Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Claims A Liberal SCOTUS Will Lead To Slavery And Loss Of Freedom

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During Monday night’s broadcast of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly discussed the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision with fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly. The two hosts first mocked women, and especially Sandra Fluke, who believe that this ruling is a way for businesses to limit women’s access to contraception. After the two hosts had finished telling women they were dumb for believing this, O’Reilly decided to bring up the ideological make-up of the current Supreme Court. He stated, in all seriousness, that if the court receives one more liberal justice, Americans will see a large-scale loss of freedom, much like in the past when the court made pro-slavery rulings.

Below is video of Kelly and O’Reilly ridiculing Sandra Fluke, courtesy of Media Matters:



How can either of these two call themselves journalists with disgusting behavior like that? They lit into Fluke with the relish one usually sees from internet trolls. It was absurd, awful and just downright mean-spirited. O’Reilly dismissed the need for contraception to be covered by health insurance, insisting that it is cheap as is. He and Kelly just stated that women should pay for birth control, especially the so-called abortifacients that Hobby Lobby opposes, out of their own pocket, like they did prior to the passage of the ACA. (Kelly also erroneously stated that emergency contraception terminates pregnancy. That is inherently false.)  You could almost sense O’Reilly wanting to tell women to stop having so much sex.

Amazingly, the discussion got even worse.

Below is video of O’Reilly discussing what a more liberal SCOTUS will lead to, courtesy of Media Matters:



It was certainly bad enough to watch O’Reilly preach to women about personal responsibility and the supposed cheapness of birth control. He then goes completely over-the-top by implying that a more liberal Supreme Court could lead us down the road to slavery. He claimed that the ideological makeup of a court can lead to horrendous decisions that take away or impose on Americans’ freedoms and rights. He brought up pro-slavery decisions in the 19th century by the court. O’Reilly then segued into how one more liberal justice will lead to the American people losing all of their freedoms.

In O’Reilly’s mind, the Hobby Lobby decision was a major victory for civil rights. If you speak to any number of conservatives out there, they will immediately say this was about protecting religious freedom. That, quite frankly, is ridiculous. Freedom of religion stops whenever someone’s practice or adherence to their religious beliefs directly affects or impacts the rights and freedoms of another group. In this instance, the owners of Hobby Lobby and other like-minded businesses are able to say that they are protecting their religious beliefs by refusing to provide certain forms of birth control. However, by doing so, they are directly affecting the ability of women who work for them to obtain medication and medical supplies, possibly prescribed to them by a doctor, that women elsewhere can freely obtain.

That is the thing that conservatives like O’Reilly and Kelly fail to understand. You cannot provide rights to some people in this country if it is at the expense of others. Or perhaps it isn’t that they fail to understand this, they just willfully ignore it and say ‘Hooray for freedom!’

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  1. Billo the clown please retire and start to enjoy the mega bucks you have made. Faux cult members have had many make BIG BUCKS off their lack of knowledge or fear of the truth.

  2. Of course the King Idiot of BullShit Mountain has it completely wrong and opposite as usual. When will the Reich Wing and their Goebbels like media understand that Liberal means plentiful, large,abundant. And Conservative means SMALL,!! Liberal=MORE Freedom, More Liberty! More Rights and NO Slavery. Conservative means LESS Freedom, Less Liberties AND the Slavery of all who do not surrender to Conservative, Christian Theocracy that will remove freedom, liberty and rights..unless you are one of them. F*#ck You Billo the Clown!!

  3. I find it amazing that as SCOTUS strips the rights of all the RW minions stand there cheering them on. How stupid can they be? They think it is a win of conservatism over liberalism. It is neither. It is about corporations stripping the rights and protections of all.

    Whether it was the Hobby Lobby case or the Union case, our country just slid backward yesterday, and the crowd cheers on. So many simple minded people.

    We have to take control in November, and beyond. Voting is a must for all.

  4. Billo if only your parents could have afforded to use birth control we wouldn’t have to listen your brain dead BS

  5. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This court is rah-rah religious rights.

