Chris Christie’s ‘Bully’ Rating Goes Up In New Jersey While His Approval Rating Plummets



A new poll released by Quinnipiac on Wednesday shows that embattled Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating continues to go down in his home state in the wake of federal criminal investigations into Bridgegate. The results of the poll show that 49% of New Jersey residents approve of the way Christie is handling his job. This compares to 44% who disapprove of the Governor’s performance. While this still places him in a net positive, it is his lowest rating since before Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012.

For the sake of comparison, Christie’s job approval rating was 55% in January 2014 and nearly 70% last summer. Therefore, he’s seen his approval rating drop by 20 points in less than a year. That isn’t the only bad news that this poll shows, either. Overall, less and less New Jersey voters see Christie as a leader and more are referring to him as a bully. 48% of voters in the state said they see the Governor as more of a bully than a leader. This is up eight points from January.

When it comes to Bridgegate, New Jersey voters are clearly not on the Governor’s side anymore. A majority of voters (51%) now feel that Christie was aware that his aides were causing traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge. This is up 11 points from January. Also, 56% of the state’s voters feel that the investigation spearheaded by Christie’s office clearing the Governor of any wrongdoing is a ‘whitewash.’ Only 36% feel that the lawyers conducted a legitimate investigation.

All of this now leads to Christie’s own state’s residents rejecting him ahead of the 2016 Presidential election. More people in the state now feel he isn’t trustworthy or honest. In this poll, only 43% said that Christie is trustworthy, while 50% stated that he isn’t. This is a reversal from January, where the results were 51-41. At the same time, a majority of New Jerseyans (52%) do not want Christie to run for President in 2016. Even more (57%) feel he will not make a good President.

Christie’s reputation on a national scale had already been decimated by his scandals over the past few months. However, he is now seeing his own state reject him. Christie has long had ambitions for the White House. At this point, he’ll be lucky to finish out his term as New Jersey Governor.


13 Replies to “Chris Christie’s ‘Bully’ Rating Goes Up In New Jersey While His Approval Rating Plummets”

  1. Of course you know that in Joe Scarborough’s mind not only will the numbers be wrong but he will accuse Democrats of and get this “bullying” a frakkin BULLY! Chris Chrisite could crap in Joeys Wheaties and he would find some apology for the action. Gov. Christie should be removed from office no if’s ands or but’s!

  2. What’s the old saying, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”, couldn’t happen to a better guy. The repugnant presidential hopefuls field keeps thinning itself out. He was probably their best chance. Guess that’s why they pulled ol’ Jeb out of the closet and dusted him off. If all else fails dig up a Bush.

  3. Just look at how many lines of fine print out there that state “Not applicable in the State of New Jersey!..I’m just sayin’…perhaps Buckaroo Banzai was on to something…hmmm!

  4. Chrispie Creme knows that we know that he knows that he initiated WildsteinGate & BridgetGate and they wouldn’t have done it without his nod or they know they would suffer repercussions for life and he knows that we know that he is toast..

  5. Chris Christie’s problems following his re-election remind me of what happened to the late former president Richard Nixon after HE was re-elected. Just as in Nixon’s case, everything has started to unravel since Christie got re-elected. Just as Nixon didn’t finish his second term, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christie fails to complete his. Both of them have been undone by hubris, a propensity to make enemies, and a sense of entitlement that they could do whatever they wanted with impunity.

  6. Give a fat man a dozen doughnuts, and he eats but a meal. Give him a whole state of jelly rolls and he will try to eat them all in one sitting. By the way, I am no lightweight LMAO.

  7. OMG I bet Chris Christie can not stand Rachel Maddow because she was the only one covering this story for a really long time when no one else would…Go Rachel!!!

  8. Justin, good information that is wonderful to hear.

    But as an aside, it should be FEWER and FEWER…NJ residents…, not LESS and LESS. Just sayin’.

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