Obama Sends Romney Back Into the Fetal Position With Video on the Ryan Budget

obama point2 Mitt Romney's Paul Ryan bounce was over before it started as the Obama campaign released a new video hitting the Republican ticket hard on the Ryan budget.

Mitt Romney’s Paul Ryan bounce was over before it started as the Obama campaign released a new video hitting the Republican ticket hard on the Ryan budget.

Here’s the video:

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina also put out a statement,

In naming Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has chosen a leader of the House Republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors, will somehow deliver a stronger economy. The architect of the radical Republican House budget, Ryan, like Romney, proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, and deep cuts in education from Head Start to college aid.

His plan also would end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in health care costs to seniors. As a member of Congress, Ryan rubber-stamped the reckless Bush economic policies that exploded our deficit and crashed our economy. Now the Romney-Ryan ticket would take us back by repeating the same, catastrophic mistakes.

The interesting thing about Romney and Ryan’s speeches this morning is that they both tried to avoid talking about what Paul Ryan is famous for. They didn’t specifically mention the Ryan budget. They talked about preserving Medicare, while hoping that voters wouldn’t realize that they plan to save Medicare by killing it and turning it into a voucher system.

The Obama video and Messina’s statement both use Paul Ryan to tie Romney to the unpopular House, the policies of George W. Bush, the war on women, and privatizing Medicare and Social Security. It also reinforces the Obama campaign’s messages about Romney’s stance on the middle class, and his plan to give tax cuts for the wealthy while raising taxes on everyone else.

Instead of separating their candidate from the very unpopular congressional Republicans, the Romney campaign married them. The Romney campaign gave Democrats a message to deliver to those voters who are concerned about the Republican desire to gut Social Security and Medicare. The Ryan budget might be even more well known than Paul Ryan himself, so it a ridiculous for the Romney campaign to try to run away from the it.

Unbelievably Romney has selected a running mate who can’t talk about what he is most famous for or else he will push Independents, seniors, and everybody but the wealthy towards Obama.

The Obama campaign is just getting warmed up on Paul Ryan. They don’t have to define Ryan. His budget has done that for them. Over the next few days/weeks the Obama team will have married Mitt Romney to Paul Ryan’s unpopular budget.

The Obama team has already burst Romney’s bubble. It’s somehow fitting that the fatally flawed nominee has selected an equally flawed running mate. There are a whole lot of things that the Romney/Ryan ticket doesn’t want to talk about, and President Obama is going to mention them all repeatedly in the next 87 days.

By the time Obama is done, Romney will be laying on Sean Hannity’s couch in the fetal position complaining about Obama’s “unfair” attacks against him.

Mitt Romney needed a game changer, but instead he delivered a game ender in Paul Ryan.

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  1. GREAT campaign ad! Now, all that needs to be done is Democrats give aides a project where they pull actual, SPECIFIC cuts in Ryan’s budget plan, have video made showing the ACTUAL pages & wording (otherwise Republicans will just claim Obama ad lies) and run them with voice-overs spelling out how and who the cuts will hurt… all while STILL running ads for Romney to release his tax returns… game, set, and match!

  2. This is scary, I’m still in shock. Myth is more dangerous than we thought to buck into RW pressure & pick a heartless 1% promoter like Ryan. Myth is dangerous.

  3. Do you remember what Grover Norquist said – We know what we want, the Ryan budget, we only need a president who has five digits to use a pen and sign what is put in front of him!
    Mission accomplished!

  4. Romney is suddenly distancing himself from the reason he picked Ryan. This is the weirdest campaign I have ever witnessed.

  5. Yes, American will finally learn about the whole Republican plan to enrich the already rich.

    And the gall…coming from two guys who inherited their wealth telling us we how must now make-do with much, much less to that money can go to the top!

  6. I knew there would be something out soon about this Ryan V.P. pick. This was at light speed though. I certainly hope these two guys don’t win this election to further hurt the middle class in the U.S.A.. We can’t take to many more attacks….

  7. Looks like karma has willard mitt romney and his…

    “Frauds R Us” Party by the short hairs.

    Let’s see 12 years of complete Tax Returns Willard…

    just like your Daddy said.

