Embarrassed Yet? Will the Media Now Apologize for Helping to Destroy ACORN?



Yes, justice found pretend pimp James O’Keefe even after then California Attorney General Jerry Brown gave the conservative activist immunity in exchange for his unedited tapes. O’Keefe has to pay former ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera $100,000 for secretly recording him and making a deceptive video from that recording.

You might remember O’Keefe from the Tea Party days when the media was in love with all things Breitbartish. O’Keefe liked to dress up as a pimp and set traps for real journalists on his “sex” boat. In his ACORN video, he showed himself dressed as a pimp when he actually met with Juan Carlos Vera dressed in a suit and tie. Also, although O’Keefe claimed Juan Carlos Vera helped him smuggle young girls into the US, in point of fact, Vera had called the police on James O’Keefe.

Something that should have happened a lot more to the pretend pimp.


The “liberal” media played O’Keefe’s deceptively edited video repeatedly, thereby ruining Vera’s reputation unfairly and inaccurately, but hey, the law is for liberals. O’Keefe was determined to take out as many liberal targets as he could, any way he could.

Of course, the Breitbart empire refused to show the unedited videos for months, all the while making further outrageous accusations stemming from their unrestrained imagination and paranoia:

Media Matters reported:

Breitbart and O’Keefe withheld exculpatory LA ACORN video for two months. For more than two months after Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com website began posting videos in which O’Keefe and Giles posed as a pimp and prostitute in ACORN offices, O’Keefe and his cohorts withheld video that directly contradicted what they said the videos showed. In September 2009, Giles and Big Government editor-in-chief Mike Flynn had both falsely claimed that every ACORN office O’Keefe and Giles visited had offered to help them. Also during September 2009, both Breitbart and O’Keefe were asked directly by reporters whether any ACORN offices had refused to help; Breitbart and O’Keefe chose not to disclose the existence of a tape that showed at least one ACORN worker who refused to help. In a video released November 16, 2009, O’Keefe finally acknowledged that a Los Angeles ACORN worker they filmed in August 2009 “would not assist us obtain a house for our illegal activities.”

In court documents first obtained by Wonkette, we learn that Vera was able to sue O’Keefe because the Tea Party jihadist broke a California law prohibiting the secret recordings. Oh, that evil state government!

O’Keefe’s attorney referred to the settlement as a “nuisance settlement” and said that O’Keefe “has a full career ahead as a talented investigative journalist.” Oh, yes. Sure he does. Before the media wised up to his illegal tactics and his deceptive editing (it took a while), O’Keefe took out an NPR reporter, tried to document voter fraud by perpetrating it, and got arrested for entering Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s office under false pretenses, and tried to lure CNN reporter Abbie Bourdeau to his boat in order to humiliate her sexually.

Blind folds, hidden cameras, boats, a sex tape machine, pornographic magazines, champagne and strawberries….sounds like one of those cheesy porns they consume in the Bible Belt on Sundays, but no…..this is a the “CNN Caper”, a Right Wing Activist Plan. It’s politics, Tea Party Style. In other words, it’s pornography, meant to titillate those involved and the boys of the Right while in this case also humiliating and controlling the female object. This is the story of the “CNN Caper” — an attempt by Tea Party activists to use sex to discredit a female reporter.

The one consistency? While trying to prove the illegality of his targets, James O’Keefe broke the law.

O’Keefe must think the law doesn’t apply to paranoid, angry, “traditional”, bitter white boys with an ax to grind against the “others” getting imaginary assistance from the liberal fairy godmother. But no doubt he’s in part emulating House Republicans bent on destroying the country over imaginary problems, and they in turn are emulating his witch-hunt ethics and pathological need of feather boa drama.

Troubling paranoia stemming from projection of his own intent meets repressed, distorted sexuality, stunted emotional growth and stunning hostility toward women and minorities = James O’Keefe.

Are the days of conservative activism requiring men to dress up in costumes pretending to be laughable pimps or illiterate founding fathers or incompetent spies almost over? Freud would have a field day with the Tea Party.

I hope that the mainstream media, who jumped into bed with this very troubling individual, uses this as an opportunity to rethink their love affair with all things Breitbartly “conservative”. Because while they were not always dressed up in inappropriate costumes, there were some exciting signs, dances, music and more at liberal protests against the war, at Occupy protests, union protests, civil rights marches and more. But maybe the media is only enthralled when the glitz of pretend sprinkles freakish showmanship over reality.

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