Cliven Bundy Destroys Fox News and Sean Hannity By Claiming They Support His Racism


Cliven Bundy is obliterating Sean Hannity and Fox News by claiming that they still support him, because they are right on, and they understand his racist views.


CNN asked Bundy if he felt abandoned by Fox News. The racist rancher replied, “You know, I don’t think I’ve been abandoned. I think they misunderstood me a little bit. I think Fox and I. I think Hannity and I are right on, and I have no doubt that he would support me if he understood my really what’s in my heart, and I think he does understand me. I don’t think there’s a question there.”

When told that Hannity called him racist, repugnant, and ignorant, Bundy replied, “I hope I’m not that way. I’ll tell you what. I’m not.”

Cliven Bundy is destroying Fox News and Sean Hannity by claiming that they “understand him.” In this respect, Bundy is just like Fox News’ audience. They watch Fox, and shows like Hannity, but those programs reinforce their beliefs. Bundy thinks that Fox believes exactly what he does, because this is exactly the message that the network delivers to their viewers every single day.

Hannity has been trying to run away from Bundy as fast as he can, but Bundy isn’t about to let him and Fox News go. Fox News and Hannity did what they always do. They sweet talk people like Cliven Bundy into believing that they are friends. They use people like Bundy to push their anti- government/anti-Obama/racist agenda, but once the truth comes out, they claim no knowledge of anything, and blame their latest hero for it all.

Fox News and Hannity had to have known about Bundy’s beliefs. His dispute with the federal government has been going on for more than two decades. They are the ones who gave Cliven Bundy a national platform. Fox News and Hannity are responsible for his elevation, and they deserve the blame for promoting racism.

Hannity and Fox News can’t run away from Cliven Bundy. Fox News and Sean Hannity have spent the entire Obama presidency promoting racism, but now that have a racist stain in Cliven Bundy they can’t wipe away.

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  1. Given the context of this whole thing and the difficulty Hannity and Fox are having in getting away clean from him…it only seems fitting that Mr. Bundy should be known as “Tar Baby Bundy”.

  2. Great Analogy. He’s also like “Joe the Plumber”. they bring these yokels in front of the cameras and suddenly they believe their own hype. You can’t get the to shut up after that and then the fun really begins.

  3. They might as well have gotten the leader of Stormfront and paraded him around the news. Cliven Bundy is a nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie who is one of those hard core isolated Mormons. The kinds who got in gun battles in the old west over whether they were going to keep polygamy or not.

    As for Fox News. Cliven Bundy is like a dildo. Nice to have around until it falls out of your purse in public.

  4. Ku Klux Kannity is as bad as Bundy and should be off TV, but then Fox promotes white supremacy(just listen to Racist O’reichly & Megyn O’reichly Jr.) so that’ll never happen!

  5. Here’s the deal. The only reason Fox News is distancing itself from Bundy is because he is not quite as subtle in his racist ideas. He spoils their game of being racists without overtly saying anything racist.

  6. HA HA HA HA HA HA Man you can’t make this sh*t up! I am wiping the tears from my eyes as I read the comments. Thanx everyone for the laughs, made my day.

    Hannity and company apparently never heard the old saying, “When you lay down with dogs you get fleas.”. Old Bundy has latched on to them like a blood sucking flea and he’s not letting go.

    I am betting that the reason Bundy feels that way is that there have been far more conversations with Hannity and him that were never aired. Just keep this fool talking.

  7. I posted this comment elsewhere:

    “…But, by all means, carry on. Ask your buddy Hannity to explain your statements. Explain to anyone who will listen that ol’ buddy ol’ pal Sean agrees with you and so does every grandstanding stupid damn republican that was yapping away in total sympathy with your viewpoints, Bundy.”

    I really didn’t think he would actually do so! Hehehe!

  8. I hate when you ignorant asses bring up abortion. First of all you don’t know these women situations. Second if they do have the babies your dumbasses do everything you can to prevent them from having services to help them in raising healthy babies. And third you don’t give a rats ass about MINORITIES so STOP YOUR BULLSHIT

  9. Kira, I looked at your You Tube video on this subject. Do at least a little research on a topic before you create a video to let the whole world know you don’t know what you are talking about. Bundy is a thief, this is not about freedom. Unless you think freedom to steal is a conservative principle. Maybe it is in your mind. Bundy may or may not be a racist, I frankly don’t care. But I find it hilarious that republicans flocked to his side and now they are stuck, like glue to him. That’s a fact.

  10. I was just thinking about O Reilly and his comments about how journalists and commentators should know who they are hitching their wagon to. Which is probably the smartest thing he ever said. Wonder how things are between him and Hannity? Probably a little awkward around the water cooler today.

  11. Ole Hannity tries to not come across as a racist but that’s only when the cameras are rolling but you can hear things they say and you know the whole republican party is racist. In fact that’s how the republican party got it’s power when the racist in the Democrat party down South switched parties in the 60s because they wanted Black People to stay secondary citizens.

  12. O’Really is just as bad as Hannity. Remember when he went to Silvia’s and he said he was shocked when the patrons didn’t shout where is my motherfucking ice tea. These people think we are animals with no training and its high time they are called out for their overt and covert bigotry.

  13. Believe me Dj I have no love for Billo. I just thought it was funny the way he basically called Hannity out on the air. His own team mate or sorts. Makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes.

