Republican Argument for Suing Obama Goes Down In Flames As Fact Checkers Expose the Lies

pants on fire

The Republican justification for the Boehner lawsuit gets a “pants on fire” rating, as they would be suing Obama for Bush’s actions.

First Erick Erickson went rogue on Speaker Boehner’s “lawsuit” (a suit which hasn’t happened yet, the threat of which is being used for political intimidation and get out the vote efforts) and now PolitFact is calling Pants on Fire on the Republican justification for the lawsuit. Republican spokesman Sean Spicer told a CNN panel on the Boehner lawsuit that the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Barack Obama’s executive orders 13 times. You know, because if that happened it would mean he should be sued as the groundwork for impeachment.

But wait. Here comes reality and she isn’t pleased. PolitiFact determined that actually, Republicans are objecting to litigation that came as a response to things that happened under the Republican President, Bush. Seriously. “Most of the litigation actually came in response to actions under the Bush administration. In the few cases initiated during Obama’s two terms, the court wasn’t even ruling on challenges to Obama’s executive orders.”

It got worse, because PolitiFact noted that since this Republican claim had already been debunked and Spicer repeated it anyway, he gets a Pants on Fire for repeating a known falsehood.

Watch GOP spox Sean Spicer on a July 6th, 2014 appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union”:

Here’s Spicer’s claim that rated Pants-On-Fire false: “In the last three years alone, 13 times, the Supreme Court, unanimously, 9-0, including all of the president’s liberal picks, have struck down the president’s executive orders.”

Republicans make this argument in response to the facts about President Bush’s egregious abuse of the executive order. It wasn’t that Bush had so many orders, but rather the kinds and purpose of the executive action. PolitiFact pointed out that of the cases cited by the previous Republican whom they had already debunked on this issue, “It does not appear that any of these cases actually have to do with executive orders issued by Obama.”

The only case they cited that was even remotely related to the concept of Obama overreach was the Supreme Court knocking down Obama’s labor board appointment (National Labor Relations Board vs. Noel Canning). But Spicer referred to executive orders specifically and this was not an executive order. But more to the point, as PolitiFact pointed out, the court knocked down that appointment due to the Senate recess rules (indeed, Republicans worked the rules in hopes of blocking Obama from making recess appointments by avoiding technical recess). That isn’t even in the same ballpark as Bush refusing to execute laws or granting himself expanded powers.

So far, we have Republicans wanting to sue Obama for things Bush did, and one instance of them not understanding what an executive order is. “It does not appear that any of these cases actually have to do with executive orders issued by Obama. And again, most of these cases were started under Bush, so any executive action was likely coming from the previous administration, not Obama.”

The ruling:

Spicer said, “In the last three years alone, 13 times, the Supreme Court, unanimously, 9-0, including all of the president’s liberal picks, have struck down the president’s executive orders.”

Most of the litigation actually came in response to actions under the Bush administration. In the few cases initiated during Obama’s two terms, the court wasn’t even ruling on challenges to Obama’s executive orders.

Spicer took an already debunked argument and made another mistake in repeating it, so it was even more incorrect. We rate the statement Pants on Fire.

As I explained a few weeks ago, the executive order only seems to be a problem for Republicans when President Obama uses it.

President Obama has used the power of his office to do things that the people already want, because with Congressional Republicans on a four year strike against working, no legislation is being passed. So the President took action toward things like reasonable gun safety measures, climate change, and raising the wage for federal workers, whereas Bush used his power to grant himself more power and to ignore laws he didn’t like.

This is why Speaker John Boehner can’t name one actual way the President violated the law. President Obama has not abused the power of his office with executive overreach in terms of signing statements or executive orders. So here we have Republican party leaders figuratively standing next to reviled extremists in their party like Sarah Palin, championing a lawsuit and even impeachment of Obama over things Bush did.

At long last, they admit that some of the things Bush did were wrong. They just can’t admit that it was Bush who did them. Following GOP logic, Democrats should have tried to impeached President Bush as he was clearly a dictator.

Suing the duly elected President for things your appointed president did that you justified? Check. Repeating debunked lies because you have nothing else? Check. Doing it on TV to spread the misinformation because you can’t afford to discuss the issues? Check. Getting called out and learning a lesson? Nope.

