Over 100 US House Democrats Propose Raising Minimum Wage To $9.80 An Hour

Do you hear it? I do, it’s the shrieks of horror by the House GOP, Boehner and Cantor! How dare the Democrats raise the pay of our lowest paid workers! $9.80 will most definitely kill businesses, they will most likely say.

Considering, minimum wage is only $7.25 an hour at the federal level, that equals to only $15,000 a year, if you work full time, every single week of the year.

This will bring a huge boost to the economy, over 2/3rds of minimum wage workers are employed for a large corporation who are currently sitting on over a trillion dollars.

The bill, named the Fair Minimum Wage Act, HR 6211 will bring federal minimum wage up to $9.80 an hour over three years. It will also increase wages for waiters and waitresses, whose pay has been stuck at $2.13 an hour for TWENTY YEARS. The pay for waiters and waitresses will increase by eighty five cents a year until it hits 70% of the regular minimum wage of $9.80.

Most minimum wage workers are teens, so the effect on the economy will be extraordinary with them. Teens do not have mortgages, bills etc. They spend every last dime, every week in the local economy. They go to movies, shop and eat out every weekend.

This increases the profits of business due to the increased cash coming in. The other ill conceived notion is that raising minimum wage will increase prices. There is truth to that on a small scale, maybe.

Let’s look at fast food restaurants, for instance McDonald’s has a dollar menu — the dollar menu is fairly universal regardless of the local laws. The dollar menu is the same in Washington State where minimum wage is $9.00 an hour or Texas where minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

This is a great way to “redistribute” wealth, not through taxation but through wage increases. Americans deserve a portion of those trillions of corporate cash, which they helped create through their labor. Raising the minimum wage forces corporations to unlock that cash and bring it into the hands of the working people.

Image: SEIU

25 Replies to “Over 100 US House Democrats Propose Raising Minimum Wage To $9.80 An Hour”

  1. they tried this once before recently. rand paul added the ‘life begins at conception’ ammendment to the bill and the dems… voted it down.

    i guess the minimum wage an abortion are connected somehow eh?

  2. My first job was in 1968. I had a minimum wage job making $1.65 an hour. Adjust that for inflation and in today’s dollar that’s $10.98 an hour. So let’s make the minimum wage equal to what it was in ’68, adjusted for the same value in 2012

  3. Minimum wage should be as low as possible b/c the jobs that pay this wage is brainless and should only be reserved to the crippled and retarded (like Liberals).

    Minimum wage should still be $3.35 an hour b/c cripples and retards don’t really need money for anything else. They can live off government welfare for life, just like their parents.

  4. Conservative Heart, Apparently you are so bright and brilliant that you must be working in Silicon Valley creating the next big OS, so get back to work, and let real working people get a wage that they can survive on.

  5. Why so bitter, (and dare I say “Christian”?). Just a friendly reminder for your next rant: It is not “the jobs that pay this wage IS brainless.” Rather it is ARE brainless.

  6. Also for Conservative Heart: So what happens when dumb “lib-ruls” like us take that low wage, and we’re not able to have disposable income to spend at small businesses owned by such intelligent conservatives as you?

  7. Conservative Heart?? Really?? You need to change your name to Heartless a..h.le I’m a REAL person that works her butt off for her family ..AND went to college! ! How dare you speak that way about people! Obviously you don’t understand the meaning of real hardworking Americans…just having a job today no matter WHAT job it is..shows RESPONSIBILTY and is part of our American fabric. Minimum wage should be raised to improve hardworking people’s quality of life..and to go with the costs of living. Be happy people are willing to be working fast food so everytime people like you order food to feed your fat judgemental face! Jerk!!

  8. My dear clear thinking friends,
    Let’s not humor Conservative Heart-less’s remarks.We are better than that. Remember, don’t feed the trolls. They starve to death and die faster.