    Chief Justice John Roberts’ court is shaping up to be pretty darn protective of that free exercise clause. Less than two months ago, the court ruled 5-4 that the town of Greece, N.Y., could regularly convene town meetings with sectarian Christian prayers. And in 2012, the court ruled 9-0 that a Lutheran school could fire a teacher who had some ministerial responsibilities, despite the government’s argument that her dismissal violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.
    In all these cases, the court sided with religious rights over other rights. “The Roberts court has been a great champion of religious freedom,” said Lori Windham, senior counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represented Hobby Lobby.

    Freedom my ass.

  6. It’s the precedent being set that will produce a flood of new lawsuits. SCOTUS is going to be inundated with “cases” involving “religious freedom” to discriminate in every imaginable situation. The conservatives are tone deaf to the max. This isn’t the end of the religion wars, it’s just the beginning.

  7. Who pays for these cases sent to SCOTUS, taxpayers? you and me?

    We will be working just to fund the nonsense of the Reich Wing.

  8. We have already experienced a “large-scale loss of freedoms” under this SCOTUS. I cannot wait for one of these conservative justices to be replaced with a progressive. I hope this SCOTUS start receiving the backlash they so richly deserve.

  9. The big picture is that this is a start at chipping away at the ACA. Everyone is kind of fixated on womens’ health, which is major; but if you think about it, this is chipping away at the ACA..when they couldn’t repeal it (which taxpayers paid for) 50+ times, they are coming in the back door. Little by little, they will start picking it apart and taking services away.

  10. Someone on another blog brought up a good point, that they felt was disturbing.

    SCOTUS never even asked HL to PROVE it was against their religious beliefs.

    I would have never thought of that, but that is very true. Now anyone can say anything and not have to back it up.

  11. democratinny, they have proven their “religious beliefs” in the form of checks written to the Conservative justices. The Christian symbol is now the $ instead of a cross.

  12. So according to Brillo, if the SCOTUS overturns a decision or nullifies a piece of legislation generated by progressives, then these justices are righteous warriors defending the U.S. Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers, blah, blah, blah.

    If the same court was to rule against a conservative position, then it is clearly the result of “judicial activism”, and the decision is a disgrace and evidence of a decaying society.

  13. Joseph Uhl, what you say is true. I am unable to vote or I would have voted “I agree.” $$$$ is the bible. I fear what our grandchildren will have to deal with down the road.

  14. Labman your comment is so true. However calling BillO the Clown Brillo may be an insult to Brillo pads as they are useful in removing stains and stubborn dried on crusty old problems(GOP)! Brillo pads are the anti Bill O’.

  15. Corporations own Congress and the Supreme Court but they can’t buy the White House; therefore they hate Obama.

    In a 2003 lawsuit Fox News admitted that they lie and distort the news.

    “The attorneys for Fox, owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves.”

  16. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone let douche-bag O’Liely out of the Inside Edition box. It was his best genre, and where he deserved to stay.

  17. Bilo doing what repugs have used as their number 1 attack strategy “projection lying” ; they project on to the opposition what they do; There they go again Fox also is trying to say that women have a war on men;WTF.

  18. And why would anyone especially a women
    Listen to this man who told a female staffer to go take her frustrations out on a vibrator?

  19. In the recent past, people with a pre-existing health condition were denied access to health insurance. I do not recall the intensity of outrage over this situation compared to what we are seeing in the Hobby Lobby decision. Why is access to “reproductive health care” for women more important than preventing unnecessary pain, suffering, and death? The Supreme Court may have taken us one step closer to single-payer health insurance.

  20. It was a major reason we pushed for healthcare.

    The HL decision has many far reaching things that could happen. For instance, suppose company heads start declaring themselves fundamentalist christians? They may decide not to serve you, sell you medicine(diabetes etc), not to hire you and many many other events

  21. Damn ignorance from the ultra-left. MediaMatters, ThinkProgress & MoveOn are out to brainwash their minions.
    The headline and the story takes what was said (I only heard it here, so the Video could be spliced) and mis-interprets it to another meeting.
    Be more cynical. These groups do not want you to learn the truth, only their propaganda.

  22. Bill the #1 Ignoramus in America loves to think he is intelligent when he spoon feeds his garbage talk to idiots. Time to say goodbye Bill O. Actually sit down and write a book instead of employing people to do all the work for you and calling it your own. What a turkey! He does lives. BS Mtn. In a cloud of toilet paper.

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