Texas State Senator Claims That Obama ‘Thinks He’s God’ During Republican Debate

NM_01DanPatrickMug.jpg   Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick of Texas is currently in a primary runoff with Texas’ current Lieutenant Governor, Republican David Dewhurst. During the primary election In March, Patrick finished well ahead of Dewhurt, defeating him by 13 points. However, since there were other candidates trying to grab the Republican nomination for Lt. Gov., Patrick fell under the 50% threshold needed to secure the party’s nomination. Therefore, Patrick and Dewhurst have been locked in a runoff battle for the GOP nod. The runoff election is May 27th. The two candidates locked horns in a debate on Tuesday. The town hall debate was hosted by the Central Texas Tea Party. Seeing that this was a Tea Party event, and Patrick pushed ahead of Dewhurst during the initial primary campaign thanks largely to heavy support from Tea Party voters, it seemed inevitable that there would be a lot of pandering to the lowest common denominator during this debate. Patrick did not disappoint. Already known for his ultra-conservative views on gay marriage (though, in a hilarious twist,  he accidentally endorsed same-sex marriage on Twitter in February) and immigration, Patrick decided to kill two birds with one stone by criticizing climate change and President Obama at the same time. Below is video of the entire debate (watch at you own peril):     There was a lot of nuttiness to go around. However, let’s focus solely on Patrick’s statements on climate change and the President. As you can see in the video, an audience member asked Patrick how much money he’d spend if he was Lt. Gov. to “cool the environment.” (Oh brother.) After telling the person that he’d spend nothing at all, Patrick responded with the following bit of ridiculousness:

“I understand why Obama thinks he can change the weather — because he thinks he’s God. He thinks he is the smartest person in the country. He thinks he knows better in Washington what we do in Texas. He thinks he’s the one, through all of his executive orders, that Congress isn’t even up to his level, so I’m not surprised that he also thinks he can change the weather.”

But, he wasn’t done. Oh no sirree. He had to get in a jab at Al Gore,. Patrick also made it appear that there is legitimate dissension in the scientific community when it comes to climate change.

“First of all, when it comes to climate change, there’s been scientific arguments on both sides of the issues. But you know, if you want a tiebreaker, if Al Gore thinks it’s right, you know it’s wrong.”

There is somebody out there that Patrick trusts when it comes to dealing with the Earth’s climate, though.

“I’ll leave it in the hands of God. He’s handled out climate pretty well for a long time.”

That is  just a big ol’ truckload of red meat for conservative Texas voters to chomp on right there. The only thing missing was Patrick pulling Ted Nugent up on stage to call Obama a piece of sh*t and to “suck on my machine gun!” If Patrick is able to hold on and grab the GOP nomination over Dewhurst, it provides a glimmer of hope for the Democratic candidate, State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte. Based on Patrick’s inflammatory comments about immigration and Hispanics, it seems certain that Van de Putte, a Latina, will secure a very large portion of the Hispanic vote. His candidacy may also energize many previously unregistered voters to register and vote in the upcoming election. Van de Putte’s camp has already stated that they’d prefer to face Patrick over Dewhurst.

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20 Replies to “Texas State Senator Claims That Obama ‘Thinks He’s God’ During Republican Debate”

  1. President Obama is a pretty good guy, even to republicans. By law he could of called the Feds in to take care of a radical crowd of republican/tea party gun toting yahoos and he just let it pass. This Senator that says that the President thinks that he’s God, doesn’t know anything about God.

  2. Patrick the nutcase states that he will leave the climate and weather to God he has handled well enough. If he knows so much about God, then he and his nutcase friends should know that they shouldn’t mock God. I wonder if he ever thought that maybe, just maybe this global warming might be God’s way of saying I’m fed up with the hate and evilness that fills this world. Especially from this GOP/Teabagger group.
    I have to wonder about the politician from Texas. They all must have cow sh$t for brains. They all have that same strategy move, say something against President Obama and that automatically gets the vote. Just tell us what your plans are to make this country better. He can’t, that’s why the GOP is stuck investigating the same old BS.

