Gallup Poll Shows Unemployment Down To 7.3%

Gallup’s 30 day moving average poll finds unemployment has dropped to 7.3%. While not an official jobs number in the sense that the BLS numbers are, it obviously correlates to the recent BLS numbers that had the right wing in a frenzy of conspiracy talk. Also correlating to the improving BLS numbers are the facts that recent jobless claims numbers are dropping dramatically and today’s consumer confidence number hit a 5 year pre recession high.

So, all this new information should put the conservative conspiracy theorists to rest and they can take off the tin foil hat. This isn’t a conspiracy to re-elect President Obama; rather, it is a mandate that he should be re-elected considering the economic indicators. He has handled the economy well and has continued to be a steady hand at the wheel of history.

Will the news media pick up stories like this? No, of course not. If the American people knew this information readily, the race would be blown wide open by President Obama and nobody would tune into their stations.

The media needs a horse race — one that increases ad revenue from the campaigns and causes viewers to tune in more often and attracts more commercials.

The bottom line is that the economy is on the mend. This is similar to Morning in America under Reagan, except back then the Democrats weren’t rooting for failure as the GOP is doing today.

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