Ann Romney Jokes Mitt Was So Hurt by Her Dating Other Boys it Put Him in the Hospital

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 01:54 am

Things that are humorous to Ann Romney: Mitt ending up in the hospital was joke worthy.

Mrs. Romney joked on The View today that Mitt ended up in the hospital in France because she was back in America dating other boys. Mitt Romney was in a very bad car accident in France, in which a passenger (the Mormon mission president’s wife) was killed. Perhaps he was in the hospital twice in France, one time for the car accident and another for the mental anguish of Ann dating other boys.

This was a ha-ha moment today on The View:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: That is exceptional, and a bunch of grandkids as Barbara mentioned. There was one point though, did you guys almost break up?

Ann Romney: Well, not according to Mitt. We were separated for a very long time. We dated in high school and then he went to Standford for a year and then he went on a mission for two and a half years. I didn’t see him really for like three and a half years and during that time I was, of course, dating other people and having fun, and sort of forgetting about Mitt a little bit too much. I think that really kind of hurt him, a lot. I think it did actually put him in the hospital when he was in France.

Audience laughs.

You tell me- what’s the funny part: Is it funny that her dating other boys and forgetting about Mitt put a presidential candidate in the hospital?

Or is it funny that he was in the hospital as the result of a tragic car accident that killed the Mormon mission president’s wife, “who had been seated in the front between her husband and Romney.” Which one is funny? And if Mitt only went to the hospital the one time, how was that about Ann dating other boys?

I just don’t get it. If your husband had been driving when another car swerved over and killed the wife of a good friend in front of her husband, would you be making jokes about this car accident — ever? If your future husband had to go to the hospital because he was so hurt by you dating other men, is this funny?

Perhaps I lack the Romney humor. Team Romney claims Tagg Romney was also “joking” yesterday when he said that he wanted to take a swing at the President of the United States.

We were also treated to more of Ann Romney’s claims of being the “Mittstablizer”. Mrs. Romney said, “I walk into a room and I’m happy then Mitt dumps everything on me and I have to calm him down and stabilize him.” Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Romney can seem to help themselves from self-aggrandizing when they tell a story. If it weren’t for Ann, Mitt would be a nervous wreck. Isn’t she great?

Tagg Romney unwittingly contributed to the growing narrative that Mitt Romney is a basket case of nerves when he said on a radio show that his father was terrified before the debate last Tuesday.

I believe we saw The Mittstabilizer in action after Tuesday night’s debate when Ann Romney rushed the stage and practically pulled Mitt out of the limelight before he could figure out that yes, indeed, he had blown it.

In one appearance on The View, Ann Romney managed to sell her husband as so emotionally dependent upon her that he ended up in the hospital when she forgot about him and now he needs her to “stabilize” him.

Ann Romney is not helping things, no matter what Barbara Walters thinks (she praised Ann as being a great surrogate). Why would Mitt end up in the hospital over her dating other people? Is he that unstable – did he have a breakdown or was she making a joke about him being in the hospital for the injuries he suffered from the car accident, in which his passenger’s wife was killed? Neither is exactly a win.

Or was she just making a joke about Mitt Romney ending up in the hospital over a broken heart? Ha ha, I put my future spouse in the hospital because I just forgot about him. Ha ha. So funny. He needs me so much he ended up in the hospital after I cruelly forgot about him — hahaha, vote for Mitt!

Mrs. Romney might be as all-important as she believes, as she has done what no one else could — made me feel a bit sorry for her husband.

The View’s Red, White and View series was too high risk for the Republican Presidential candidate, so he sent his wife in to deal with the “sharp-tongued” women. Mrs. Romney also told Americans that her sons had served their country by serving their Mormon missions instead of the military.

Ann Romney always manages to make Mitt Romney sound emotionally unstable, needy and dependent. It wasn’t too long ago that she warned Americans about her concerns for his mental health should he be elected — God help us all.

Another well executed plan by team Romney.

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