Conservatives Use Racism To Try To Discredit Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos

deGrasse Tyson

There are a few things that elicit absolute outrage from the dominant racist wing of the conservative movement in general and, Republicans and teabaggers in particular, than African Americans; particularly intelligent, well-respected, and articulate African Americans. One has only to reflect on the conservative movements blatantly racial opposition to anything proposed by President Barack Obama, even favored conservative policies, to understand that their racism supplants even getting what they, or the American people, once supported and still want if only a white male president proposed them. Over the course of the past three months, conservatives, particularly Christian Right conservatives, have discovered a new African American villain to attack because not only is he articulate, extremely intelligent, and very popular the world over, he is an esteemed scientist debunking their fairy tale beliefs and driving a stake into the heart of Republicans beholden to the energy industry and denying global climate change..

It was just a matter of time before the opposition and criticism of astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson became overtly racist, and it is no real surprise that Fox News provided a nationally-televised forum for a white supremacist to say “I hate this guy.” Apparently, Fox News felt the necessity to give the Christian creationist cult an ally in their war on science, and deGrasse Tyson, so they invited overtly racist Gavin McInnes to rail on the scientist because he mentioned that he was racially profiled growing up in New York. Now, it is important to note that although Fox News, as the media outlet for the Christian Right and racist conservative movement, is delighted to host a racist to attack a super-intelligent African American, but their real motivation was rallying support against Tyson’s 12 week take-down of climate change denial, and to a lesser degree his destruction of creationists’ ignorant attempt to discredit science in general.

The racist McInnes said about Tyson, “I hate this guy. White liberal nerds love this guy so much, he could defecate on them like Martin Bashir’s fantasies and they would dance in the streets. All he does is, he’s drunk with adulation. And he talks about things like ‘when I was young in New York I would get racially profiled when I’d go into stores.’ Back then he looked like he was in the The Warriors. He had a huge afro and a cutoff shirt and New York was a war zone. Sorry, you fit the profile.” At least McInnes did not deny that Tyson was racially profiled and most likely by white nationalists like McInnes who built a reputation as a despicable white supremacist Fox promotes at every turn; especially when they attack intelligent African Americans. Fox News knows the type of cretins McInnes represents because he has been a frequent guest and a former writer for Vdare, an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a “white nationalist hate group.” As recently as 2011, McInnes saidI love me some VDARE” and wrote an article for the hate group that claiming a Canadian university was a “multi-cultural madrassa” because it rejected requests to host another white supremacist, Jared Taylor, whose bona fides includes advocating for racial segregation and promotes founding all white towns. Exactly the type of hate-mongers Fox knows will incite their racist audience that may be “educated” into understanding that the extreme weather events devastating their lives is the result of burning fossil fuels and not because their god is angry prayer is not in schools, the bible is not the Constitution, or gay people exist.

Fox News’ problem, like Republicans, fanatical Christians, and their climate change-denying fossil fuel associates with Neil deGrasse Tyson is that besides being a likeable and articulate African American, he is single-handedly decimating any energy industry claim that climate change is a liberal plot, a hoax, or not man-made. It is certain that Tyson understands the influence he, and Cosmos, is having on informing the population about the urgency of addressing climate change as well as the program’s value for promoting science as the only solution to saving the environment in the short term and the human race over the long term.

Tyson said that because Cosmos premiered not only of Fox, but on the National Geographic channel and 181 countries in 46 different languages, “It tells you that science is trending in our culture, and if science is trending, it can only be good for the health, wealth, and security of our species and our civilization. And yet, many members of our species still deny that the globe is warming thanks to human activities, a point that Cosmos has not only made a centerpiece but that the program has frankly argued threatens civilization as we know it.” Although extremist Christians will deny it with their dying breath, Neil deGrasse Tyson does not defame, confront or condemn the stupidity of those that deny science, particularly climate science, and it is a testament to his desire to reach idiots through teaching. Tyson masterfully uses various educational modalities to prove science debunks climate deniers, and creationists’, claims and after twelve weeks Fox’s only recourse was either admit denying climate change is the purview of malicious idiots, or pay a racist to attack the intelligent African American destroying their Republican, bible thumper,and oil industry lies.

However, Tyson did point out conservative lunacy of rejecting science and specifically cited the Republican Party as why there has been no action to reduce the existential threat of global climate change. Tyson said that Republicans who reject and lie about the science of climate change are not only dangerous for America and its people, it is bad strategy. He said, “At some point, I don’t know how much energy they have to keep fighting an emergent scientific truth. The Republican Party are resistant to embracing the facts of climate change that the legislation they should be eager to influence, they’re left outside the door. Because they think the debate is whether or not it’s happening rather than what policy and legislation can serve their interests going forward.” In that Tyson is mistaken because Republicans, fossil fuel industry, and Christian fanatics know climate change is happening and devastating the nation, and they are pushing legislation and policy that serves their, the fossil fuel and evangelical extremists, interests exclusively. They have about as much interest in reducing the effects of climate change as they do in helping protect the American people and it is curious that Tyson would not admit it because he knows it is the truth.

