Pat Robertson Says Woman’s Atheism Caused by Rape or Demonic Possession

The last time a fundamentalist “Christian” tried to “bring me to Jesus” I was amused. She said, with a great deal of concern in her voice, “We need to talk.” She was very happy to talk about Jesus. But when I tried to offer her my polytheistic views, she said, “We’re not talking about that.” That, in microcosm, is the Religious Right’s view of religious freedom. Their freedom to shove their religion down your throat.

Several emotions battled within me besides that amusement: I was offended, of course, but I also felt pity for the so-called Christian for having a faith so brittle that it could only be sustained by having around her others who, by their presence, could bolster her own flagging and uncertain faith. If you really believe something, you don’t need help doing it.

So when I read what Pat Robertson said in response to a letter from a viewer who complained that a person she had tried to “bring to Jesus” had responded by being “openly hostile at the mere mention of God,” I revisited those memories and those emotions.

The letter writer, who is named Sandra, seemed shaken that anybody would reject her “good news”:

I work with an atheist and at one time I thought I could witness to her and bring her to Jesus. She gets openly hostile at the mere mention of God. She gets very angry just hearing the word of God. Should I just abandon the idea of being a positive influence on her and just let her perish?

She sheer arrogance of this statement says quite a bit more about Sandra than it does about her atheist victim. Also noticeable is Sandra’s utter lack of self awareness. Imagine the letter she would have written if the situation had been reversed: if the atheist had told her God doesn’t exist, you know Sandra would most likely be “openly hostile at the mere mention of God’s nonexistence” and have complained about that to Robertson instead.

Robertson, who is so obsessed with demons that he thinks you have demons in your underpants, provided the standard 2,000-year-old answer that the benighted atheist might be controlled by “something that is demonic” or “something that is deeply ingrained.”

He elaborated, pulling forth this intellectual abortion from his own ingrained self:

But to be that openly hostile to the word ‘God,’ it’s something beyond the normal human experience. Something has happened.

So it’s not possible to simply be offended by somebody trying to shove religion down your throat unless you are demonically possessed or victim of some sort of trauma?

What trauma, you ask, might be responsible for the coworker’s alleged hatred of Jesus?

It’s something beyond normal human experience. Something has happened and she associated God – maybe she had an abusing father, somebody who raped her and acted like he was preaching to her from the Bible. You just never know what’s going on in somebody’s childhood.

And that, my friends, says a great deal more about the stain on Robertson’s soul – and possibly conscience – that it does about the atheist.

Since there are now laws against forcible conversation (alas!), Robertson was left to suggest that poor, befuddled Sandra “be understanding, be loving and don’t try to push anything on her, pray for her, but if she won’t hear, she won’t hear. I mean, you’ve done what you can do, but always in love.”

Here Robertson compared an atheist to an engine without oil:

You know, if you try to start an engine without oil, the engine will get friction and it will tear itself up. If there’s oil, the gears will begin to flow. There needs to be an anointing oil before you start to talk to people about the Lord. And just pray for that anointing.

So now all you atheists know what’s wrong with you: you ran out of oil and your engine seized up and tore itself apart. And you were possibly raped and demonically possessed, maybe at the same time. Can’t forget that.

And, of course, it goes without saying that you made Jesus cry.

The thing is, and it is very important you remember this: Jesus will make YOU cry when, like Bill Maher, you finally stand before him. He’s merciful and forgiving and all that, but he’s going to smite you hip and thigh with hellfire for each and every tear you made him shed.

I hate to think how Robertson would diagnose somebody who, like myself, believes in a multitude of gods. Yikes.

What’s kind of funny about all this is that Ralph Reed recently appeared on 700 Club and he and Robertson agreed on the need to restore the Religious Right to where it stood in the 1980s.

My first thought, between telling me science is not science but the Bible is and now this nonsense was, no, you won’t.

Somehow, I don’t see The Bronze Age Experience™ as being a marketable commodity with millennials, particularly young women. I think young people today are more comfortable with the germ theory of medicine than exorcisms by pseudo-Christian witch doctors with a lurid fascination with raping young women.

In the end, it’s probably easier for these cultists to just steal elections with the almighty dollar, the way Capitalist Jesus™ intended.

25 Replies to “Pat Robertson Says Woman’s Atheism Caused by Rape or Demonic Possession”

  1. It looks like to me the biggest demon would be a con man who makes million of dollars off The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ.

