Romney is the Second More Disastrous Coming of George W. Bush

One of the detrimental effects of America’s higher education system churning out an over-abundance of MBAs is the equally over-abundance of  so-called economic experts. However, corporate malfeasance, greed, tax avoidance, and outsourcing American jobs for higher profits does not make one an economic expert; it just means they will take any steps necessary to increase their bottom line. America suffered through eight years of an MBA president and his policies created the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and as the economy makes a slow, but steady, recovery, another MBA is hoping to become the next Republican to preside over another Great Recession and more likely, a Great Depression. The latest MBA seeking to ruin America’s economy is Willard Romney and his promise to exceed Bush’s economic expertise sends a clear message that just because he holds an MBA, it does not qualify him to be president.

After a report out yesterday from the Labor Department that the nation’s employers produced a net gain of 115,000 jobs in April and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1 percent, Romney attributed the recovery to President Obama’s failed economic policies. In a letter ahead of the President’s visit to Ohio, Romney said, “Mr. President, forgive me for being blunt, but when it comes to economic affairs, you’re out of your depth. I’ve learned a thing or two about how government policies can kill private investment and stifle job creation and I have a plan to get government out of the way.” Romney does have a plan, but it is George W. Bush’s economic policies that created the loss of jobs and nearly destroyed the nation’s economy.

Romney’s economic plan is a repeat of Bush’s MBA economic mastery that gave over $4 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy and deregulated the financial sector paving the way for the economic crash heard round the world. Willard promises to give $6.5 to $6.7 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations and repeal the Democrat’s financial reform law so Wall Street and corporate banks can repeat the practices that created the Great Recession. Romney asked the President, “Where are the jobs,” and said the President’s “policies have failed.” Willard claims the economy would be creating 500,000 jobs each month if his policies of heaping more tax breaks on the wealthy and giving the financial sector free-rein were implemented and besides being absurd, it is an insult to Americans to assert that returning to Bush’s economic policies would have any different effect now, than they did four years ago. Romney also said “undoing the damage you’ve done will be a daunting challenge” and that “I’ve learned a thing or two about how government policies can kill private investment and stifle job creation and I have a plan to get government out of the way.” Here’s Willard’s problem; Americans have lived through his plan for eight long years, and using his self-professed business acumen will not produce different results than the last MBA president.

In March, former Florida governor and brother to George W. Bush endorsed Romney for president because he reminds him of his MBA brother. If nothing else, Jeb Bush recognizes that Willard will recreate an economic disaster like George presided over and that President Obama has cleaned up with sound economic principles that do not have their basis in more tax cuts for the rich and deregulation. In fact, President Obama created more jobs in three years than Bush did in eight, and the economy is growing despite the obstruction and massive layoffs in Republican-controlled states. Some of the better news recently is that Chrysler Group is forgoing its seasonal maintenance shutdown in order to keep up with the booming demand for their products, and if Romney had his way, Chrysler would be bankrupt and millions more jobs would have been lost. The announcement came after Chrysler’s best month in four years and a 20% surge in sales in April compared to a year ago. The first quarter of 2012 produced the company’s best profit since 1998 and it is due to President Obama’s bailout that Romney decried as a waste of taxpayer dollars and predicted that there would be no American automobile industry if Chrysler received a bailout. So much for Willard’s economic expertise.

America does not need another MBA in the White House whose only interest is creating wealth for investors or jobs in China, Mexico, and South Korea. Romney continues trumpeting his success while he headed Bain Capital, but he never boasts the jobs he eliminated or the companies he destroyed while increasing his personal wealth. As an MBA, Romney was successful in increasing his own wealth at all costs, but as president that mindset destroys economies and particularly American jobs. Romney or any other Republican cannot explain how giving the wealthiest 1% of income earners more tax cuts while eliminating public sector jobs will lead to an improved economy and the full employment myth any more than eliminating Wall Street and banking regulations will create more jobs. The last MBA president tried those approaches and created more wealth for the rich and corporations, sent millions of American jobs overseas, and presided over the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.

Despite Romney’s assertions, the economy is improving and jobs are being created, albeit at a slower than desired pace, but if Republicans had not deliberately obstructed the President’s economic and job creation policies, it is highly likely there would be more robust growth. A real economic expert, Robert Reich says the problem is not economic, but political. He claims the Republican push to cut public spending before the economy is healthy is the real problem, but then again Reich is an economic expert, not an MBA.  As an MBA, Romney may be good at creating wealth for himself and investors by killing Americans’ jobs and bankrupting companies, but those esteemed qualities do not qualify him to serve as president any more than George W. Bush was qualified. President Obama never insinuated he was an economic guru, but he has been successful cleaning up the last MBA president’s mess by following sound economic principles that create jobs and financial stability for all the people and not just wealthy investors that may be why Romney considers the President’s policies a failure.  Romney’s failure is promising to repeat George W. Bush’s economic policies, and as Americans learn that a vote for Romney is a vote for the second, more catastrophic coming of Bush, they will remember that electing an MBA as president was a disaster this country, or its people, cannot tolerate again and survive.

