Conservatives On The Supreme Court Have Turned The Constitution Into A Weapon of Mass Destruction


Throughout world history, there are myriad instances of wars consisting of coalitions aligning together against a common enemy. It is considered the course of wisdom for both sides in a war to marshal support to their cause of nation’s with the largest armies and devastating armament that more often than not give one side a clear advantage and an expedited victory. Whether most Americans realize it or not, they have been spectators, victims, and often combatants in a sectarian religious war that one side appealed to, and won, the support of a religious male cabal with the ultimate weapon of mass destruction; the U.S. Constitution. Of course, the religious cabal is the five male conservatives on the Supreme Court who enjoined the religious right’s war on women. To ensure a victory for the aggressors, they brought the ultimate weapon of mass destruction to bear on over half the American people that will expand to include every man, woman, and child unwilling to capitulate their liberty and acquiesce to the Christian Right’s will.

Over the past three-and-a-half years, since the teabagger-Republican takeover of the House in 2011, there has been a sustained attack on women’s rights that no politician, pro-choice group, or remotely interested party had the courage to call what it always has been; a sectarian religious war on women. It is true that the war is being waged by men steeped in misogyny and patriarchy, but the basis for the Republicans’ misogyny, patriarchy, and assault on women has always been founded on religion and a seriously distorted reading of the Christian bible. Likely, the aggressors and victims alike adhere to the unwritten dictate that at no time, and under no circumstances, is the Christian religion or bible to be mentioned in a negative light, or pointed to as the basis for the Republican assault on women; the five conservative Christian males on the Supreme Court had no compunction, or hesitance, identifying the basis of the Republican, teabagger, or religious rights’ war on women.

The Supreme Court’s five male conservative Christians, in ruling for Hobby Lobby, announced in grand fashion that, indeed, the war on women is based on the Christian Right’s faulty interpretation of their rule book, the Christian bible. In their ruling for corporate religious tyranny, the five males cited, specifically, that a corporation enjoys Constitutional religious liberty to ignore laws and enjoys the Christian right to decide, based on the bible, that a corporation’s religion is the ultimate arbiter of women’s health. It is a continuation of last week’s ruling that the religious right has Constitutional authority to take the religious war to women seeking medical care, so the decision escalating the religious war was not unexpected.

It has been a long time in coming, but American’s now understand that there is a sectarian religious war against over half the American population, and the Supreme Court just unleashed the full weight and power of the United States Constitution on women, their physicians, and health according to edicts of the religious right. Apparently the conservative Court cannot comprehend that the First Amendment’s religious freedom clause was intended by the Constitution’s framers to be a shield to protect the individual against religious tyranny. The Court’s Christian males agreed with the religious right that the Founding Fathers intended freedom of religion to be a Constitutional sword to force women to comply with a corporations’ religious beliefs. Now that freedom of religion has been deemed a weapon by Supreme Court by Constitutional fiat, it is impossible to conclude anything other than America’s democracy, and women’s rights, are now under siege by the Christian right.

No American should delude themselves for a nano-second that Hobby Lobby’s owners, the Christian Dominionist Green family, the Christian conservatives on the Court, or religious right has any other intent than to impose Christianity on the entire nation. It was reported here a couple of weeks ago that the Greens are spending about a billion dollars of their fortune to inculcate their bastardized version of Christianity, with all its perverse anti-science and anti-democratic dogmata, on America; including a mandatory four-year bible-based curriculum in every public high school in America. The Christian conservative males on the High Court just gave the Greens and religious right the primary weapon they lusted after to achieve their goal; freedom of corporate religious tyranny.

It is relevant to reiterate that the contraception mandate Hobby Lobby objected to had nothing whatsoever to do with impinging on the for-profit corporation’s bottom line, or its phony conscience objection against contraceptives. The corporation’s Christian conscience had no problem including contraception coverage in health plans the employee pays for prior to 2011, and it reaps profits from investing in pharmaceutical companies that produce all manner of contraceptives including drugs used during abortions, or selling goods manufactured in China where abortion is mandated by law. Their lawsuit was a frontal assault on women’s rights according to their bastardized version of Christianity as a frontline battle in the religious right’s war against democracy, secularism, and Americans unwilling to toe the evangelical line and nothing else.

The decision is sure to incite opposition among women and men who care about their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters health to vote against Republican Christians who are certain to unleash a rash of legislation expanding on the Court’s ruling for Hobby Lobby and the religious war. Women, men, non-believers, and so-called “good Christians” have to come to the realization that they have lost the first of many religious battles and if nothing else can take solace that they were defeated handily by five Christian males who wielded a religious weapon of mass destruction; the United States Constitution. At least as Americans, and particularly women, begin incrementally losing more of their freedoms, they will know it is because they were victims of a sectarian religious war that no-one except the Supreme Court had the temerity to cite was indeed a conservative Christian religious war on liberty.