  8. This is an excellent video! It hits the negatives in Ryan’s Plan and backs each one up with video clips of analysts confirming the point. Romney can run, but he can’t hide from Ryan’s budget.

  9. The Obama campaign has to move fast and hard, because the Koch/Adelson billions will have an impact … and they don’t need a nationwide victory, only to steal Florida and Ohio.
    Keep in mind Ryan solidifies the ticket’s appeal to anti-women forces. And in the end, so long as the GOP keeps the Senate filibuster, they will get what they want even under Obama.
    And dozens of governorships and hundreds of state legislative races are also important, as Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin keep reminding us.
    Ryan is a good pick for the Democrats but the fight is a long long way from over.

  10. If the Obama campaign can detail Romney’s proposals for running the country in a comprehensive way. He will win going away. Picking Ryan just made it easier.

  11. This video is a good sign that the Presidents team was ready for who ever Willard picked.

    I can’t wait to hear what the Repugnants will be whining about as the O man exposes the Ryan and Romney budget plans….class war fare anyone?

    Jus calling a spade a spade folks…let the games begin!

  12. Additionally, someone needs to explain to me how choosing a extremist like Ryan is going to get the independent vote in the swing sates?

    Looks like Willard was more worried about his base and avoiding wiping out the GOP like Goldwater in 64!

  13. I’m posting this several places. If you see it twice or more, my apologies but people need to understand that real humans and their lives are at stake here.

    I was shot in by my abusive ex in 1997. The full story of the abuse and the final attack on me can be read here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/katherine-southard-reece/my-domestic-violence-story/118085481542240 As a result I have degenerative traumatic hip arthritis, interstitial cystitis, neuropathy, and chronic pain resulting from a bullet still sitting in my nervous system as they are afraid to take it out. I’m almost 53 and I have to use a cane or walker on my best days, and to go out I have to be in a wheelchair. I can’t go out unless someone is with me because I don’t qualify for an electric mobility scooter (don’t believe the commercials, it’s not easy to get one from Medicare at all, if you can help http://www.gofundme.com/ysi9k ), which means I’m homebound almost all the time.

    I am on disability and medicare, I paid into the system for 30 years before I had to stop working. I even worked for almost five years after I was shot until the pain got too bad and I had to leave.

    The Ryan budget would be a nightmare for me. I pay $150 right now for my Medicare and I have a supplemental policy. I would NOT be able to make up the difference between Ryan’s voucher and what a private insurance company would charge me. Especially since I live in a Republican state where the gov doesn’t intend to implement Obamacare.

  14. Greg, that may be hard to do for Obama since even Romney can’t detail any of his plans or policies until he gets into office. We can only surmise at this point, and go with the worst thinkable ideas which already exist in the republican bag of tricks. Nancy Pelosi knows only too well what they really are planning. Obama should get with her and DNC leaders ASAP.

  15. my contention is this; the reason that the republican party has been running commercials that have been so full of baloney and are so easily shown to be false is that they finding that when your “facts” are actually no more than opinions and that these opinions are highly exaggerated (he’s a socialist, a secret muslim, a foreigner (sp), preparing to take away everyones guns, anti-christian, going to nationalize all of industry etc etc etc) and on and on and on). when it comes down to brass tacks these things cannot be demonstrated to a public that has not be indoctrinated by these absurditys. that you would have had an easier time of it had you in the last 2 to 4 years come up with something that had some little modicum of truth to it. how many ships did he take to india with him??? why dont you do a commercial about that.
    and now paul ryan. like sarah palin these people think the only way to impress americans is by lighting fireworks. boom boom boom. he’s a socialist boom sarah palin boom paul ryan boom. if people get out and vote the republicans dont stand a chance. if they dont then a political party that should be null and void (and is teetering on the dangerous side) may grab the reigns of power. if this happens i wish i could say just tie a knot and hang on. but now one has to say may God help us all

  16. They will still say it’s Obama lies. The TeaBagger Republicans are no more interested in facts than chickens are interested in bowling balls.