Although it is typical and despicable for Fox to bring on a noted racist and white supremacist to attack Neil deGrasse Tyson because he is systematically destroying what pathetic arguments conservatives use to deny climate change, it is a sign they, and Republicans are desperate. Every single week for the past three months Cosmos and Tyson have deconstructed and decimated evangelical fanatics and Republican claims science is an abomination before god and wrong, and that the bible and fossil fuel devotees are infallible. It is true that with mountains and centuries of scientific facts at his disposal, there is nothing Fox, Republicans, or evangelicals can use to defend their position or refute even one claim made by an intelligent African America man like Neil deGrasse Tyson, so they resort to their despicable and base inclination and bring a racist pig to say “I hate him;” because he is Black, smart, and changing minds.




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  1. It’s hard to say anything but the Grand Delusional Old Party is sliding in to a pit of decay. They are just smart enough to realize they are going to extinct. To stupid to stop it. They keep talking about winning elections but they know they are in the minority and the end is near.

    If they were the true majority of the people they wouldn’t be trying to suppress the vote. Relying on whipped up scandals. Using racism and bigotry, and hatred of women to stir people to the polls. In the words of Jim Morrison, “This is the end.”.

  2. At least this time the American Taliban wont try to weasel the way out of it by saying we don’t hate because he is black we hate him because of his polices like with the President. No this time they are going for the two-fer We hate him because he is black and his policies

  3. Rmuse, as AA, I always love the emphasis when talking about renown AA’s that they are articulate. You mentioned this several times. I rarely read that particular adjective used when describing non-black scientists.

    I like your comments & writing but I thought I would let you know my concern.

  4. Neil degrasse Tyson, has more brains than the entire FOX News. These people just can’t believe a black man is more intelligent than them. And I won’t even waste my words on Gavin McInnes, except to say he doesn’t even have the brains of Homer Simpson. But as far as FOX News, trying to pass themselves off as professional news media is a joke. There is nothing professional about them except their hatred and stupidity. You could learn more from “Sponge Bob” than these clowns.

  5. As a female, I see the same stuff when journalists are reporting on a story that includes a woman. They always manage to add an adjective or two when it’s not necessary, or they describe what she’s wearing, if she’s short or tall, if she’s blonde or brunette, or if she’s married and how many children she has.

    In short, I know where you’re coming from. It’s insulting as hell.

  6. The really funny thing is, this show and narrator that they despise so much are being displayed on the Fox Network, what they consider to be their flagship media jock strap – so, why is that? Only reason is, $$$$$$$$$, and that is the name of their one and only god.

  7. White supremacist Christian cult members (including most people on Fox) love to talk about how pious they are and how important the 10 Commandments are, while making a multi-billion dollar industry of violating the 9th commandment.

  8. The same way that all the McFarlane shows give Fox the comical one finger salute near constantly but they still go on…. $$$$$$.

  9. I hate when a slanted piece of media comes out to bash other slanted pieces of media. This article, while possibly true, would be much more impact if it was written from an objective perspective.

  10. Fox put on a known racist. Racist made the comments. what kind of objectivity are you looking for? While his views are not mine he does have a point of view? GTFOH

  11. The faith of millions cannot be so strong if a mere mortal like Dr. Tyson can shake it to its foundations.

  12. I agree, but why do well meaning White American Liberals have to use “articulate” as a way of describing a famous well educated highly accomplished individual of African American descent? I don’t hear ” articulate ” being used for non African American individual of similar achievements. There are too,too many highly educated, very accomplished, articulate and famous African Americans in America, no need to do that! Use the same language you use when describing outstanding, very well educated, accomplished famous individuals of other races and nationalities. I THINK THE RECENT REGRESSIVE RACIST TENDENCIES OF TODAY’S EXTREME RIGHT/GOP POLITICS IN WASHINGTON, HAS LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVES ALSO SLIDING SLIGHTLY BACKWARDS IN THEIR USE OF LANGUAGE, WHEN DISCUSSING TOPICS ON RACE IN AMERICA AND RACISM.

  13. As a Latin woman, I am always astounded by the level of hatred which White racist men express towards Black men, to me it appears as PURE JEALOUSY. I’ve watched White men react to Asians and other men of different races other than Black and while they may express some condescension, they don’t become so angry and act so threatened as they do with African American males. I CAN’T HELP THINK THAT THERE IS JUST PURE JEALOUSY IN THAT HATRED,EXACTLY AS IT IS EXPRESSED BY THE RACIST MCINNES IN THIS ARTICLE. THE DEGREE OF ANGER IS NOT ABOUT THINKING SOMEONE IS INFERIOR TO THEM, IT’S THE OPPOSITE, IT’S AN ANGER WHICH IS DISPLAYED WHEN SOMEONE PERCIEVES HIS OPPONENT AS A COMPETENT POTENTIAL THREAT, BECAUSE THEY PERCIEVE THE OPPONENT IS WELL PREPARED AND THEY CAN DEFEAT THEM. DOES THE WHITE RACIST PERCIEVE BLACK MEN AS MORE MACULINE THEN THEY? IS IT THAT BLACK MEN THREATEN A RACIST WHITE MAN’S MASCULINITY?

