Climate Change Deniers Using Cold Weather as Proof Exposed as Idiots By Jon Stewart

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On Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took aim at conservatives who have taken to the airwaves in the past few days to spout idiotic statements regarding climate change in light of record cold temperatures over much of the United States. In the clips below, Stewart highlighted many of our favorite lame-brained conservative voices (Donald Trump, Eric Bolling, Nick Cavuto, Stuart Varney) using their airtime to state that bitterly cold temperature this winter prove without a shadow of a doubt that global warming is not real.




Stewart angrily pointed out that just because it is cold where you live on a particular day, it does not disprove scientific data and an overall consensus among scientists that climate change not only is real but that it is caused by man. Recently, it was reported that new climate change models show that global warming is actually increasing at a faster rate than previously shown and that the temperature of the Earth may rise another 7 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100 if nothing is done. Yet, because we see a few day period of really cold temperatures happen over much of the US, to a bunch of conservative pundits, it offers irrefutable proof that global warming is a great hoax.

One person that really got annihilated by Stewart was Eric Bolling. Bolling specializes in giving extremely stupid reasons for his conclusions, and this was no exception. In Bolling’s mind, the vast majority of scientists who state that climate change is real are doing so because of money. Yes, there is just SO much money in going against Big Oil and Gas on this issue, don’t you know? Stewart expertly pointed out the absurdity of Bolling’s statements.

In the minds of many conservatives, to admit that climate change is real and the by-product of carbon emissions is to admit that liberals are right, and they just can’t have that. It doesn’t matter that denying facts and obstructing progress can cause real, long-term damage over a long period of time. Not only can they not deal with liberals and progressives being right (which is a petty reason), but many of the pundits and politicians are bought off by energy companies and lobbyists who don’t want to see their huge profits get cut into by green technology.

Therefore, we will continue to see this kind of idiocy on display for the foreseeable future. Every time we have a blizzard or cold temperatures, some d-bag on Fox News or AM radio will say something like, ‘Hey, where’s this global warming I keep hearing about? Hardy har! Stupid liberal hoax!’ And the rubes that listen or watch them will sit back and nod in agreement.

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