It’s Crucial to Purge and Prosecute ‘Rogue’ FBI Agents Collaborating with Russia

The growing consensus is that Putin's espionage and FBI-created “October surprise” gave Russia and FBI rogues what they wanted; a Trump White House.

Despite Report of Watergate-Style Bugging At DNC Headquarters – FBI and Media Silent

"You have to take all of this incredibly seriously. We are the oldest political party and we are under constant attack from Russia and/or maybe others."

If You’re Keeping Score, Add The LA Riots To List Of Things Bill O’Reilly Has Lied About

On Thursday evening, The Guardian published a report claiming six people who worked with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly during the 1992 Los Angeles riots have disputed his past remarks that he was attacked by protesters and concrete rained down on him.

More Bill O’Reilly Lies Uncovered As Colleagues Claim He Made Up Story In JFK Book

On Tuesday, Media Matters published a piece that accused Fox News host Bill O'Reilly of making a false claim in his book Killing Kennedy. In the book, O'Reilly said that he witnessed the suicide of a Russian emigre, George de Mohrenschildt, who knew Lee Harvey Oswald.

Bill O’Reilly Resorts To Name-Calling And Insults In Response To Mother Jones Story

During the Friday night broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly responded to a Mother Jones story showing he embellished his war coverage as a reporter by throwing out personal insults and accusing the magazine and others of being "far left zealots."

The Mainstream Media Sides With Fox News By Refusing To Investigate Bill O’Reilly’s War Lies

The media is doing their best to avoid examining Bill O'Reilly's claims that he was on the ground in combat in a war zone when he was actually in Buenos Aires.

New York City Police Officer Shoots And Kills Unarmed Black Man For Using Stairs In Building

A New York City police officer fatally shot an unarmed black man Thursday evening after the man and his girlfriend opted to take the stairs instead of the elevator in the woman's apartment building.

Conservative Filmmaker’s Attempt To Prove Voter Fraud In Colorado Blows Up In His Face

Conservative activist and professional troublemaker James O'Keefe released another one of his 'blockbuster' stings Wednesday that supposedly showed voter fraud in action in Colorado.

Conservative Media’s Lack Of Empathy For Bowe Bergdahl And His Family Is Sickening

Republicans in Washington and the right-wing media decided to push all-in by claiming the President had negotiated with terrorists and endangered the nation's security in order to save an anti-American deserter who deserved to be held as a prisoner indefinitely by the Taliban.

‘Downright Weird’ Gun Nuts May Lead to NRA Finally Losing the Political Battle On Gun Laws

On Monday, a poll, conducted by Huffington Post and YouGov, was released. The poll asked Americans their feelings about open-carry gun laws and whether or not they were comfortable with armed customers in shops and restaurants.

The New Terrorists: How Ordinary American Activists are Receiving This Dangerous Label

The trend to label ordinary American activists as domestic terrorists is alarming, bringing to new reasons to revisit the PATRIOT act.

Reaping the Harvest: Romney Confirms Bain Exists to Kill Jobs

A new video confirms that Bain was never in the business of creating jobs, but rather of pumping companies for every cent for the Bain investors before harvesting the targeted business.

Romney Appears to Hope Americans Get Taken Hostage So He Can Win Election

Romney promises his wealthy donors that if a hostage situation arises, he will 'take advantage' of the 'opportunity'.

Mitt Romney Gloats Over Hilary Rosen Attacking His Wife

Buried in the secret Romney tape was a telling moment wherein Mitt Romney gloated over Hilary Rosen 'attacking' his wife Ann Romney.

Chaos Reigns as Romney Pulls Video of Ann Saying Mitt Doesn’t Disdain the Poor

Another video the Romney campaign doesn't want you to see. They up a video last night titled 'Ann Romney to FOX31: Mitt Doesn't Disdain the Poor', and then quickly scrambled to take it down.

Romney on US Leadership in Middle East: We Kick the Ball Down the Field

Erik Lesser/ZUMA Press

There's more secret video and this time, Mitt Romney says he'd kick the can down the road on Israel.

Romney Admits Tax Plan Is Based on Fox News Lie That 47% of Americans Don’t Pay Taxes

In a secret video, Mitt Romney admitted that the economic rationale for his campaign is the Fox News lie that half of Americans don't pay taxes.