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  1. at the same time….Hobby Lobby should have to stop their buying of Chinese products, while the Chinese have forced abortion on their women for eons….and they should have to sell their stock in the pharmas that make the said products that they are so against…to not do so only makes them bigger hypocrites than they already are!!! If they are going to misquote the bible and make a big deal of contraception….then they need to practice what they preach!!!!

  2. We need to keep control of the presidency and the Senate. Somehow get control of the House. Then enact term, or age limits on SCOTUS. Lifetime appointments without repercussions is out dated and time to go. The entire theory of lifetime appointments was to keep the Justices from acting out of political views and be free of fear of losing their job. This court has made it very clear that their agenda is supporting corporations and religion. So it’s time for a restructuring.

  3. What we need is an amendment to the constitution that allows for the removal of supreme court justices who show clear partiality in a case or who has displayed clear partiality to a cause without rescuing themselves from voting on cases in which they are not impartial or have an vested interest in the outcome. As it is now they act as though they are above the law and their responsibilities on the bench.

  4. I think November’s election is going to be a huge shock to the Republican’s. They just caught the attention of the overworked, multi-tasking, sleep-lacking woman of this nation. What happens next should be very, very eye-opening. The Republicans/Tea Party are going to be reminded – forcibly that woman make up over 50% of registered voters in this country.

  5. can we please change “Supreme Court’s five male conservative Christians” to ‘five male conservative papists?’ they are all catholic spreading RC dogma. at least 1 is Opus Dei…

  6. Opus Dei is the most awful extreme of the Catholic wing. They are rigid anti Semites and misogynists Mel Gibson is Opus Dei. He was the one who produced that hideous torture porn Passion Of The Christ.

    They want to erase Vatican II and go back to the bad old days of the Inquisition. They are an unfun, scary bunch. Now they want to make common cause with the evangelical Protestant right to oppress the rest of the population.

    Remember, people. Religious extremism is like a flesh eating virus. It won’t just kill the people you hate. It will keep on devouring, expanding the groups it targets until there is a full scale religious war: unless they are stopped.

    First they came for the women….

  7. I don’t have a problem with Christianity, I am a Christian myself (Catholic), and I will say that some of the tenets, practices and laws in the Bible might be a bit outdated for the 21st Century people. But we do have the hard core Christians who interpret the Bible to make their moral judgment legit. Sounds familiar? The Taliban and the Saudi Kingdom, et al? they nitpick the Koran to create Sharia Law on their people. Restrictive mostly on women. Now we have a Taliban leading Supreme court (as it pertains to women’s rights)that in effect acted out their like-mindedness with the Taliban. See the parallels? Be very afraid of those conservatives who gave you “Corporations are people too” sound familiar. Uh-huh Mr. Romney himself believes that. Romney in the White House? Be very afraid…….

  8. You are exactly right. Fundie christians are little different then fundie muslims. Possibly fundie Hindus as well I dont know

  9. The miseries of the world have always been caused by disputes over religion. The my God vs your God disagreement has been going on since the beginning of time & can never be settled. I thought religious freedom meant a person was free to choose what ever God of their understanding (or no God) they wished to worship; and that this was no ones business.

    Our country has lost all ability to act with tolerance, reason & moderation.

    The US is overcome with religious fervor aimed at punishing women & I fear the collision course we’re currently on.

  10. Women have been denied nothing in this ruling. Women can buy all the abortion inducing drugs they want. No one is stopping them.

  11. But you could be denied. Suppose you want a job and the company only hires methodists? You think this is about birth control or the power over the employee?

  12. I have read the bible twice. I have read Ecclesiastes, the Apostles, and the Revelation each four times, and I find it all to be the greatest collection of myths, and fairy tales I’ve ever read. I do not want laws inflicted on me that are based on someone else’s superstitions. Ignorance is no excuse for a law.

  13. the Supreme Court just unleashed the full weight and power of the United States Constitution on women

    The HL/Conestoga ruling is the interpretation of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act— not the Constitution. If the Court held that the Constitution requires religious exemptions for corporations, that would limit Congress’s ability to regulate companies for all time.
    This decision ONLY interprets a statute.

  14. it never ceases to amaze how someone has just enough intelligence turn on an electronic device and then types stupidity. Forget your absurd notion contraceptives cause abortion, that’s typical evangelical idiocy. But wait until a business owned by a Muslim or Jew evicts your Christian ass from their business because you smell like the pig you ate for breakfast. Or a real Christian kicks you out of their restaurant for that vile graven image (Cross) hanging around your neck.
    Here’s a new flash: majority of prescription plans, including Hobby Lobby’s, are paid for by the employee. You wouldn’t know that because you’re head is as far up the religious right’s ass as evangelicals are trying to get into women’s vaginas. Seek professional help, like getting a teacher to recommend reading something besides your book of Bronze Age mythology. Best case scenario; you don’t look stupid, 2nd best scenario; your mind explodes when you realize you’re an idiot.

