Bernie Sanders Connects The Dots: If You Vote, Republicans Will Pay For Their Obstruction


Bernie Sanders pointed out on MSNBC that the only way Republicans will pay for their years of obstruction is if Democrats come out and vote this November.


Sen. Sanders was asked by Chris Hayes if there will be a cost that Republicans will pay for their obstruction. Sanders answered, “Well, it really depends how effective Democrats are in grassroots America. The pundits tell us that sixty percent of the American people are not going to vote. What that means is seventy or eighty percent of low income and working people who want to raise the minimum wage, who want a jobs bill. They’re not going to vote, and what we have got to do is figure out a way that we rally grassroots America. Educate them about what Republican obstructionism is about. Educate them about how Republicans work day and night for the big money interests, and if we can motivate them, I think we’ll do fine in the elections.”

The problem is that one of the goals of the Republican obstructionist agenda is to discourage and demoralize people. The Republicans don’t want you to vote. They want potential voters to think that nothing will ever change in Washington, so their votes don’t matter. The Republican message to voters is that they should stay home.

One of the reasons why Republicans have been able to get away with championing nothing but the money interests is that the media doesn’t talk about what the Republicans are really up to. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently called out the media in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd for covering up what is really going on.

It is difficult to educate the people when the largest media outlets aren’t interested in what is going on, but Bernie Sanders was correct. If the American people get involved, Democrats will do very in the midterm elections. If Democratic voters choose to wait for Hillary Clinton in 2016, Republicans will probably control Congress.

The only way that Republicans will be made to pay for the behavior is if people vote against them in November. If you vote like it is a presidential election year, Republicans will lose, and their era of obstruction will be brought to an end.

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  1. Time to start a national ad campaign on mainstream television with some very effective ads outlining exactly what’s going on and how important it is to vote in the mid-terms. Getting this out on cable is not going to get the job done because not everyone has cable, but they all get the big 3 and that’s where they need to see this message

  2. We absolutely MUST get out and vote in November 2014. Your vote Does count but only if you cast it. vote as if your life depended on it. Because it DOES !!!

  3. Comparing Democrat’s hero-CLINTON–GINGRICH—versus Republican’s hero–REAGAN

    1.JOBS—grew by 43% more under Clinton.
    2.GDP—grew by 57% more under Clinton.
    3.DOW—grew by 700% more under Clinton..
    4.MARKET CAP INCREASE—Clinton + 330%–Reagan + 136%
    5.NASDAQ-grew by 18 times as much under Clinton.
    6.S&P500—grew by 370% under Clinton and 140% under Reagan
    7.SPENDING–grew by 28% under Clinton—80% under Reagan.
    8.DEBT—grew by 43% under Clinton—187% under Reagan.(995b to2870b)
    9. DEFICITS—Clinton got a large surplus–grew by 112% under Reagan.
    10.NATIONAL INCOME—grew by 100% more under Clinton.
    11.PERSONAL INCOME—grew by 110% more under Clinton.
    12.MEDIAN FAMILY INCOME-grew by 75% more under Clinton
    13. DEFENSE BUDGETED-Clinton -2311B—Reagan-2062B (current $)
    14.UNEMPLOYMENT—AVG—Clinton 5.2%–Reagan 7.6%
    (I admit averaging average…

  4. When I was a teenager, I carried petitions door-to-door so 18-year-olds could vote. The first election I voted in was 1972, when I turned 18. I’ve voted in every primary and every general since. I’m not deterred by so often not getting what I want. Make sure everyone you know is registered. If you live in a state with voter suppression, I mean voter ID laws, do what you can to help your friends, neighbors, and colleagues get what they need: a small loan to help them get a state-issued birth certificate, a ride to the DMV, whatever it takes.

    State this on whatever internet forum you participate in: It’s not just Republican voters (or gerrymandering) that get rightwing nutjobs elected. It’s Democrats and Independents who STAY HOME. I consider voting my civic duty. I VOTE.

  5. CS2,
    Be careful what you wish for our fine governor has over seen they complete failure of DCF to protect children, actually having children under their protection get killed and no one noticed for months. He also weakened the CORI background checks for criminals. A drug lab scandal that released hundreds of criminals and will end up costing the state hundred of millions of dollars tainting 40,000 criminal cases. Has governed over the state with the highest health care costs per capita in the country meanwhile took a perfectly functioning healthcare connector and with the attempted implementation of Obamacare turned it into a non functioning one. Don’t be fooled, Governor Patrick is amazingly incompetent.

  6. Clarence,
    I believe much of what you see in those numbers are the run up of the bubble as well as the peace dividend from the collapse of Soviet Union. Clinton was certainly more competent than Busch and Obama who have seen fit to crush the country under a mountain of debt and a litany of obstructive laws and regulations.

  7. I love Bernie Sanders, but I think he’s wrong on this one. From what I’ve seen, Republicans are not discouraging people to vote. Quite the opposite. They are encouraging people to vote for them and they’re pretty forceful about it.

  8. They are discouraging people with voter ID laws in the states, changing what ID’s can be used, closing polling places in minority and Dem voting areas. Getting rid of early voting. Tons of ways they are discouraging people

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