Funeral Director Has Proof Zimmerman Lied About Struggle With Martin

Richard Kurtz, a Miami funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body, said he found no “cuts, scratches, or bruises, only a gunshot wound to the chest.”

Kurtz told CBS News that there was no evidence of a scuffle or fight.

Just this week, video of George Zimmerman at the police station revealed that he contrary to the story his father and the police have told, he had no bloody nose, no grass stains on his jacket, and no apparent head injury. In fact, NY Daily News got the EMS documents that show Zimmerman had no serious injuries and in fact the second ambulance called to the scene for Zimmerman was canceled. The NY Daily News reported:

“We could see no physical signs like there had been a scuffle [or] there had been a fight,” Kurtz told CBS News.

“The hands — I didn’t see any knuckles, bruises or what have you, and that is something we would have covered up if it would have been there.”

Trayvon “looked perfectly normal to me when he came in and the story just does not make sense that he was in this type of scuffle or fight in anything that we could see,” Kurtz added.

These revelations should outrage an already outraged community. Just days ago, Mr. Zimmerman the elder was hiding on TV blaming President Obama for stirring up hated while Mr Zimmerman the elder lied about a dead boy in order to protect his son.

Let’s not mince words anymore, as the Zimmerman family has proven that they have no problem making wild accusations about Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman lied to the police when he claimed self-defense. Then his father went on local TV and disparaged the character of a dead boy and the President as he repeated his son’s lies.

Why was Mr Zimmerman the elder hiding from the public (shown only in shadowed profile on TV) as he took his lies public?

Maybe Mr. Zimmerman the elder couldn’t face America as he complained about how the mean black people have been spreading “hate” (aka: compassion for the victim’s family)? Oh, and where was Zimmerman’s compassion for the victim and his family?

I’m still waiting to hear any of them even mention the young boy whose life was snuffed out by a lying coward and covered up by a complicit police department.

This reminds me of Sarah Palin’s blood libel video. There’s something sociopathic here evidenced in the utter lack of compassion and empathy and way, way too much self-pity. This toxic mixture is topped off with an utter lack of shame about blatant lies.

Here’s a thought for the Zimmerman family. Maybe if their son hadn’t gunned down an innocent boy, people wouldn’t be thinking bad things about their son. Maybe if their son wasn’t guilty of lying about the circumstances surrounding that killing, they wouldn’t have interpreted the President’s call for compassion as “stirring hatred”.

Perhaps one day it will dawn on them that their son is walking free while another family buried their son. So maybe now isn’t the time to get outraged over anyone questioning their son’s intentions or the results of his choices, even in light of a constant stream of evidence that George Zimmerman was the aggressor, was on top of Trayvon Martin when he shot him, that there was no struggle, and that Zimmerman has a history of aggression and violence.

Mr. Zimmerman the elder went on TV to disparage a young dead boy whom his own son had killed and he is still saying the video in the police department isn’t telling the whole story. Do the EMS logs help Mr. Zimmerman with the whole story? A second ambulance was canceled because his son George did not require an ambulance. Is Zimmerman going to apologize to the Martin family now?

Back to that Stand Your Ground law; this law does not apply when the person killed has a right to be where they are, nor does it apply when the killer is the instigator of the encounter.

It might seem normal these days for people to lie and say horrible things about someone they’ve killed, but it’s really not. Ask yourself if you had taken the life of a 17 year old boy if you could live with lying about him and besmirching his character and causing such pain to his family after you already took their son from them, all to save yourself? Normal people actually can’t live with that kind of guilt and shame. It’s sociopathic if you can live with it, and a sure tell is doubling down on the character smears as the evidence begins to tell the ugly truth.

Here we have a case where witnesses described seeing Zimmerman on top of Trayvon, and Trayvon screaming for help before he was shot and killed. This corresponds with Trayvon’s girlfriend’s accounting, with the physical evidence and with the video from the police department. The only accounting that doesn’t match up with the evidence and the witnesses is George Zimmerman’s.

Meanwhile, the Martin family is being subjected to having their son’s name dragged through the mud by the Zimmermans and the Sanford Police Department. When you’re dealing with sociopathic behavior, you have to call it what it is. Failure to do so only enables those engaging in the behavior to inflict more harm.

George Zimmerman lied. His father lied. Their lies have caused excessive and unnecessary pain to the Martin family. If Zimmerman is finally arrested for this crime and charged, the fact that his actions post killing don’t suggest regret, sorrow or empathy should play a part in his sentencing if he’s found guilty.