  9. Conservative Heart,

    Two problems with your “logic”.
    1) Minimum Wage isn’t reserved for “cripples and retards”. Other jobs that pay Minimum Wage include:
    a) Certified Nursing Assistant (those people who provide care for the Elderly, both in private homes and retirement centers).
    b) Child Care Provider. Includes Pre-School Teachers, Nannies, Babysitters, etc.
    c) Emergency Medical Technician. First Responders who keep people alive long enough to get them to a Hospital.
    d) Automotive Service Technicians. People who change your oil, and those who work at auto parts stores, giving free advice and offering free install for wiper blades.
    e) Income Tax Preparer. Unless you hire a CPA, the person doing your taxes may be earning minimum wage.
    f) Ushers, Lobby Attendants, Ticket Takers at Movie Theaters. The money they rake in doesn’t go to their employees.
    g) Dry Cleaning and Coin-op Laundry workers.
    h) Lifeguards, Ski Patrol. They’re also trained First Responders, and they double as Instructors. Still get the minimum.

    I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. Minimum Wage isn’t just for “cripples and retards”.

    2) Is it really a good idea for those on Minimum Wage: First Responders, Dry Cleaners, Certified Nursing Assistants, Automotive Service Technicians to earn less than $7,000 a year? Do you really think that’s going to help the economy?

  10. Well Con Heart(less), if your “boy” Romney gets elected, your penny-anti job will be one of the first to go. They won’t need your “intellect” in their rich bitch third world. Then YOU will be BEGGING your “massa” for a $3.35/hr job just so you can stuff your face with Chik-fil-a. You’ll be living out of your beat up Chevy but oh well. You’ll end up as one of “you people” just like every other Republican who believed Mitten’s bull. Good luck Con Heart, you’ll need it. The real people will eat you up, heart and all.

  11. I don’t see where is does much good to JUST raise the minimum wage. It is something we desperately need but we also need to stop inflation. It doesn’t help to make more money if every time I go to the grocery store the prices are higher and rents are outrageous. Every congressman and senator needs to put himself in our shoes and try to live on minimum wage for a couple months just to see if he can.

  12. SHC-Sears Holding Corp- before it was bought by KMart started new employees at $8 plus. After the buyout new employees are paid minimum wage with absolutely no opportunity for a raise unless they are promoted into a different position.
    Their employees cannot even afford to shop where they work. But they have no clue as to why their stores are closing!

  13. Well said, liberal. Idjits like on heartles, don’t really know how the economy work. They take their illogial talking point from rukie and fools 7 friends so they think businesses or the so-called “job creators” just create jobs out of the goodness of their hearts, and keep doing so even if they don’t have customers with money to buy. They don’t know customers mostly the middle class with money are the true job creators. He’s an ignorant con and at some point they will pay or their ignorane. They think if RobMe wins it’s Obama who loses. Correction, idjits, Obama’s already successful. If rMoney wins, all Americans lose, especially the 98%.

  14. Henry Ford knew that by paying your employees a decent wage he could buy your product, & the economy would prosper. Cons are dumber than dirt, con heartless so nice try at projetion.

  15. How dare you come on here and insult people who have disabilities, that do everything the can to take care of their families. And minimum wage being so low, as it is now, that people who work minimum wage need help buying food and having to get food stamps. Wal-mart is one of the worst they employ people at minimum wage for less that 28 hours a week which has caused people to seek help. Just google minimum wage and food stamps and see what other companies do the same. And I pray for you that you will never get sick or hurt and please don’t age that will stop you and your insults.

  16. Oh yea? Minimum wage is reserved to cripples and retards and they don’t need the money? You sound like an ignorant, heartless MORON.
    Just for your information, I currently work for minimum wage, the job that I do is not brainless, and i am neither “crippled” nor “retarded”. I am a working college student, who is putting myself through college, and would really appreciate making $9.80 and hour.
    It’s people like you who don’t deserve to have an opinion and are holding this country back. Shame on you.

  17. (Laugh!) CH, you REALLY caught a lot this time!

    (I hope I didn’t spoil your fun by commenting – I tried to stay out of it for a couple of days to see how many people bit!)

  18. Correction: Well said, liberal. Idjits like Con heartles, don’t really know how the economy works. They take their false/illogial talking points from Rushkie and fools & friends so they think businesses, or the so-called “job creators,” just create jobs out of the goodness of their hearts, & keep doing so even if they don’t have paying customers with money to buy. LOL. Stoopid. They don’t know customers mostly the middle class customers (As they’re more numerous), with money to spend are the true job creators. He’s an ignorant con and at some point they will pay for their ignorane. They think if RobMe wins it’s Obama who loses. Correction, idjits, Obama’s already successful. If rMoney wins, all Americans lose, especially the 98%.

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