More Bill O’Reilly Lies Uncovered As Colleagues Claim He Made Up Story In JFK Book


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On Tuesday, Media Matters published a piece that accused Fox News host Bill O’Reilly of making a false claim in his book Killing Kennedy. In the book, O’Reilly said that he witnessed the suicide of a Russian emigre, George de Mohrenschildt, who knew Lee Harvey Oswald. Per O’Reilly’s book and numerous interviews after the book’s publication, O’Reilly was standing on Mohrenschildt’s front porch in Florida when Mohrenschildt took his life with a shotgun blast in 1977. A number of colleagues and reporters have come forward to refute that claim, stating O’Reilly was in Dallas when Mohrenschildt killed himself.

The Fox News host provided the following dramatic retelling of Mohrenschildt’s suicide in his best-selling book.

“[The reporter] traced de Mohrenschildt to Palm Beach, Florida and travelled there to confront him. At the time de Mohrenschildt had been called to testify before a congressional committee looking into the events of November 1963. As the reporter knocked on the door of de Mohrenschildt’s daughter’s home, he heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide of the Russian, assuring that his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald would never be fully understood.

By the way, that reporter’s name is Bill O’Reilly.”

A former Washington Post editor, Jefferson Morley, reposted a blog post from 2013 on his site on Tuesday. Morley points out in the post that taped conversations at that time with investigator Gaeton Fonzi reveal that O’Reilly was still in Dallas when Mohrenschildt shot himself and only made it to Florida after the fact. O”Reilly was trailing Mohrenschildt for a story regarding the JFK assassination and wanted to speak with him regarding his relationships with Oswald and others. However, based on his conversations with Fonzi and further confirmation from Fonzi’s widow, O’Reilly was not in Florida when Mohrenshildt died.


After Morley had reposted his article, Media Matters published a lengthy report Tuesday in which they spoke to two reporters who worked with O’Reilly in Dallas at the time. The two former colleagues confirmed that O’Reilly was still in Dallas when Mohrenschildt died. Media Matters also investigated the official Palm Beach records at the time of Mohrenschildt’s death to see who witnessed the shooting. O’Reilly’s name was nowhere to be seen. The two Dallas reporters who knew O’Reilly at the time also said there is no way he could have been there, and if he were, the station he worked for would have run some kind of exclusive surrounding the coverage.

Besides writing it in his book, O’Reilly has repeated the claim in numerous interviews in recent years. This is a situation where it is apparent O’Reilly inserted himself directly into the story for dramatic effect. When you get so used to bloviating and strutting around like an alpha dog, it seems reality sometimes gets fuzzy and you end up believing your own hype. For O’Reilly, it also appears that he’s always wanted the acceptance of the mainstream journalism community he pretends to disdain. Therefore, he makes outlandish claims about the things he’s seen or covered.

On his show Tuesday night, O’Reilly didn’t address these new allegations directly, instead speaking in general regarding the ongoing Falklands War controversy first unearthed by Mother Jones. He stated that the reason he is getting targeted by the left-wing over his exaggerations is Fox News is the only media outlet putting pressure on President Obama. He brought on Fox News contributor John Stossel, who further claimed O’Reilly being a libertarian was the reason reporters and former colleagues now have it out for him.

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  1. It doesn’t even matter. FOX isn’t even bothering to put stories about O’Reilly up anymore. They haven’t acknowledged this extremely well documented article from Media Matters (read it, it’s very good) and will continue to ignore anything else. The FOX base, with the attention span and reasoning abilities of an ADD afflicted 5 year old, is convinced the CBS tapes completely exonerated Billo, even though it didn’t. And…Fox Nation started deleting comments critical of Fox and/or Billo, practicing blatant censorship to defend the indefensible. Business as usual.

  2. …the official Palm Beach records at the time of Mohrenschildt’s death to see who witnessed the shooting… O’Reilly’s name was nowhere to be seen.

    Of course O’Reilly’s name doesn’t show up.
    Bill is far too humble a man,
    a man of too fine a character,
    to work tragedy for personal aggrandizement.

    He specifically asked that his name be deleted
    from all official records.

  3. It is nice to see some of the media and real journalists not being afraid of Fox and Bill O’Reilly.

    It appears that all O’Reilley can do is call people names and do a bunch of blustering and label all this information a left-wing smear job . As far as I can tell he has not been able to disprove one accusation leveled against him.

    If this doesn’t prove to at least some of fox viewers that O’Reilly is not any kind of journalist and that Fox supports a liars, then they are far stupider than one could believe possible.