  17. Frankly, this as runs a high risk of backfiring – if one does not listen in its entirety and absorb the last message, one could be left thinking the ad supports Romney/Ryan. And we know how well folks listen intently to ads…

  18. The best news yet about this that hardly anyone is talking about. With Paul Ryan running with Willard…that means his seat in the House is up for grabs. If the Democrats can show Ryan as the atheist he is …not only can they have him lose his seat in the House to someone else…but he loses with Willard…he’ll be out of government. Even funnier…if the Democrats win the seat and Ryan tries to run again…he will probably end up like everyone’s favorite Google search. Thank you so much Willard for getting Ryan out of the House.

  19. I see what you did there, Son of Boss, Swiss Mitt. You’re so entitled to the nomination that you Bained the USA to a handful of billionaires, a la Koch-mode. Tampa getting just a smidgeon war-mish?

    Tax the rich just took on a whole new meaning for the senior citizens that get to suffer the consequences of Ryan’s Path to Poverty. Thanks for the war deficit, also, too, Republicans. And, take Olympic medals podium on ZERO “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

    Obama/Biden 2012

    Game on.

  20. The intelligence of those agreeing with this article is questionable. Does anyone not know history or understand how capitalism works? You say the wealthy must pay more, but what is the definition of wealth? Wealth is in the eye of the beholder. One who makes $8.50 an hour believes that he who makes $15 dollars an hour is wealthy. Obama is brainwashing Americans to believe that if you can’t keep up with the Jonses, then you should be entitled to get the same for free instead of working as hard and making educated decisions with their investments as the Jonses. Furthermore, Obama believes in punishing the Jonses for their earned success. I don’t knock on my neighbors’ doors expecting them to pay my bills. Why should I pay everyone else’s? I had a hard knock life, had 3 jobs and put myself through school without a college fund. I’ve made calculated decisions with my career and have promoted through hard work. I don’t expect the American people to pay off my student loans, my healthcare, or my mortgage. I am not wealthy, but I don’t expect those making more than me, aka the wealthy, to pay more so that I can get that shiny faster car or that bigger plasma tv (which is what it’s spent on). The sooner we stop being the bitter united socialist states of America, the better. Go Romney!

  21. What difference does it make if he is an Atheist? The real point is that his so called budget is tantamount to murder for millions of people. His Atheism has no bearing on his office, nor should it.

  22. Apparently YOU are the one who doesn’t know how TRUE CAPITALISM works. And who the hell are YOU to think that the wealthy should not give back to society ? NO ONE who is ‘successful’ made it on their own. That’s a fallacy. Success was made either via the hard work of OTHERS ( ie…employees ), lucky opportunities or cronyism unavailable to others, or it’s been handed over/inherited.

    If you think that someone making $8.50/hr thinks someone making $15/hr ( also WELL UNDER the POVERTY LEVEL ) is ‘wealthy’ you’re delusional as well as insane. If the wealthy are making 80% of the money … they should be paying 80% of the taxes. See the thing about the wealthy and the Republicans is that they are just downright GREEDY and have no social conscience whatsoever. Their “I’ve got mine so SCREW YOU” attitude is appalling and about as ANTI-CHRISTIAN ( not that I believe in such ridiculous myths) as you can get. They are the ‘money changers’ who were thrown out of the temple. They lack any kind of compassion or empathy for ANYONE who isn’t ‘one of their own kind’. It’s pretty sickening to even think that anyone can have a mindset of this nature. SELFISHNESS and GREED are certainly NOT ‘virtues’ as you would like to think they are.

    It’s people like YOU who take every advantage available/offered to them (usually in the name of hypocrisy) yet would never in a million years offer the same kind of opportunity to someone else. Yes Virginia… CONSERVATISM IS A MENTAL ILLNESS (says the American Psychiatric Association).

  23. Ryan will help usher in the new generation, which is great because it is those guys who will have to eat most of what Obama has wrought and/or work their way out of the massive hole. Obama’s gen. had its chance. It’s proved itself to be to self-absorbed, to impractically-ideological in the midst of economic collapse to lead this country back to its greatness cradled in humility.

    Let’s get the country’s economy back on track, then we can debate how to waste money.