  2. It looks like to me the biggest demon would be a con man who makes million of dollars off The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ.

  3. I think most of us can agree that no one cares what anyone else chooses to worship or believe as long as they don’t push it on you. As a child I was raised in one of those Baptist, hell fire and brimstone environments. It was traumatizing as I look back on it. As soon as I could think for myself I rejected it to the core.

  4. I am an atheist. I have never been raped, abused or possessed by demons. I just don’t believe in fairy tales. Total B.S. coming from a crazy out of touch man.

  5. @Phil, once again you NAILED it!! but unfortunately “SOME” liberals here get a perverse tingle out of being juvenile by lumping ALL people of faith into ONE RW pot! which goes to prove these same individuals aren’t as “LIBERAL” as THEY claim to be. I’m STILL waiting for that mouthy so called “LIBERAL” to call Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandi a CRAZY person! or INSANE! these same so called “LIBERALS” need to practice what THEY preach! as long as someone religious beliefs don’t tread on your beliefs to be an atheist, why not agree to disagree and find common ground in other areas, like pushing hard to rid ourselves of the GOP! BTW, it’s my faith that drives me to jump on here and share ideas and learn myself, and also confront the RWers that comes crying here trying to peddle their FUX NEWS and their WHITE NATIONALIST party swill.

  6. @knight4444, as far as my personal beliefs go I believe that you become what you believe. If you believe in christianity then there is a heaven and hell for you. I personally believe in reincarnation. The reason I believe in it is that nothing in this world is every really destroyed it just changes mediums. Although I am not religious I do have morals and values. I try to help those less fortunate than I, and I always try to the right thing rather than the easy thing. Just be a good person.

  7. I use to watch robertson about 20 yrs ago until he went off the deep edge! he started with 700 members thus calling his show The 700 club but robertson fell into the trap of MONEY and POWER and became as dirty as sin! the GOP’s Southern Strategy has worked VERY well for THEM, , they’ve orchestrated a scheme to church leaders to poison their uneducated, ANYTHING but christian flock to be minions for the GOP. And doing it ALL TAX FREE, robertson built his lie on ignorance, HATE and tax free dollars!! robertson is a CON man! a multimillionaire, his diamond mines are a testimony to his FILTH!! and GREED! he doesn’t speak for people of faith, he speaks for his masters! the GOP and corporate america! and he’s making “BANK” but he like limbaugh can’t take it with him!! like ronald reagan, robertson is a ACTOR!! a two bit TOOL, robertson has faith in a “god” alright, it’s called MONEY.

  8. ” “SOME” liberals here get a perverse tingle out of being juvenile by lumping ALL people of faith into…these same so called “LIBERALS” need to practice what THEY preach! as long as someone religious beliefs don’t tread on your beliefs to be an atheist, why not agree to disagree and find common ground in other areas, like pushing hard to rid ourselves of the GOP!…”

    Ah come on…you can do better than that!

    “SOME” is a weasel-word.

    You are allowed to name-names of “SOME liberals” who offend your senses. If you feel strongly about finding common ground then go for it; move on and work with those willing to work with you.

    It’s all about the behavior, not the belief.

    If you drop your belief “guns” and at the very least, start playing “Lemonade” or “Red Rover” with your counter parts your behavior would have integrity. As soon as belief trumps, it’s very hard to get anyone’s ear. Very simply, show “us” SOMETHING if you’re not afraid. Behave from yourself, …

  9. Belief in a Creator and belief in religion are not mutually synonymous – the word “God” has been so used and abused so much through the ages, by many religions including xtians, that there is little wonder that the word itself leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many. One’s spiritual beliefs are “vertical”, between you and the Creator, whereas religion is “horizontal”, between persons who claim to share a similar belief system. Religion is basically a social club, where people gather (congregate) in the clubhouse (church, temple, etc.), are explained the rules (, bible, dogma), ask for favors (prayer, supplication), pay their club dues (tithe), and tell each other how they’re superior to others because their club is the best (worship).
    Simple belief in a Creator does not require all of that club nonsense – look around at the wonder of the universe surrounding you, and don’t allow yourself to be duped by greedy con artists selling snake oil. WTFU.