  14. Actually, TeaNN, Hannity called his buddy Bundy’s REMARKS racist, repugnant, and ignorant (not Bundy himself). I’d bet Hannity and Cliven are still BFFs off camera. Try getting your facts straight.

  15. I always find it fascinating when ‘you people’ focus on abortion rates for minorities in publications that don’t spell many words correctly.

    I sincerely doubt that you will read the attached as it relates to the availability of contraception for minorities prior to The Affordable Care Act. I am also certain you did not note the number of deaths related to illegal abortions.

    If the abortion rates decline due to the availability of contraception whatever will you focus to demean various minorities? It’ll be something sad, I’m sure, you sad ignorant cunt.!po=9.25926

  16. Stupid is as stupid does. Fox can’t fool any of us, they totally agree with this guy. They are just trying to appease their whackjob audience, but when called out, they change their tune. Just like all republicans. Say it, then back away from it – keep everybody at odds.

  17. Shamus, Hannity supported Bundy. Then Hannity backed off. Now Bundy is saying Fox supports his racism. Please learn to read

  18. It’s like watching a ship sink and Bundy, being the respectable captain, is making sure everyone that’s been with him go down with the ship.

  19. Shiva,

    I wrote the following:

    Fact: “Actually, TeaNN, Hannity called his buddy Bundy’s REMARKS racist, repugnant, and ignorant (not Bundy himself).”

    Then opinion: “I’d bet Hannity and Cliven are still BFFs off camera.”

    Then I wrote, “Try getting your facts straight (CNN),” regarding CNN reporting that Hannity called the man “racist, repugnant, and ignorant” when in fact he said Bundy’s remarks were such.


    Please learn reading comprehension.

  20. I should know better than to argue with the personality type who always has to be right even when they’re wrong.

  21. Cliven Bundy is only very publicly saying the kinds of things that folks like Hannity say, think, and perpetuate with FOX noise as the vehicle. Because Bundy is so flagrant and over-the-top with his racism and his nihilism, Hannity and company are trying to distance themselves from him. It’s too late for that, because over the years people like Bundy have become emboldened by FOX to voice the vilest, most contemptible bigotries with the justified expectation that FOX would endorse them. FOX noise is only reaping the bitter fruits of what it has sown with its appeals to the worst in its followers. That worst includes the most malignant racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, religious bigotry, and disdain for the poor. Bundy is a predictable end result of this pandering to people’s basest prejudices.

  22. ROTFLMBO!!

    Yep, you’re a typical GOPTPer, alright because when you can’t accept that you’ve supported the wrong person, you make an attempt to deflect and project. You’ll do anything EXCEPT admit you were wrong.

    I understand why you jumped on the Bundy bandwagon–you and he both have problems taking responsibility for your actions!

    Unless you have to assume responsibility for any woman who chooses to have an abortion, neither you nor Bundy should have sh*t to say about it.

    IOWs, it’s not your damn business.

  23. AFP, Freedum Works, and other RW orgs are scrubbing their comments on Twitter and Facebook, trying to distance themselves from this suddenly embarrassing sh*t stain. It’s way too late for that. They couldn’t wait to show Bundy that they supported him. Hannity and Fox are running away from Bundy, and one of Bundy’s daughters has taken to Facebook to blast Fox and Hannity.

    This is so much fun.

    I’m so glad that this blew up in these RW haters faces. Enough is enough. They’ve been playing this game since Pres. Obama entered office. They’ve been pushing racism and blaming it on this president who rarely says anything about race, and they’ve been doing it deliberately to divide the nation and win elections using the votes of unin/mis/informed whites. It was only a matter of time before their bad deeds caught up to them.

    Karma b*tch slapped all of ’em.

    I just hope millions of Americans witnessed it and it makes them think twice about voting for GOPTPers in November.

  24. No, of course you don’t care. Racists love other Racists. Now, while you are at it, why not look at the abortion rate for white females???

    Also, do you think that the Right Wing and its Republican leaders are trying to ban abortion because of too many Black women having abortions???!!! You are even more ignorant, if you believe that!!! Their plan is more focused on banning White women from having abortions because they are afraid that there are not enough white babies being born…or too many mixed, brown, and black babies being born… so that they can attempt to continue to pass along to power and the wealth of the country to “Those Who Look Like Them”. You didn’t even have to state that you don’t care that Ol’ Senile Clive is a Racist. That is quite obvious without the statement. As Confucius says, “It Is Better To Remains Silent And Thought A Fool Than Open One’s Mouth And Remove All Doubt!!”

  25. Cliven, you do not get to decide if you are racist. The larger community decides if someone is racist or not. In your little community of ranchers in the southern end of Nevada maybe you are not considered a racist.

    Fox News listeners may not think you are a racist though the on-air personalities are desperately trying to distance themselves from you. Secretly, they may or may not agree with you and privately think you are not racist.

    I am sure the American Black community thinks you are a racist. The American people as a whole definitely believe you are a racist bigot and an uneducated fool.

  26. Love most of the comments, but folks it is imperative every single one of us gets out and votes. Unless we want to get stuck with racism and religious nuts trying to jam their bull**** down our throats while giving our tax dollars to the 1%.

  27. Beat me to it.

    Time to stop being afraid of ‘Song of the South.’ We can’t get better if we ignore the elephant in the room.

  28. Only to those who are trying to get you to donate to them.

    Its amazing how many people who lack thinking skills might believe that. Sorry, thats not what diversity means at all.

  29. No it doesn’t. You’re just parroting the latest meth-head bob post. Try thinking on your own for once.

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