Romney Appears to Hope Americans Get Taken Hostage So He Can Win Election

Hostages as opportunities? Yes, it’s another Mittism from the secret tapes, proving that the smirking Libya presser was no anomaly. Romney really does see human beings as political opportunities for him to shine on, you crazy diamond.

Transcript from Mother Jones (emphasis mine):

Audience member: If you get the call as president, and you had hostages…Ronald Reagan was able to make a statement, even before he became, was actually sworn in—

Romney: Yeah—

Audience member: the hostages were released—

Romney: on the day of his inauguration, yeah.

Audience member: So my question is, really, how can you sort of duplicate that scenario?

Romney: Ohhhh. [A few chuckles in audience.] I’m gonna ask you, how do I duplicate that scenario.

Audience member: I think that had to do with the fact that the Iranians perceived Reagan would do something to really get them out. In other words [unintelligible]…and that’s why I’m suggesting that something that you say over the next few months gets the Iranians to understand that their pursuit of the bomb is something that you would predict and I think that’s something that could possibly resonate very well with American Republican voters.

Romney: I appreciate the idea. I can’t—one of the other things that’s frustrating to me is that at a typical day like this, when I do three or four events like this, the number of foreign policy questions that I get are between zero and one. And the American people are not concentrated at all on China, on Russia, Iran, Iraq.

This president’s failure to put in place a status forces agreement allowing 10-20,000 troops to stay in Iraq? Unthinkable! And yet, in that election, in the Jimmy Carter election, the fact that we have hostages in Iran, I mean, that was all we talked about. And we had the two helicopters crash in the desert, I mean that’s—that was—that was the focus, and so him solving that made all the difference in the world. I’m afraid today if you said, “We got Iran to agree to stand down a nuclear weapon,” they’d go hold on. It’s really a, but… by the way, if something of that nature presents itself, I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.

End transcript

There’s no situation Mitt Romney won’t look to exploit. Mitt Romney means if Americans were taken hostage, he could make Obama Carter and then he’d be Reagan the magic Republican. Only Obama is not Carter in the sense that Republicans mean it. Obama is trusted more by the American people on national security than Mitt Romney is, for good reason.

Mitt Romney sees hostages as a golden opportunity he pledges to take advantage of so that he can win an election. While many political strategists breaks things down this coldly, we prefer our Presidents to have beating hearts and open eyes.

The Libya comments weren’t a one off gaffe. Romney not only fits the stereotype of the heartless, smarmy, pandering politician, he built it into the surreal tragicomedy it’s becoming. Mitt Romney is our modern day Faust, who happily made a deal with the devil, thinking we would be the ones who paid.

Mitt-You’re-Nothing-But-An-Object-To-Me-Romney wants you to believe he cares about you. You just better hope you never represent an “opportunity” to him.

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