Creepy Old Bryan Fischer Fantasizes That Women are Designed to be Ruled Over

Bryan-Fischer-AFA1-480x342My guess is not a lot of women are salivating over the prospects of being ruled over by the brutish Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. But it’s their job anyway, the AFA Director of Issues Analysis has determined.

Fischer made the pronouncement on his radio program yesterday, so it must be true, right? Fischer is the director of issues analysis. I mean, he analyzes issues. And women’s sexuality is an issue.

One that apparently fascinates this bloated old bag of wind. I’m not a woman, but even I shuddered when I heard this.

I mean, I like women. Nobody deserves this.


Watch, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Now, I am gonna say something here and I don’t care that it is politically incorrect. And i know if Right Wing Watch picks up on this or anybody else they’re just gonna lacerate me for this. I don’t care. From a biblical standpoint, it’s very clear that men are designed to be the breadwinners for their families. That’s the way God set it up; that’s the way he designed it. Husbands are to use their stamina and their strength and their brainpower – not that they’re smarter than women, I’m not saying that – but God’s given them a brain and the purpose for using their mental ability is to provide for their families, to use their physical strength to work hard, to work long hours, to use their physical strength to protect their wives and protect their children and be providers for them. That is the biblical pattern. And the biblical pattern is for a wife  and a mother to focus her energies, devote her energies on [sic] making a home for her children and for her husband. And there’s another problem, is the number of married mothers who out earn their husbands. That number has quadrupled and I – and again I’m gonna be politically incorrect here – I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t think it’s a healthy dynamic to have the wife out earn her husband because so much of his sense of worth as a male is tied up in what he does vocationally and providing for his family. That’s his calling. That’s not his wife’s job to provide for his family. He knows that it’s his job. And if he has a wife that out earns him I think that’s gonna put some stress on his psyche, gonna put some stress on that marriage.

Basically then, a woman is just an object to be used – protected for her value as an object – to produce children and care for those children and the husband that provides for her. The “biblical dynamic” does not call for her to be an actual person with an inherent value of her own. Her value is solely found in her role as a useful object for the male.

It’s one thing to say you’re submissive. It’s another thing entirely to be told, “you must be submissive.”

Or else.

We’ve had nearly twenty centuries of or else, thank you very much.

Sexual servitude has its proponents. Some play at it, some even prefer it as a lifestyle. Fischer and his fellow religious bigots hate those people. After all, it’s not something you should be able to actually choose freely. That takes the fun out of it.

The fun for patriarchal misogynists. If women aren’t forced into it, what’s the point, right, Mr. Fischer?

No, sexual servitude is only good if it is ordained by the Bible and takes place in a biblical setting. Like, presumably, Bryan Fischer’s bedroom. That way, he can degrade women, Bible in hand, as the Good Lord intended.

The Good Lord intends so much good stuff for men. Not so much for women.

Women like Sandra Fluke, who feel they should only have to engage in sex when and with whom they wish, are sluts for people like Bryan Fischer. Because they’ve violated God’s (read “male patriarchy’s”) will and have the temerity to think they control their own sexuality.

God hasn’t let women do that since he got rid of his consort, Asherah. Abrahamic monotheism had to get rid of the divine female in her role as mother and protectress so it could properly get at women. To treat them like men should be able to treat women.

What on Earth are women thinking, that they have the right to rebel against God?

Only God and his appointed, all-male agents on Earth (no, we are not talking about angels here – far from it) have control and authority over a woman’s reproductive system, including not only her genitalia, but her womb.

So lay back and enjoy it ladies. You don’t need a well-paying job. Just a womb and a convenient point of access. Let’s call that a vagina.

It’s kind of strange, isn’t it? Facebook can get rid of rape but God endorses it.

We can’t pretend he doesn’t. The Old Testament is quite clear on the role of conquered women. They have one purpose and one purpose only: to bring sexual joy to the men who conquered them. Masters, and – that includes the biblical husband – will provide.

All armies rape. It’s been that way all through history. But a God that endorses the servitude of one gender as a benefit to the other is just sick.

Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla called Fischer a “borderline theocrat” and this is true as far as it goes, I guess. I mean, it depends on if you see theocrat as an official position, like president or CEO. The dictionary says that a theocrat can either be a ruler or a believer in theocracy, so my take is that Fischer is a theocrat.

He is also a misogynist pig, and I think that more than theocrat is his true calling. The Bible, as it has been for so many, is just a handy justification for engaging in reprehensible behavior.

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