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  1. There is a segment of Americans who have this unfathomable belief that MBA’s can make good presidents.
    Just like GW Bush, Romney is ignorant about national and international issues. What makes him worse is that he is on record as endorsing extreme positions that might have given GW pause, but he he does espouse the same disastrous economic policies that drove the economy into the ditch. His record as a “vulture capitalist” at Bain, and his record of presiding over a state ranking 47th out of all 50 in job creation, should be more than enough reason to dispel any notion that he has any constructive plans for this country, or is capable of being president.
    He’s a disastrous candidate, and would be an unimaginably disastrous president.

  2. Romney has no idea how to create jobs. If he created any jobs it was accidental while he was creating wealth for a few.

    Romney doesnt realize that when the free market refuses to create jobs the government has to. And its the free market that has to move out of the way.

    The market and Romneys push for profits is a self defeating entity

  3. We’d forgive Romney for being blunt if he a) weren’t so dull and b) every meant what he said and c) made sense before reversing himself.

    Growing up rich on daddy’s coat tails and meeting all the right insiders hardly qualifies Romney to run the country. God help us all if he gets into office. I’m till waiting for him to explain how 19k a year is a great middle class job.

  4. Trickle down economics was dis-proven back when Reagan was President. It doesn’t work.

    Instead the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class gets squeezed out of existence.

    Romney has no idea how to save the economy. Obama has made progress on it and the rescue of Detroit was quit the feat. And if we can flip congress back to the Democrats maybe we’ll get a second stimulus and some strong regulation that puts people back to work.

    By strong regulation that includes serious clamps on banks and corporations. It also includes. It also includes taxing every speculative trade, not at .03% but at a full 5%.

    Because government, contrary to popular belief is NOT the problem. The Corporate Plutocracy IS the problem.

  5. Yep, I agree with everyone here. George w. Bush was the worst president ever. And of course, ever since Obama got elected, he’s managed to reduce unemployment, control oil prices and put two chickens in every pot. Delusional idiots. We owe more than ever. Jobs are scarce and the banksters are still raping the public.

    But hey, make sure you vote for any Attorney come November. You can always count on them to do the right thing. lol

  6. The George Bush thing is getting old. You can’t blame all of Obama’s incompetence on Bush nor can you keep carrying it on forever. We got duped with Obama too. On to the next President.

  7. History shows that American Presidents who were businessmen have not been good leaders of the country. Running a business does not prepare one to run a country.

    In my estimation, a successful President is one who can understand the needs of all citizens. It is not a person, such as Mr. Romney, who proves almost daily that he has no empathy for others.

  8. An MBA does not make you an Economics expert, a PhD in Economics does.

    Business in NOT economics.

  9. Good call Thurman. Now maybe you can enlighten the people that cannot make that distinction before another “businessman” repeats the last “businessman’s” errors.

  10. I always wonder about how running a business is related to running a country. A successful businessman runs a company for a profit, while the government is a non-profit.

    Or, as conservatives love to put it, “Obama isn’t a businessman: he’s a community organizer”. Yup, the perfect qualifications, only the community is the entire United States.

    Businessmen are, for the most part, ignorant about running a non-profit like a country. They want to cut taxes on the rich “to create jobs” but either the jobs they create are overseas or accountants to hide their money in other countries. THEN, they want to raise taxes on the poor and working class. Didn’t they ever read Robin Hood? How about the French Revolution? Stupidity on the grand scale. If you want to raise taxes, do it on those that have money. Those that don’t end up in prison, then we have to support them.

  11. There’s been no incompetence by Obama. The fact that you refuse to hold Bush II responsible for his disasterous 8 years shows you’re not serious. He was handed a budget surplus, gave everyone a $300 check (tax cut 1) because he didn’t want a surplus and since he stole the election, hoped to make friends with the American people; he refused to read memo’s that warned of an immminent attack; started a war in Afghanistan, lost interest; gave another big tax cut which benefitted those at the top; invaded a country for oil under false pretenses, which should’ve been an impeachable offense; started Medicare Part-D drug benefit that did very little besides add to the deficit; and let’s not forget, his wars were off the books. Obama put them on and you all squealed look at what the Democrat did to our debt. So yes, Bush is to blame for this mess considering Clinton handed him a golden goose which Bush choked to death.

  12. President Obama has done what could be done. Few humans can do the impossible. He is a hard-working POTUS with the best interests of ALL Americans at heart. He has had nothing but obstruction from the congressional Republicans since 2010. I will certainly be voting for him again, as will the 8000 people who waited in line about 3 hours to hear him on Saturday in Virginia. Not only that but we will be doing everything we can to support his candidacy.

  13. Thanks, Thurman. I have repeatedly tried to convince my Republican friends of the same thing.

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