  4. And absolutely nothing will be done about it…
    He’s been a liar and will continue to be a liar and FOX will go right on supporting it

  5. People that reside in glass houses should never throw stones! As far as I am concerned, all of O’Reilly’s books are questionable. I’ve always thought that

  6. “He stated that the reason he is getting targeted by the left-wing over his exaggerations is Fox News is the only media outlet putting pressure on President Obama.”

    In other words, Fox “News” is the only entertainment outlet spreading lies and baseless accusations at our President. Even that isn’t true. That fact that the MSM hasn’t been pointing out the lies and misinformation coming out of Fox “News” and Republicans in general speaks volumes.

  7. stay tuned. more lies will be revealed. women, who were sexually harassed will come forward, too. this ball of sewage will keep rolling and he’ll join the ranks of the losers with Limbaugh.

  8. Fox lives off of lies, innuendo, and shoddy journalism. If they were to remove this element from their reporting they would have no one to employ not to mention O’Reilly. They are merely competing with “Reality TV”, not to be confused with factual documentary reporting. Expecting an ethical response by Fox to the O’Reilly lies is unreasonable. He is performing perfectly to their standards.

  9. piss off bill-o! karma has finally arrived for the GOP and the rightwing whacko birds. o’reilley spent the last five months absolutely bashing and hating on African americans, taking his delusional rants to a bigoted and racist level time after time after time. is was repugnant and despicable. all that hatred. how sad. you reap what you sow- just ask Giuliani.

  10. bill-o actually threatened the life of one of the original article’s writers and reporters. he is garbage.

  11. I can’t wait for Bill to tell us how helped Patton conquer Sicily right after he almost shot Hitler. This story is going to be like Cosby. Lies will keep trickling in as every word he ever wrote is being examined. What a lying douche.

  12. As much as I disagree with Bill O’Reilly and disapprove of the faux news on Fox, I feel that our current climate is too much focused on gotcha moments. With similar situations for Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton, I see this as a diversionary tactic by the media. Instead of digging up stories from misleading comments made by public figures from years before, we should talk about the rise of poverty, the difficult job market, the lack of equality, the crumbling infrastructure, and lag in educational attainment in the U.S. We have the means to eradicate hunger and ignorance, but not the will. Let’s redirect our public discourse towards issues that really matter instead of petty misrepresentations made by public figures.

  13. Billo is sweating. The heat is being turned up and on. He seems to be begging for the spotlight to stop shining on him. But guess what? IF he had a story like this, it will be non-stop badgering of the “victim” (his professional opponent)or anyone he disliked….. ’till kingdom come.
    It’s proving (once more) that he can dish it out, but can’t take it. Karma is biting his butt right now.

  14. Bill must be unhappy with his life. It is like he wanted to be a tough guy but is really a coward. He hides his cowardice under a whitewash of bravery.

  15. O’Reilly a libertarian? What the heck is Stossel talking about? O’Reilly isn’t a libertarian.

    O’Reilly’s trying to make it about FOX News instead of him is hysterical. They are finding YOUR lies and YOUR discrepancies, Mr. O’Reilly. You exaggerated and told lies to the very folks you claim to watch out for. You traded your honor for some attention and noteriety. You will end up keeping your job at FOX because FOX has no journalistic integrity and they want to use you to get viewers. But the folks now know what you did and your cred is shot. Your name will forever be associated with dishonest journalism and a media pundit who plies his trade with distorted facts.

  16. Marie this guy is a propagandist spewing divisiveness ;that thing you are against; discrediting him and telling the world he’s a liar will allow light in and lies out; it’s not about the gotcha its about stopping the number one gotcha person ;by the way I agree with you on getting past this Bs and lets deal with reality.

  17. It’s the year of the Dirty Bills and the same people defending O’Liely are defending Creepy Cosby.

    O’Liely has in the past whispered threats to “guests” just moments before his show started if he thought they’d contradict him.

    I learned this as well as how the Fox news security goons were trying to get folks in legal trouble for sending nasty emails.
    I emailed Bill and told him if I ever got on an elevator with him when I got off there would only be a puddle left. Never heard back.

  18. Bill was on the grassy knoll and saw the second gunman in Dallas. He was in the hallway at the hospital when Patton was murdered. And don’t forget he was in the next box at Ford’s Theater that fateful night. Oh, and he helped carry Lincoln across the street then ran to get a doctor.

    I am not sure if Bill was on the hill when Jesus was put on the cross. Somebody go ask him.

  19. The Guardian: Six Former Colleagues Dispute O’Reilly’s Claim He Was “Attacked By Protesters” During The L.A. Riots

    The hits just keep on coming. This one is even better because it shows what an absolute asshole O’Reilly is. He egged on angry residents and made a bad situation worse. It actually says something good about the residents where he was filming that they didn’t take him up on his taunt, “Come on, you wanna take me? I’ll take you on.”

    Here’s the story:

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