because they WILL NOT pay attention. See “Arizona: Not Hopeless After All” at

  2. oh how great it will be if willard loses MI. for a guy who has been campaigning for 5 years, spending jillions, to lose where is supposed to be a ‘favorite son’. my glands get moist just thinking about it…

    glad to see your blog back up…………

  3. I know old people around here would vote to let themselves lose their SS before voting non-republican. However they wont know that they would lose that SS. On the other hand there have to be republican seniors and people in their 40-50’s that understand what voting Republican will do to them.

    Have people no sense? Why do the republicans do these things they know will lose them votes? This is dumber than Santorum pretending to be moses

  4. I dunno, Santorum believing 21st Century should be governed by Biblical law while claiming “American schools are anachronistic” is pretty damned dumb.

  5. Actually, I hope that he gets the nomination.

    He’s so unlikely to loose and shows how bad the Republicans really are, that we’d not have to worry so much about this election.

    If Gingrich gets the nod, I’d be very worried (I have bad vibes about him and have had so for many years). If Jeb Bush gets it, I’d be even more worried, because he might have even more of a chance – plus it could give the Republicans some breathing room, in that they could claim to have put a more common-sense representative for the people (really not, but that’s another story).

    In any case, it really doesn’t matter who gets the nomination… we need to win. Period.

    Otherwise there won’t be much hope for a future for most Americans.

  6. I find the GOP candidates more and more astonishing in their naked hatred of anyone without money — and that very much includes “I believe in income inequality” Santorum. I cannot see the political intelligence to any of their stances, in the sense of bringing in the popular vote.

    To me this means that 1) they are trying to please the truly loony-tunes old billionaires who are backing them and whose only dream left to their octogenarian lives is to turn time back to when they were young — before Social Security, in hopes that they will also magically turn back the clock and will thus not die. (This Citizens United thing has done us the favor of completely de-mystifying the billionaires who want to rule us: they are almost uniformly doddering old fools like the Kochs, Adelsons and VanderSloots full of crotchety nastiness.)

    Or else, 2) they don’t even aspire to winning the elections as long as they can push the discourse farther and farther to the right.

  7. There are so many dumb things from these people that I think all we need to do is just say “This is dumber than”

  8. Since the advent of Richard Nixon, the Republican agenda has grown increasingly vindictive, both towards the Democratic achievements of the past and towards the constituencies that have supported them. I don’t believe Gerald Ford was a spiteful man, but his administration advanced those two monsters of malevolence, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who became the plague of the first decade of this century. George W. Bush was the stereotypic, Daddy-spoiled vengeful frat boy, and the radiated children of Fellujah are evidence of this. The current crop of candidates, however, go beyond even these. It’s not enough for them to undo the Great Society or counter Camelot with the grossest spurt of anti-intellectualism within living memory. They don’t intend to rest until they have undone the New Deal and perhaps even the Twentieth Century, and they intend to finish their vendetta by destroying the very groups these platforms were designed to protect. God help the country that falls into their malignant hands!!

  9. Well said…I agree that the good old boy club of the Richie Rich set honestly believe they are “invincible”; they “believe” they will live on in “legacy” via their ill-gained riches, sort of like a robber-barons of the Gilded Age, thereby becoming historical figures…and yet…they hide behind the scenes under the banner of Citizen’s United. Ummm…

    These of fat, old fuc8ers have “enslaved”, ordered their heirs and minion wanna-bees (like Newt)to perform dirty tricks as “one more for the gipper” before he dies (where have we heard that “I was only obeying orders” before?)…therefore, they DO want to win an election at all cost, but know it’s madness…and yet…they embrace their madness as “genius”. I mean, how can anyone who doesn’t have ga-zillion dollars possibly understand the worldview of a Dr. Evil or Mr Burns?

  10. Well, EVERYBODY (snark) knows that the New Deal was a “Ponzie Scheme”, as in, that is how long they’ve played this mantra and have held their grudge against America for being “American”….yep, and they do intend to push America over the edge of the cliff in a psychological, psychotic game of “wills” via Ronald Regan’s old movie theme “one more for the Gipper”…

    …it’s multi-generational dysfunctionalism that has turned into a full-blown multigenerational political cult…and God can’t help us…
    didn’t you learn ANYTHING by watching “Fiddler on the Roof”? :)

    (Ok, of course, religious cults are in the mix too, however I don’t believe for a moment these robber barons have an ounce of “gawd” or “Bejeebuss” on their brain or in their hearts as their “guiding light).