  3. Mr. Patrick, President Obama is far, far superior to you and anyone else in Congress. As a matter of fact, he makes you all look like dimwits, which you are.

  4. Why can’t they ever criticize Obama like a normal person. It’s always this unhinged, end of the world hyperbole. Obama can’t just agree with 97% of scientists that climate change is real. Oh no, the President thinks he’s Obama Almighty who can change the weather. Who besides this jack hole claimed Obama can change the weather?

  5. Dan Patrick is the Pete Wilson of Texas. He will be responsible for turning Texas into a blue state just like California. Without Texas, no republican will be elected president for a long time. I do believe that the republican brand will become regional, just like 1860-1928 era of white southern democratic minority. Basically this era will be similar, except both parties are switched. It is now the Dixie Republican Party, also knows as the Dixielicans.

  6. Agreeing with the 3% of scientists who believe (or have a vested interest in believing) climate change is not caused by man?… leading us to extreme hardships in our lifetimes… I am embarrassed to be a Republican with guys like that out there.

  7. Why, no Tbone, they clearly don’t. There are many of them here in Georgia. When I lived in New York I had the pleasure of being ‘represented’ by Senator Pothole, Al D’Amato, and when I lived in North Carolina I was ‘represented’ by Jesse Helms. I’ve had the dubious pleasure of seeing my country run (into the ground) by LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and two Bushes. Bottom line: while Texas certainly produces more than its share of outstanding specimens, there are numerous dumbasses all over the United States.

  8. So all of you moronic Repubs.Conservs. claim through spittle covered lips that you speak for God. You nutcases are god obsessed, It’s sad, your obsessed by a fantasy..

  9. Washington D.C. bought Texas and everything in it from Mexico once. I think it is time to sell Texas and everything in it back to Mexico, for one peso. Making everyone living there Mexicans, which makes them Mexican citizens, no longer to be citizens of the United States of America, stripped of their American citizenship. My country will be much better off without Texas and Texans, they have phucked it up more than enough already. Goodbye Texas, don’t let the hacienda door hit you in the ass, one peso will be more that enough compensation to get rid of you.

  10. Yes and General Sherman who was from my home town here once said, “If I owned Hell and Texas I’d rent out Texas and live in Hell” Myself I say “Texas…it was almost a good idea!…

  11. Most people outside of Texas know more than this yahoo. Texas is not Gods gift to the United States. Too much pollution has made them dimwits. Are there any politicians in Texas who are normal? Maybe God will just let them float out I to the ocean never to be heard from again. It’s as if they are trying to outdo each other in the stupidity factor.

  12. It should NOT surprise ANYONE that this type of thinking comes from a Texas Tea Party leaning Republican. What else is new? {{{ Shrug }}}. And it should also not surprise us that there are many like minded voters out there who THINK like him.

  13. The republicans seem to over-do their rhetorical objections to everything “Obama” for the main reason which emerged from the latest Robert Greenwald film (still showing on the net for free or donations)i.e. that the Koch Brothers who most pull the highest levers of right wing power are just plain old criminal white supremacists. That ideological mission never ends with their names held in esteem for endowing works of good but instead rank among the notorious for hating until they draw their last breath. Their wealth leads to disenfranchisement of a social group, the weakening laws or the ability to enforce them, the development of a “gang” of anti-social/low scruple order-fulfillers who lose no sleep with the commission of acts most others find abhorrent (not the least of which is slowly containing and eradicating a race.)

  14. Our POTUS is wonderful. And one of the reasons I think the Republicans hate him so much is he makes them look bad. They can’t out think, out perform, out smart, out wit the black guy. It must drive their tiny minds crazy!!!

  15. Heh. Us Idahoans have our share of dumbasses. Did you see any of the Republican GOP debate between the cowboy, the biker, the curmudgeon and the normal guy (otter)? Total whackadoo weirdness!

  16. I hope Leticia Van de Putte crushes Dan Patrick in November. Dan Patrick along with Greg Abbott must never see office ever again. Dan and Greg are an embarrassment to Texas. Wendy Davis & Leticia will bring prosperity back to Texas and that includes restoring the education funds back to the schools & give the hard working teachers the pay raise that they deserve.

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