  14. When I think of all the efforts racist whites went through to keep the black man from getting educated( even to this day) and here we have President Obama and Prof. Tyson, to of the smartest men on the planet.

  15. Actually I use the term articulate exactly when appropriate. My son is a scientist and points out that any scientist who can articulate the complicated terminology & details of complicated science..into explanations average non-scientists can understand and USE , is most important at this time.

  16. “Prejudices are what fools use for reason.” — Voltaire

    A closed mind is a dangerous mind and shows the world your ignorance.

  17. The south is much more in the crosshairs of climate change if I am not mistaken. So with the fact the south will suffer disproportionally over time and being conservative they will reap what they have sewn. What used to be tropical storms will now be category 3 hurricanes in a flash due to warmer southern waters. The flooding will be immense and more common. Horrific thunderstorms turning into death storms. Have fun climate change deniers in Christian conservative fun-land keep on a voting in them conservative Christians.

  18. Hammerhead, actually Seth MacFarlane was a driving force behind Cosmos. It was through his efforts that Cosmos is on Fox.

  19. I use the word “articulate” all the time to describe white folks, too. Please, let’s not get oversensitive.

  20. Oh, PLEASE!!!!! I describe my big, fu-man-chued, red-haired Irish captain as “articulate” too. Because he is and it’s a trait I admire. Don’t be ridiculous.

  21. To all the bible thumpers who deny science, go live like the Mennonites. See how long it takes for you to realize that your comfortable modern life is impossible without science.

  22. Take away the racism and just look at the ignorance:

    ‘science is trending in our culture’

    Damning, 45 years AFTER we land on the Moon!

  23. Yeah, Neil, don’t back down from your talking points. At some point, these fossils themselves will have to admit to climate change and what it’s doing to the world around us.

  24. This article is sickening. Can no one these days argue a topic without resorting to name calling or smearing the opposition? Do two wrongs make a right?? This only serves to further divide us as a country, pitting us against one another instead of fighting to find a solution that best suits everyone. OUR government was set up to find a compromise, no matter the subject, so please…quit spreading the hate and have an actual discussion.

  25. Democrats have been compromising since Reagan and now the republicans filibuster their bills for chrissake. And you have the audacity to come on here to say “cant we all get along” that ship has passed. The only way to save America is too cut out the cancer that is the party of the American Taliban

  26. I read through the comments and the harshest thing that was said is when I called them the American Taliban which is true. Seems to me someone has a reading comprehension problem

  27. I apologize, I should have stated that I was referring to the article itself and how we shouldn’t spread it’s message of hate. As for the comments…what’s the point, I doubt anything I write will change your view. Good day to you sir/ma’am.

  28. Fox put on a known racist. I don’t see any wiggle room out of that. Now if we reported it and you find it hateful, hey, I have an idea. Tell fox to stop putting on known racist. Its so simple I wonder why you didn’t think of it

  29. I get the author’s point: people who have opinions he does not like should not be allowed to voice them. Especially if they are virulent, ad hominen attacks. But wait! The author’s article is one virulent, ad hominen attack after another, is it not?

  30. Ok I get it now with you RWNJ. If you report what a racist said on fox news who invited him knowing what he would say that’s a ad hominen attack. Baby jeebus help us we are truly living in bizarre world

  31. I think it’s important to point out when someone is articulate, because far too many people are inarticulate. If being articulate were a more valued skill, perhaps people such as the author wouldn’t feel compelled to point out that a person is particularly articulate. However, the fact that you literally took a speech-based compliment with no negative connotations and turned it into some sort of racist sub-commentary says a lot about your state of mind.

  32. Just because you allegedly use the word all the time in various contexts doesn’t mean that “articulate” has no demeaning undertones specifically when it’s used to describe black people. You didn’t know about those undertones, now you do because people here have told you, so take this lesson and learn from it and stop defending demeaning uses of words like “articulate”. Nobody is being over-sensitive. We’re just stating facts and trying to educate. Chill out.

  33. You’re not racist. You just get annoyed and indignant whenever someone speaks up about their disapproval of racism, and then tell them to shut up.

  34. science is an essential tool for the man in your scientific and social development I am more than agree with Neil Degrasse with the fact that our paneta is undergoing significant changes and I have seen what little I have on technology for my studies when I was ten very interested what the field of scientific instruments and I could get my own study on climate during just seven years it was overwhelming to witness identifies that the earth had heated pace of 0.01 degree per year and what is more serious is that it was exponential with my research followed the next twenty years, the planet had warmed three celcios Gardos and that ought not to insesante summer rainy season that achieves temperatures isolate and were much warmer than ordinary , considering that I’m Latino and limited economic resources are to qe refection time that otherwise succumb, this goes for those who do not believe in climate science so early humans thought of the mechanical sciences and chemical sciences and the….

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