  24. In response to Sharon’s reply, apparently reading comprehension failed to be an academic strength. I did not write that the wealthy shouldn’t pay taxes. I wrote that the wealthy paying more is not the solution. You write that I have no social conscience? Well, I contribute to United Way on every paycheck (automatic deduction), volunteer at my local food bank, donate to the SPCA, and still give to those who beg on the street or those organizations that call me for phone donations. I am fully aware of the needs of our country. However, what has Obama done in the last four years to improve these social needs you have mentioned? Nothing; nor did you include any data to support your claim. I wrote that wealth is in the eye of the beholder. I did not write that I believe $15 dollars is wealthy (which is only considered the poverty line if you are supporting a family of 7 or more; not just one’s self; according to the US department of Health & Human Services 2012 HHS Poverty Guidelines yes, Sharon, I in fact do my research). You mention that I took every advantage and opportunity available to me, you’re DAMN right I DID! And guess what, all of these opportunities are available to EVERYONE who wants to take them. Last time I checked, students can get student loans, people can apply/get internships to learn and build skills in their field, people can network and build rapport for potential future opportunities, and one can do the basics which is excel at your place of employment to promote from within or to build your resume to get something better. Did I execute all this hard work on my own, you bet I did. I did not rely on anyone to do it for me. According to you, my success was made by luck, inheritance, or other employees. I did not inherite my job, it was not acquired by luck, and I did not expect my coworkers to do my job. Sharon, you bet I took advantage of all that America offers to me. Why do you think so many people have imigrated to our country over the past 200+ years? For opportunity!!! It’s there, take it. Obama even took these same opportunities, and from the sound of it, it seems that you’re probably fully aware of his background and his climb to success. Is HE also grouped into your stereotype of achievers? What it resonates through your response Sharon is that you failed to take advantage of these opportunities when you had the chance. And because of your lack of success and or shortcomings, all Americans who did right, ought to pay. As I said, I pay my own bills. I refuse to pay yours.

  25. Calling someone brainwashed makes it sound like nobody is entitled to an opinion unless it agrees with your own. If you cannot debate without acknowledging other people’s right to their own opinion, how do you expect anyone to take yours seriously? What is at issue is that the wealthy control the political system, and have made the tax code favorable to themselves, at the expense of greater society. Look at the tax rates of the 50’s and 60’s, and then watch income for the middle class stagnate as the tax rates on the rich decline. There’s something trickling down … and it smells. We want those at the top to put enough back into the system so we can maintain a healthy and educated society. Is it too much to ask?

  26. Ryan is not an atheist. He’s a devout RW Catholic pushing all their social extremist views. Although the RCC recently castigated him for his “non-Catholic” budget that goes against all their teachings to aid the poor, needy, sick, etc.

    It’s remarkable how these GOPTP religious extremists loudly preach their “morals” from the rooftops when their real Gods are Ayn Rand & the worship of money & power. Without exception.

  27. Exactly right majii, especially when Romney himself has publicly praised the Ryan Budget so many times – on video. Now he’s “retroactively” trying to take it back. And Ryan promises to get rid of tax shelters. RFLMAO! What a perfect pair of tools.

  28. In response to Nickin5, I am more than happy to debate with those of varying opinions of my own. That is one of the things that makes our country so great and diverse. However, I wrote that I believe that “Obama” is brainwashing the American people. Allow me to define the term “brainwash;” 1.impose beliefs on somebody: to impose a set of usually political or religious beliefs on somebody by the use of various coercive methods of indoctrination, including destruction of the victim’s prior beliefs
    2. condition somebody to behave differently: to induce somebody to believe or do something, e.g. to buy a new product, especially by means of constant repetition or advertising
    My trasitive verb describing Obama’s methods the past 4 years is accurate by definition. Obama is conditioning an entitlement country. In the last four years, education has not improved, home ownership is at all time lows, the unemployment rate is still at all time highs, and our economic recovery (if one can even write recovery) is laughable. Never does he speak about hard work, outreach and or educational programs or opportunities available to Americans. His solution is just tax the wealthy more. Where’s the money leaving my paycheck biweekly going now? You mention changes in tax code, but what about changes in tax code regarding business in general? Why are so many companies outsourcing oversees? It’s the tax code and red tape that one must muddle through to have a business. Why doesn’t Obama talk about that? Find a way to keep American business in America; therefore keeping American jobs. For all of those who believe in Obama’s reelection to another 4 years all I ask is one question, are you in a better economic situation than you were 4 years ago? If no, then maybe Obama doesn’t deserve another term in office and someone else deserves a shot. So Nickin5, is that too much to ask?

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