Coach Dave Daubenmire Says He’s Sick And Tired Of Being Sodomized By The Left

Coach Dave Daubenmire

“Inspirational speaker” Coach Dave Daubenmire, a former high school football coach who liked to mix prayer with his coaching (coercing students to pray), claims now to be a coach for “God’s team,” which apparently is being sodomized.

(Inspirational speaker, by the way, is apparently a euphemism for “stromtrooper” as he likes to disrupt gay-friendly services in other peoples’ churches with his group, Minutemen United.)

I don’t know if this sodomizing reflects more on Coach Dave’s coaching ability, on God’s disinterest, or what, but Dave says he is sick and tired of it and he’s blaming the “left.”

Watch Dave’s protest courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

I’m here to tell you I’m sick and tired of being sodomized by the left. That’s the truth. Nobody else will say it. I just did. We are being sodomized by the left. What does it mean to be sodomized? Basically, sodomize means you have something forced upon you that is unnatural against your will. Now who’s the left? We can call them a lot of different things. I call them the ‘God-haters,’ those who the Bible talks about, the haters of God. And that is in fact in the scripture. You do know that don’t you, that there are people out there who hate God and everything God stands for and unfortunately many of them belong to the left. Whether they be Pagans, whether they be tree huggers, whether they be whatever you want to call them, they are the radical left, and we are being sodomized by them. That’s right. All of our virtue is being stolen from us.

Sodomy is an unnatural sex act performed upon usually of a man upon a man. Now we also know sodomy is possible between the sexes but for the most part it’s an act, a vile act, performed of a man upon a man. What’s happened in America? We’ve been sodomized by the left. They have forced their beliefs and their values, pardon the expression, down our throats to the point where good has become evil and evil has become good. All you have to do my friends is look around America and you will see how much the values of the left have in fact been shoved down our throats. We’ve been sodomized by the left and the worst part of it is has been that the left has sodomized men. I’m not talking about physically sodomizing him, I’m talking about stealing men’s manhood. Through what? The ridicule, and through, um, name-calling, and through court attacks. Men, godly men, Christian men, are afraid to stand up and speak anymore because why? Because they’ve been sodomized by the left and they’ve lost their manhood.

Oh dear.

Coach Dave has previously called President Barack Obama a “sociopath” but you have to wonder, having seen how Dave really doesn’t understand sodomy (i.e. sodomy is simply oral and anal sex), if he understands what a sociopath is. He certainly doesn’t understand how honesty works.

You see, Daubenmire also claims on his site that the ACLU was forced by God to back off when he got in trouble for his coerced school prayers. The fact is that the ACLU did NOT back off. The ACLU won: see their press release here.

Coach Dave was told to quit mixing prayer and coaching, and the school board was forced to shell out $18k in attorneys fees and court costs for Dave’s sins. Does that sound like a God-win to you?

Yes, God so resoundingly crushed Coach Dave’s oppressors that Dave resigned in a huff in 2000. And not only did God not force the ACLU to back off, but God did not help Coach Dave when he sued the parents who had complained about what he was doing at London High School in Ohio. Yeah, Coach Dave lost that lawsuit as well, in 2004.

God forced the ACLU to back off? This is a lie, Coach Dave, a lie twice over. Christians aren’t supposed to lie, are they Coach Dave? So why don’t you just tell the truth? God not only kicked you to the curb, he kicked you under the bus. He didn’t lift a finger to save you when you broke the law.

Then Dave went to Fairfield Christian Academy to coach there. They fired him too.

You can see where Dave got the idea that he was being sodomized. You see what sodomy is to Coach Dave, and it’s not a definition you will find in the dictionary.

Sodomy, to Coach Dave is being told to stop sodomizing other people by forcing his values on them. What in fact happened is that Coach Dave was told he could no longer sodomize for Jesus the young men he coached. For Coach Dave, sodomy would be the person he is trying to sodomize having the temerity to say no, to fight off his unwanted advances. It is the sort of thinking that turns the rapist into a victim.

And Coach Dave says the left has turned reality on its head?

So when Dave says that the left has made good into evil and evil into good, you have to realize that the true overturning of reality has been by people like Coach Dave, who think there is no crime for those who have Christ.

As in, it was no crime for a Christian teacher to burn crosses into his students’ arms for Christ. Coach Dave thought eighth grade science teacher John Freshwater was within his rights to force his values on others by torturing and mutilating them.

Coach Dave says he is not homophobic but that he is tired of hearing same-sex acts talked about, even while he makes a living talking about it. From that, we could guess that saying he is tired of it means he is not tired of it, and therefore, when he complains he is tired of being sodomized, what he is really saying is that he can’t get enough of it, that this is a guy who genuinely loves being sodomized, and not just loves it but is obsessed with it.

He can’t stop talking about having things shoved down his throat.

Really. It sorta makes you wonder. I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’.

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