But let us not be guilty in the meantime of falling for the siren call of a sociopath. This isn’t about President Obama. It’s not about Trayvon’s backpack. It’s not about anything except a man who shot and killed a 17 year old boy and lied about the circumstances surrounding that shooting. Mr. Zimmerman was assisted in his lies by his father and the police department. The whys of those lies are our business. The rule of law is part of how we maintain order in a civilized country; while in contrast, this case is an example of how we can destroy the social fabric, invoke chaos instead of order and invite the dominance of sociopathic behavior by ignoring the rule of law.

When is it enough? America wants to know just what it will take for the arrest of George Zimmerman, and we’d also like an apology for Trayvon Martin and his family. We can’t have even a semblance of justice if there is no trial, though I think we all know by now that Lady Justice isn’t blind.


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  1. The use of the word “coon” is relevant. Raccoons are clever thieves who are hunted as varmints and even eaten. My understanding is that Zimmerman said the”coon” was getting away. He said that just before… I suggest he hunted the “varmint” down and shot him.

  2. Zimmerman didn’t say the coons get away. Zimmerman said “these assholes always get away and f*cking coons. I heard it on the 911 tapes. And i was not told what i was about to hear. Lawrence O’Donnel played it on his show without saying what we should or would hear. I listened close to the tv and heard f*cking coon. Without the star of course. I have no doubt what I heard. I hope this new prosecutor does the right thing and not because of public pressure, but because it’s the right thing to do. Trayvon deserves justice. Florida let Casey Anthony off, now they are trying to let Zimmerman off.

  3. Thanks for correcting the quote.

    “Coon” is such an old epithet you hardly hear it any more. My guess is that George heard it straight from Daddy, right along with the cover story he was supposed to tell. I’ve heard various stories about where Judge Zimmerman was from, but most of Florida has ceased to sound like that, if it ever did. Virginia sounds about right.

    I don’t like to impugn the whole Old Dominion State, but Virginia has had its enclaves, not just of die-hard racists, but of snobbish ones. If you read Edwin Black’s “War Against the Weak”, you’ll find it has an ugly record of hunting down the “racially impure”, disenfranchising them, and sterilizing them. I wouldn’t be surprised if that attitude is still around.

    Again, the appellation, “coon”, suggests a thieving varmint animal that can be shot, and I suspect some of these types would be far readier to shoot a human “coon” than a real Procyon lotor.

  4. “Kurtz told CBS News that there was no evidence of a scuffle or fight.”

    Like I’ve said before, Zimmerman needs to be in the Can (Jail) awaiting 1st degree murder charges..

  5. George Zimmerman is in hiding after killing Trayvon Martin.

    George’s father keeps his face hidden while killing Trayvon’s reputation.

    What are they afraid of? Vigilante justice?? How ironic…that’s what started this whole debacle in the first place.

    Maybe the Zimmerman boys now have a kernel of insight into how some people of color feel everyday walking the streets of white America.

  6. I thought to myself as soon as I heard there were tapes that Zimmerman would be caught in a lie if they did voice analysis.

    I can tell you that I think I know what happened. Zimmerman wanted to make the collar and be a hero when the cops showed up. Trayvon did not cooperate and Zimmerman threw him on the ground, probably in a rage and shot him in the back.

    Zimmerman is lying and will go to prison for life I hope. And he can take the stand your ground law with him.

  7. I question why, late on a Sunday night, the Chief of Police showed up at the station and from reports, he was at the scene of the shooting.

    I also question why, late on a Sunday night, the head prosecutor showed up at the station.

    Not common whatsoever for higher ups to drag themselves out on a Sunday night. One of those things that makes you go ‘Hmmmmmmm’.

    Being Zimmerman’s father now lives in Florida and is an ex-judge — what’s the connection to the Chief of Police and head prosecutor?? Enough time for George to call Daddy and Daddy make a phone call or two? That wouldn’t surprise me knowing that George in 2005’s assault of a cop at a bar, had his charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. When has ‘joe’ citizen had a charge reduced when you’ve assaulted a cop — cops known to be a part of the ‘old boys club’. Daddy’s hand in that too? — wouldn’t surprise me as it just doesn’t happen to 99.9% of the general population. It takes connections.

    Also the fact that the brother appearing on Piers Morgan show on CNN spewing even more embellished BS than the Daddy — George’s own lawyer appeared on some show the next day stating that the brother had not talked to George in years – so he got the info from who — Daddy?

