Bizarre Ann Romney Interview: Host Calls Mitt ‘Stable Boy’ and Ann is Still Bitter

Ann Romney

Sometimes I really wonder about this country. CBS This Morning’s Ann Romney interview was archaic meets bitter, and the only sweet spot was Mitt’s support of Ann, which got ruined by his manhood being cut down for it.

Ann Romney, wife of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Rommey, told CBS This Morning hosts Thursday morning that she had moved past her campaign bitterness. She then quickly disproved her claim by visibly gloating over the current scandals, saying the government is “breaking our trust.”

Mrs. Romney mined the “scandals” for all they are worth, saying they are “deeply troubling… There’s this breach of trust that we as all Americans feel right now with our government, if we look at the three scandals that are going on right now.”

Watch here via CBS:

Ann Romney finds the IRS scandal particularly upsetting, which makes sense, since conservatives think that the IRS somehow kept conservative groups from doing political work for Romney. That is decidedly not true, in fact, their work for Romney flagged one of the tea party groups for the IRS. Mrs. Romney lamented, “We have to have trust in our government. We have to believe they are doing right for us. Where do we turn to know what’s really true?”

Then Mrs. Romney moved on to Mitt and how great things are now, even though she was frustrated after the election. Things got bizarre here, and it wasn’t Ann’s fault, though she does seem to be a consistent variable when things go awry in interviews. Ann was praising Mitt for supporting her, so CBS This Morning host Gayle King jokingly called Mitt Romney a “stable boy”.

Watch here via CBS:

Mrs. Romney said of Mitt, “He’s been the most extraordinary husband this winter for me because I’ve been doing what I’ve been dying to do for a long time, which is ride a lot. And I’ve been competing a lot and showing a lot and Mitt’s been there supporting me, and watching me and helping me. Beyond that, he’s writing. He’s doing a lot of travel with me.”

Host Gayle King laughed and called Mitt a “stable boy” for supporting his wife Ann as she rides, after King said that she thinks men need to have a place to go when they get up in the morning. Archaic much? Apparently men are very different from women, because women don’t need a purpose, we are content to support our mates and are not called “stable girls” for it, at least not to our faces or on national TV.

Yes, I admit, Mitt has always seemed creepily dependent upon Ann, and maybe King was swimming in a weird mixture of the bizarre awkwardness that is Ann/Mitt. But now that he is not running for leader of the free world, I don’t care how co-dependent he is or how he falls into deep depressions if Ann doesn’t speak to him. He’s just a citizen now, and it kind of made me cringe to see him relegated to stable boy for supporting his wife, even jokingly. I doubt Mitt Romney needs any help feeling humiliated, after essentially being forced into political retirement.

Of course Ann Romney is taking pleasure in Obama’s challenges. This isn’t news. She has never been able to hide the gloat from the camera. But she was genuinely happy to discuss Mitt supporting her, and her life after the campaign, and it was uncomfortable when Mitt was ridiculously emasculated for being a supportive husband.

One thing seems clear: Ann Romney is a lot happier out of the public eye. After this interview, who can blame her.

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