  15. We know that. Its the way how they used that statue to impose their catholic beliefs on the rest of us. And I quote Sam the inquisitor
    “The Hahns and Greens believe that providing the coverage demanded by the HHS regulations is connected to the destruction of an embryo in a way that is sufficient to make it immoral for them to provide the coverage. This belief implicates a difficult and important question of religion and moral philosophy, namely, the circumstances under which it is wrong for a person to perform an act that is innocent in itself but that has the effect of enabling or facilitating the commission of an immoral act by another.”

    That is straight out of catholic dogma. Welcome to the Vatican of the west

  16. So, if the hobby lobby owners are as morally sensitive as they claim do they take the money of customers who have used birth control and other groups like gays they find objectionable?

  17. No problem to all of you con zealots out there. The end of your Church’s deductibility is on the horizon. It is the good for the goose & gander thing!!

  18. Your so right GMcG there is no fear in the Supreme Court. They know once they have the appointment, their life is on easy street. Great retirement, not too many days spent on court issues. The hard work is done by the small men and Women who work for the court.
    The Court answers to no one. I do believe they should be answerable to the people, they are supposed to be looking out for. As past courts have. This court answers to the Koch brothers only.

  19. I hope you’re right, but never underestimate the ignorance or gullibility of the American people!

  20. Exactly! A poll just released this morning from Quinnipiac proves your theory precisely. The American broader public suffers from short term memory syndrome. The mainstream conservative media has done a fantastic job of propagandizing the minds of gullible Americans sadly. Ronald frigging Reagan the best post WW2 American president, I think not.

  21. It’s a great essay and I love this site, BUT… need to make sure you know the meaning of the words you use.

    “Enjoined” means the opposite of what you intended to say.

    It is clear you didn’t know what “enjoined” means. And it diminishes the impact of this otherwise fine writing.

  22. Of course, the religious cabal is the five male conservatives on the Supreme Court who enjoined the religious right’s war on women.

    Legal Definition: enjoin v. for a court to order that someone either do a specific act, cease a course of conduct, or be prohibited from committing a certain act.

    I think it was used perfectly. Now I may be wrong but I doubt it

  23. So you finally admitted what we all know you secretly believed all along, which is that you hate the constitution and all it stands for. You want to just light your candles to God-King Obama and have him rule by decree over this land. You’re so angry and misguided you’ll destroy all peace and freedom to give yourself purpose.

  24. Wow. So if the Supreme Court forces your radical socialist agenda on America that’s cool, but if they rule against you they should be impeached. This is why people call you tyrants. Keep on, you just turn more people against you.

  25. “radical socialist agenda”

    LOL, you just keep getting funnier and funnier.

    Pray tell us, what is the “radical socialist agenda”

  26. Hi Jake,

    That is about the most asinine response I have ever read and here is why: At least you don’t hear folks from progressive or liberal circles making the argument that the ruling is just “not constitutional and so therefore doesn’t have any authority,” as the conservatives did when the ACA passed.

    In addition, it seems to me, at least, that you see any law being upheld by SCOTUS to be a law rooted in “socialism,” rather than being rooted in the constitution.

    Furthermore, what part of the ruling do you as a human being not understand?

    The fact that the court establishes the precedent that a corporation can actually have religious convictions, OR the fact the sole purpose of incorporation is to escape liability, and in this particular case, as Justice Ginsburg wrote in her dissent, the Court departed radically from the established law. What part don’t you understand, seriously?

    Perhaps you do not understand the word “substantial” as was in the previous…..

  27. Charlie,
    You keep telling yourself that if it assists in helping you sleep better at night! Me? I don’t feel one bit good about this ruling and I will tell you the specific issue I as a male take: When you distill everything down to one’s “belief,” hell, why not allow me to get a tax exemption due to my establishing the First Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    Belief cannot be measured, and even in the social sciences, where I spend most of my time, measure after measure has failed us.

    In other words: If a person simply makes the case that it violates his or her “belief” this satisfies the new precedent established by the Supreme Court. If you cannot see how this will flow into other areas of law, I don’t know what else to say.

  28. Weapon of Mass Discrimination would be more apt.

    The Fellating Five on the SCOTUS have created a legal precedent, opening the door for any employer to exercise his/her God-given right use their own “religious beliefs” as the basis to deny employment, refuse service, or impose their own lifestyle choices and religious mores onto their employees.

  29. So if the companies objections were that they didn’t want to be on the hook for only 4 of the total of 20 medications that they consider to “abortifacients”, why not agree to pay for the other 16?

    Surely they are telling the truth with that statement, correct ? I mean lying is on the Big Guy’s Top 10 List of No No’s. Seems like we could have had this sorted Day 1 before lunch.

    Ever ask yourself ”What if Jesus had been a wee bit better carpenter?”. Things would be so much better and we wouldn’t have to be figuring out these types of things now.

    Our government is for everyone, YOUR religion is for YOU. Stop trying to make everyone else live under your archaic tent of fantasy. I do not want laws inflicted on me that are based on someone else’s superstitions.

  30. The company doesnt pay for the BC, that comes out of the premiums people pay. Hobby Lobby wants the right to not have it on their insurance policy they negotiate f0r their workers

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