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Tea Party Adoring CNN Calls Romney/Ryan a Ticket Death Wish

Last updated on August 12th, 2012 at 09:06 pm

@AzureGhost 2012

@AzureGhost 2012

Candy Crowley explained on CNN why Democrats are uncorking champagne right now. The Paul Ryan pick is going to allow Democrats to clearly define Republicans as the party of austerity for You People, whose only goal is to redistribute the wealth in a reverse RobinHood move to the top 2%. Crowley called the pick “a ticket death wish.”

Video courtesy of NewsBusters:

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CANDY CROWLEY: We’ve already had this debate. All they have to do at Obama Reelect is open up the files because this debate has already happened. They just bring it back, it goes, it is, you know, what they talk about. But I think the other thing that’s worth pointing out is not every Republican has signed on to this kind of, I mean, they will publicly. But there is some trepidation —

GLORIA BORGER: They’re afraid.

CROWLEY: — That this might be, looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish. That, oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these thing? Is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad? We could have stayed on that.

Speaking the truth is unacceptable on the Right, so naturally Crowley’s “ticket death wish” is trending on right wing blogs, where they are calling Candy Crowley “porky pig” and worse. They also think this means that the “left is terrified.”

On NewsBusters, conservatives are blaming the “Obama-loving media” for the negative reaction to Paul Ryan. This is the natural result of the conservative epistemic closure bubble that causes conservatives to refuse to believe national polls that show Paul Ryan’s budget to be a real stinker.

The media doesn’t “love” Obama. In fact, studies show that Obama gets far more negative press coverage than Romney. When the media dares to speak the truth even once, the Right freaks out instead of facing reality.

Denial is going to be the death knell of the Right. In fact, it already has been. Poor Mitt Romney wouldn’t have had to pick death ticket mate Paul Ryan if conservatives got out from their Fox bubble and started facing reality. But no. They were having none of that. They are much happier believing that Obama is a Marxist Kenyan without a birth certificate who went to Harvard even though he wasn’t really at Stanford, or failed there.

The Ticket Death Wish is an apt description, and much to the Republican Party’s dismay, this ticket is going to solidify what Republicans really stand for. No more seemingly friendly, cowboy hat-wearing George W. Bush disguising what they represent. Now it’s two Randian Greedmeisters standing for the 2% in the middle of an awful economy, brought on by the weaker versions of the very policies they champion.

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