  10. I loathe using the word but every time I talk to these pathological Christians or even any one who believes I always feel as if I’m talking to a retarded person. They seem to be detached from reality and facts. I feel as if I must wash my hands after coming in contact with them, but I know their disease is a mental one not one caused by a virus. bacteria or germ. The problem with this world is not the lack of religious belief but the existence of that mental malady in the first place.

  11. It’s these type of statements from religious “leaders” that drive people away from any and all organized religions. The lies. The bigotry. The hypocrisy. The hubris. The condescension. I don’t need to be saved by their God, nor do I need to be brought to the light by them. I don’t need to be judged by them either in accordance to their interpretation of their scriptures. What I need is to be respected for who I am and for what I do, and to be left alone from any and all attempts of converting me to their brand of mind control.

  12. I wonder why Disney/ABC made that deal to buy his cable outlet but leave him his 3 1/2 hours on air? He couldn’t get a gig on TBN, or are they the wrong kind of right-wing christian? It’s so hard to keep up with who really has the correct interpretation of the bible.

  13. I don’t talk to ’em anymore. As soon as they admit they’re xians, I grab my wallet with both hands, and run for the nearest exit.

  14. The dominionists have a perplexing problem: They have to say crazy shit to keep their gullible followers under control and at the same time, not alienate people with their crazy talk. That’s a trick that is guaranteed to fail. Most of the so-called religious right “leaders” need a muzzle, not a microphone.

  15. I don’t believe their fairy tale because it was too hard on me to be told how I was worthless because i think that their god is an asshole who would rather cast non believers into his hell, but it’s ok to be a Ted Bundy as long as you do the pathetic deathbed repentance stunt.

    I go to work, clean my house, do laundry, sew, keep in touch with my friends, play with and do research on my computer, and for this i deserve hell? For spending the majority of my unemployed time as my mother’s housewife and the nanny to my sister’s children?? For working 40 hours a week yet, coming home to take care of my mother’s house? For reading history books and studying to renew my pharmacy tech certification?

    I might call you a dickface in roadrage, but I haven’t been in fights, and deserve hell?? I don’t even get to fornicate, for fucks sake, but I do have alcohol.

    My life is so boring that if their god watched, he’d say “oh Me she’s cleaning again zzzzzzzz.”

  16. Why is it that Christians feel compelled to shove their religion down the throats of other people who have no interest in Christianity or any other organized religion? We don’t see Jewish mega-temples or TV personalities preaching the Torah. Nor do we see Hindus, Shintoists, or Buddhists shoving their religions down people’s throats. Only Christians and Muslims. Both groups are close minded. Only Muslims want to kill non-believers and Christians want to brainwash non-believers and other Christians as well.

  17. I think Pat Robertson knows his audience very well and will say and do whatever to keep the money rolling in from the ignorance masses. The people who would take him seriously ARE upholding ancient beliefs and aren’t likely to open their minds and think critically in any way, shape, or form. It’s just sad that in this day and age people are allowed to, and even encouraged to, embrace their ignorances through belief alone.

  18. @Singhx, let me set you straight, number one, I’m not offended by anyone here, liberal, republican PERIOD!, everyone is entitled to they’re opinion, Number two, I use the word “SOME” because all liberals don’t feel this knee jerk reaction to use a broad brush then they lower themselves to name call an ENTIRE group. I don’t need to post someone name here, @Singhx, you know how to read, anyone who has read my post here knows full well my total disdain for the GOP and it’s fake so called religious right. my point is why can’t you believe what YOU want and I believe what I want without all the juvenile hateful names?? I can’t stomach the GOP but to lable an ENTIRE group is wrong right there!! that’s why I don’t call ALL republicans racist, because they aren’t!! I’ve met non caucasians who are racist and toxic, racism isn’t just a caucasian republican problem, it’s a human character flaw

  19. Just out of idle curiosity, could it be that her co-worker is getting angry at her because she has a pile of work she needs to get done and really has no time for idle chit chat? If I understand this correctly, businesses hire us to work, not convert each other. I don’t know what company they work for but where I work, I have a lot to do and little time to get it done in. I don’t have time for conversations about religion or anything else. Maybe Sandra should stick to doing what she was hired to and I don’t think it was to go around converting her co-workers.

  20. The Christians have a terrible history of killing non-believers. Yes – they would do it all over again and probably will at some point.
    People like Robertson just kill religion. He gives sincere religious people a bad name.

    The scary part about Robertson is so many people believe his bullshit. They are ready to act on it.

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