    As for the ‘friend’ Joe Oliver, who was doing the media tour of softball questions — got his arse handed to him on MSNBC’s The Last Word I believe this past Wednesday when he was exposed by Lawrence O’Donnell to have only known George in a casual manner by working at the same company and a few family gatherings as there is some distant relationship via George’s wife — that fact that Oliver never said in any other interview that he worked with George as he was attempting to sound like the ‘close’ friend. Oliver had no knowledge of the 2005 charges — something a ‘close’ friend would know about. Oliver’s last conversation with George was a week before the shooting. He had no means to get in touch with George as he didn’t have his phone number. George didn’t call him. Oliver called George’s lawyer in order to get in touch with George. ‘Close’ friend?? Really. ‘Close’ friends have their tel number.

    If you did not watch — check the segments on MSNBC of Oliver having his arse handed to him as he too was spewing BS.

  8. On one of the segments on MSNBC Sharpton’s show the other night, he had an ex-prosecutor from Florida on who said that Zimmerman arriving at the police station in handcuffs means he was arrested as they don’t put handcuffs on unless they are arrested but appears they never ‘processed’ him and let him go.

    He also stated that being Zimmerman in his opinion was arrested, in Florida they have 175 days to charge him and therefore the timeclock is actually running from the date of the shooting – Feb 26th. If they don’t charge him within that time frame of 175 days, he can never be charged for it.

    You can bet that the lawyers for Trayvon’s parents heard that and will be pushing the issue of the time frame on the new appointed prosecutor.

  9. A couple of years ago a prominent GOP operative in CA killed three young women and a child. They were Black. He was, don’t know what, but wealthy and NOT Black. He was drunk out of his mind, driving 76 mph in a residential area, and hit their car head on as they were starting from a stop doing under 15 mph. From DAY ONE through the present, that man blamed the young driver, mother of the child killed, and turned on every single racial hot button he could. It did not work. He got put in prison for YEARS with the judge telling the defendant how utterly despicable he was showing not a shred of remorse. That was a horrible example of race baiting – in CA it failed, and that man is held in contempt for his actions. But the first reaction of the defendant and his cronies was to blame the Black victims for their own deaths.

    One of the MSNBC reports (RAchel I think) said that in another “stand your ground” FL incident, a man – shown in photos to be middle aged and white – was on 911 being told OVER AND OVER by the operator NOT to leave his house to apprehend two young Black males (maybe) burglarizing his neighbor’s house. The man, gloating and laughing, said he WAS going, he was entitled to “stand his ground” and he left – and you hear two shots as he ferociously laughed while he gunned them down. And he got OFF!!! The judge let him OFF even though he was in NO peril, disobeyed the direct order to stay inside, and HE was the aggressor.

    The law in FL has no meaning if it can be used for any purpose at all. This is not a “stand your ground” law. It’s a “gun ’em down” law.

    But at the core of both cases lies the belief – not always successful – that if you demonize a Black person, you will be exonerated no matter what the hell you do. That is beyond words – this is America, and that’s the way we still treat people? Then this nation is not long for this world.

  10. The wheels of justice turn slowly… Waaaaay too slowly in this case, but before it’s done, justice will be served. It is truly sad, but Martin’s death will set a precedent for the ‘stand your ground’ laws to either be repealed or modified so that loose cannons like Zimmerman aren’t allowed to hide from their crimes.

    From this point on, no matter what state, any claim of immunity under such a law will be heavily scrutinized and no law enforcement agency will close their eyes and invite the s**t storm that has engulfed Sanford.

    The extreme right and the NRA will squirm and deny any responsibility for involvement in creating this loophole law, but the law, no matter what state has it on the books, is as dead as the unfortunate young Martin.

    Anyone claiming self-defense as justification for killing will be under a microscope wielded by local law enforcement, the state, the FBI, and the justice department from this point forward – any place, any time.

  11. Zimmerman will not go to jail. This is Florida we are talking about. Florida, USA.
    The same country where few days ago, a mother of 3 was killed in her hown house, with a tire iron, killed in cold blood. Her fault ? Being from Iran.
    A note was left by her body, “Go home, terrorist”
    This is the country that all the right wing talk show hosts have created, and we are more filled with hate and polarized than ever. This is the country were few days ago when Santorum went to a shooting range ( Florida, again ) to do a “campaign stunt” and was shooting at targets, people in the public were shouting “Just pretend it’s Obama, and shoot” .. This is American, 2012. This is us, and we are the enemy. We have learned nothing. We are worst than ever.

  12. His girlfriend who was on the phone with him that night said she heard a “scuffle” before the phone went dead, so whose lying?
    I think the girlfriend isn`t telling all that she knows,but the investigators will get it out of her.

  13. Here in NYC, when someone says “coon” they are really saying a racial slur against Black Americans.

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