Betty Bowers Proves America is a Christian Nation

Betty Bowers Christian NationThe Religious Right is busily spreading their false gospel, telling everybody else of every religion that they are doing Satan’s work, which is a hoot considering that even the Jews don’t believe in Satan (so much for “Judeo-Christian” eh?).

But don’t feel bad. Even actual Christians aren’t real Christians according to this false gospel of greed and hatred. They, too, are doing the work of Satan. It doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in Satan because even disbelieving in Satan is doing Satan’s work.

If you’re as fed up with this B-S as I am, then this video might make you smile.

The indomitable Betty Bowers proves once and for all that America is a Christian Nation!:

I find Sundays to be the best day to laugh at false gospels. People like Pat Robertson and Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin and Cuban anarchist Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and the rest, like to pretend they’re actual Christians on Sunday, so Sunday should be the day the rest of us get together and dispel their lies, to cleanse the air, so to speak.

So let Sunday be Constitution Day for liberals, and let the umbrella of liberty spread over your head each and every Sunday, and bask in its sublime protections as the Religious Right releases its collective bladder overhead. Don’t let them trickle down on you!

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