The White House Storms Fox News To Refute Idiotic Republican Talking Point on Iran Deal



On Monday morning, White House Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the recent deal between Iran and the United States regarding Iran’s nuclear program. While this was a historic diplomatic agreement between countries that have long been at odds, and could potentially bring lasting peace to the Middle East, apparently there are Republicans who feel it is all just a sideshow to distract from the bigger picture: Obamacare.


Yes, the new talking point this morning is that Obama made sure to strike a deal with Iran so that he could get people to stop talking about the ‘disastrous’ rollout of the ACA and the website. Yes, finally coming to the table with Iran after 34 long years of bitter tension and hateful rhetoric is nothing more than a shiny object used by Obama to get Americans’ attention away from how they should feel about the ACA. Thankfully, Blinken poked a hole in that stupid talking point while talking with Steve Doocy:



DOOCY: Right, Tony, some people are skeptical, a little critical. They’re going, why now? Oh, maybe because so they’re trying to change the subject, Obamacare not working out. President’s approval at 38 percent. What do you say?

BLINKEN: Well, I don’t do health care, but I think we can probably figure out a way to insure tens of millions of Americans and prevent Iran from getting the bomb at the same time. The fact of the matter is, this was growing urgent. Iran was advancing down all three lines of activity. We wanted to stop that. We wanted to stop the program, and we wanted to see if we could get a comprehensive deal that resolves this once and for all. That’s exactly what we now have the opportunity to do.


Blinken made Doocy look like a first-rate idiot who was more interested in setting a stupid narrative than actually discussing the fact that the United States is going to get Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program. The fact is, the President isn’t sitting in the White House and wondering how his next move is going to be interpreted by the Republicans and their willing media partners. He has a country to run and a world stage to worry about. He has real problems to try to solve that don’t take a backseat to media narrative of the day.


This is the Republicans’ operation mode. They are only ever interested in discussing one thing and beating it into the ground. When they feel they have one topic that they can win against this president (Benghazi, the ACA), they will hammer it into the ground until it is six feet under. The thing is, while they fall victim, time and time again, to their own tunnel-vision, President Obama is going out and taking care of business. Whether it is in regards to Syria, Iran or any other subject, he is not allowing himself to be caught in the echo chamber of Republican idiocy.


History will show just how badly the Republican Party acted during Obama’s presidency. While they were more concerned about obstructing him every step of the way, he somehow persevered and got the country back on the right track. He fought tooth and nail to defend the health care law, he made America safer by not only ending two wars, but hunting down and killing Bin Laden and coming to historic weapon agreements with Syria and Iran. Job growth continues to rise in this country, as does the stock market. He inherited a dysfunctional mess left by an awful president and, without any help from Republicans, has gotten this country turned around.

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