Here is What a Republican Approved Unskewed Poll Looks Like In Florida

Republicans have been complaining endlessly about the polls all being skewed towards Obama, so PPP gave conservatives the ‘unskewed’ results of their polling in Florida.

According to PPP, the real results in Florida reveal that Mitt Romney is beloved in the state. Mitt Romney has an 89% favorable rating, and only an 11% unfavorable rating. In contrast, President Obama should probably never show his face in the state again. Obama has a horrid 9% favorable rating to go along with an 89% unfavorable rating. Romney leads Obama 88%-9% in the state. Romney leads on the economy 86%-9%%, and on foreign policy 88%-8%.

Forget Obama’s five point Florida lead in other polls. This is a real poll that shows the truth without all of the liberal spin for Obama. How did PPP finally get a poll that conservatives could get behind? They only released the Republican half of their polling. Yes, the sample is composed of 0 Democrats and 100% Republicans.

When Republicans grumble about the polls being skewed towards Obama, what they are really complaining about is the fact that Mitt Romney is losing. So in order to escape reality, conservatives have come up with their own polling technique that allows them to live in their own reality. Conservatives can make the polls show that Romney is winning by not sampling any or as many Democrats and Independents.

Republicans are trying some of these same techniques around the country with their voter ID laws and election fraud tactics. The goal just like in the polling is to have more Republicans than Democrats show up to vote on Election Day. While PPP’s poll release was funny, what is happening around the country is no laughing matter. Republicans are desperate, and will do anything to help Mitt Romney win.

Their claims that the polls are biased are nothing more than an excuse riddled smokescreen designed to divert attention for what they are really doing on the ground in critical swing states. Republicans want to make the electorate look like the GOP sample in the PPP poll.

It is up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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