Late Night Snack: The Consequences Of The War On Women And Romney’s Cadillacs

For your late night snack I offer a few tidbits of amusing video. The first is Mitt Romney being EveryMan, telling Michiganders (in an almost empty stadium) how he and his wife love American cars — so much that he drives two of them and his wife has a “couple of Cadillacs”! Way to keep it real, Mitt-let-Detroit-die.

And next, we have a Republican (Dave Albo) representative moaning on the floor about how his wife wouldn’t have sex with him after she watched Rachel Maddow tell the world that he has pushed for transvaginal ultra sounds. He wants an apology for being a douchebag. Who is going to tell him that God is very sorry that she sometimes makes mistakes like him, but it can’t be helped as she gave him a heart and a brain and he chose not to use these gifts?

And lastly, fog clearing. After Romney again misquoted Jason Alexander’s Seinfeld character during the GOP CNN debate, Jason was kind enough to focus on the real issue at hand. He tweeted:

“Thrilled Gov. Romney enjoys my old character. I enjoyed the character he used 2 b 2. If he’d embrace that again, he’d b a great candidate.”

In other news, we are still waiting for Satan (per Rick Santorum) to explain why he is coming after America so hard through his agents of mass destruction and stupidity and why he loves teabags so much.

6 Replies to “Late Night Snack: The Consequences Of The War On Women And Romney’s Cadillacs”

  1. Romney will never be one of us, he just cant do it. He may have been as a kid. But that’s not unusual, most presidents are not one of us. They are all millionaires to start with

  2. Romney’s level of wealth is on another level. He’s lower than Trump but much greater than the rest of us. He seriously can’t relate or his rhetoric could change. He seriously cannot think any other way than as a very wealthy man because it’s always been there. He was born into it and based his adult career off selling off companies and parking his profits off shore. President Obama made money off his books but only in the last few years paid off his student loans from all the education. So he can at least relate to those who are going for higher education and have these massive loans to pay off with no job to go to after the fact. We’re moving into a world where entrepreneurs are becoming more relevant. We’re in transition as a society. The GOP is trying to take us backwards. President Obama is going to move us forward.

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