  11. Someone please take any and all security that he has for his old age…as in his millions of dollars…and let him forge for him self, also… Rich men should not be President, first of all…and second of all, neither should apparently stupid men…!
    Work on something productive to help our states and overall country…like stopping the illegals and so forth sucking the life out of everything…stealing, raping and robbing for what ever else they cannot get for free…!!!

  12. So, Mr. Bendy-Boots is going to save the RePUBIC-clown party by destroying Social Security! I still believe the Newt has the best idea, build their colony of rich folks on a moon (preferably the one furthest from the earth!) and Romney and Ayatollah Santorum and their band of intellectually failed followers go live there. Of course they would not need any assistance of any kind from those of us who rely on social benefits paid for by the taxpayers (No, there are no money trees in Washington!).

  13. They know that the stupidity of their voters will always come thru for them. that’s why they want to dumb down the whole populace.

  14. I cannot believe that these people in the republican party who are still looking for a saviour are considering Mitch Daniel, they must think
    Americans have no memory of this man that was Bush’s budget director, you know, the man who drove us into the ditch we are trying to climb out of, also the man who did not put a lot of the Bush’s expenditures on the budget, rather straight on the credit card.

  15. I was with ya til you got to this: “…like stopping the illegals and so forth sucking the life out of everything…stealing, raping and robbing for what ever else they cannot get for free…!!!”


    You do realize, that by percentages, there are FAR more “rill Amurikans” stealing, raping and robbing, right? Sure, there’s going to be an occasional “illegal” committing a crime, but by and large, that population keeps a very low profile, they go to work and come home and mind their own business. Your statement shows a huge lack of empathy for a group of people that are human, just like you and me. You really shouldn’t paint a group with such a broad brush, especially considering the inaccuracy of your statement. I may not agree, but I don’t have a problem with people not wanting undocumented workers in the US, but at least treat them with humanity and dignity.

  16. The other poster was not comparing illegals to legals. While I Understand the thrust of your post, it is not really relevant. It is a fact that both groups perform the items mentioned. To what degree for each doesn’t really matter.

    That doesn’t mean I agree with Marilyn however. I do not think Illegals are here to get everything free. But some do do get lots free.

  17. The problem is that most people (at least that I’ve encountered) see someone who looks Mexican (or South American) and figures them to be illegal. The real issue is racism, and that against people from Central and South America. (You never hear fussing about northern Europe “illegal immigrants”, although they also exist.)

    We had some South American people (never found out where they were from) next door to us. They lived there for three years or more, and the worst problem we had was with their dogs. Oh, and the guy came home one night so wasted drunk that he passed out in the ditch. I would much rather have them renting that place than some of the white American low-lifes that were in it before… they were far less trouble and a lot quieter.

  18. But then again play the odds. If you have new people illegal and legal going into that house each year for 25 years, you might sing a different or the same tune. You are sampling 2 families. Where I am they live 15 to a house and are quiet as churchmice so they dont get busted. One of those I never knew they were there things

    I don’t think you can blame everything on racism

  19. Romney is not human much like all of the other psycho candidates. However I would hesitate to point out that Obama has already pitched his tent as the destroyer of Social Security and Medicare. The FICA tax holiday extension is a subdued attack on SS solvency. He already cut half a trillion from Medicare. He is poised to deliver on the right wing boot strappers goal of deconstructing the New Deal and Great Society so we are all slaves and paupers in a soup line unless we are “blessed” with a slave wage job. So bear in mind that reality when criticizing the other psychopathic candidates who are trying to take his job. Obama is a fundie right-winger’s dream.

  20. IF he is naive enough to actually say this in public, then he should probably let the republican party that he will probably be removed from office by force.

  21. Very well stated. My son receives Social Security disability and it is not even enough to to pay rent and eat. He would not be able to live if I didn’t help him with a bit of money. If Romney should become President and carry out his plan, I’m not certain what would happen to my son. I don’t know if Republicans understand this kind of thing or even care, but it would be a grim future for many disabled and older people. (I don’t get Social Security. I receive Teacher Retirement. In Texas, when I retired we were not allowed to have both. Things might have changed, but I can’t imagine Rick Perry, who now receives both his salary AND his retirement, would care or would have changed things.) It’s easy to talk like Romney and Santorum and the rest when you have no money worries. I’m amazed that some older people on Social Security still plaln to vote Republican.

  22. I hadn’t seen it put so succintly, honestly and effectively in a long time. Anyone that believes all that Social Security Trust Money should be entrusted to Wall Street DESERVES to be swindled.

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