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  1. LMAO…the “enhanced” Executive powers of the current President is a monster of the GOP’s own creation…they gave that power to Bush 43 and hoped that all future Democratic Presidents wouldn’t use it.

  2. They want to sue him for not pushing the kids back across the border and abandoning them,
    they forget they passed the William Wilberforce Act when Bush was in office which forbids that and states they must be given due process.

  3. New Rule, When A republican/Conservative opens their mouth to speak nothing but falsehoods will emerge.

  4. “In the last three years alone, 13 times, the Supreme Court, unanimously, 9-0, including all of the president’s liberal picks, have struck down the president’s executive orders.”

    Well, technically Spicer could backtrack and say he was misunderstood, he was talking about President Bush when he said, “the president”…


  5. Well, there goes yet another faux GOP scandal. And as for Sarah? Palin has always been the small southern town girl with the crush on/ obsession with the Black guy who pays her no attention, so she lies to get him hung.

  6. The 24 hour news cycle has ruined this country. In the good old days, this man would never have even been on the airwaves, except on Rushie’s radio show. Sarah Palin would have lost in 2008 and disappeared back to the tundra, her cabal of children and grandchildren in tow. Thankfully, most people are not tuned into the political scene as we are, and they have no idea who this creep is or what he said. My husband barely knows who the Kochs are, and he’s a chemical engineer. He’s way too busy working and mowing the lawn to do much more than watch Diane Sawyer (who I think has mentioned the Kochs once) and read the local GOP rag (but he never bothers with the editorial page.) When it comes time to vote, he lets me fill out a paper ballot for him, and then he goes and votes the way he wants to. But he has no time to figure out the lies on TV, nor does he care. So, please proceed, GOP. Keep up your false flags, your lies, and your hate. We shall see in November how many GOP Governors…

  7. My pants are on fire, and I tried to put it out with 100 proof Vodka. Didn’t work out very well.

  8. Anything to keep the base happy. This is just a ploy to keep the base hopping mad. Even though the truth is it all comes down to The (BLACK) man in the White House!

  9. The Republicans cannot earn the respect of the whole country—because of their nasty tactics, mean-spirited attacks on the President of the country. They are failing miserably to besmirch the man, and in the process making themselves look like a pack of twitty fools.

  10. Anybody who knows what an Ouroboros is will get where I’m getting at here.

    Why? Because it seems like the Republicans are willing to eat their own tail in order to destroy Obama. Too bad that the tail they are eating also contains a ton of their own bull crap.

  11. Funny, Progressive Law Professor Jonathon Turley would not agree!

    Professor Turley: “Obama Is at War with the Rule of Law!”

    Professor: Obama Becoming The Very Danger The Constitution Was Designed To Avoid

    Jonathan Turley: Left is SILENT on Obama lawlessness because of ‘CULT OF PERSONALITY’

    A Question of Power: The Imperial Presidency

    Professor Turley is widely regarded as a champion of the rule of law, and his stated positions in many cases and his self-proclaimed “socially liberal agenda”,[8] have led liberal and progressive thinkers to also consider him a champion for their causes

  12. I am actually sympathetic to the GOPs as a viable party. They have completely lost their credibility allowing the Tea Bargers to take the central role of their party. GOP is no longer the party of idealogy. GOP has become the party of few conservative minority holding the party as hostage. I said shame to the GOPs for allowing their party to be tear down by the Tea mongers. The more you open your mouth in this Country the less likely you will win anyone’s heart as a party of our founding fathers, a party of values and a party that beleives in hard work will yield success.

  13. wow – the republicans really know how to screw themselves. is this what they are running on “lies” just to get vote. well they did it once but I doubt it will work this time. I have to laugh. heeeeheeee.

  14. The teathugliKKKans are stuck on stupid and they keep on keepin on with the b.s. I guess they think they have their game all
    set with voter supression and the fools who vote for them,against their best interest need to be stuck up in their arses.

  15. Okay, apparently lies to the American people are no crime. I just hope they pull that s**t in court, where they can be charged with and prosecuted for perjury.

  16. Anyone running for office should have their voting record and statements every where, radio, TV and print news, at the polls, mailers, signs, etc. Their lies should be pointed out the moment they say them, they should spend as much time on air telling the truth about GOP lies about IRS, and all the other crap they made up as they do talking about them in the first place. By now it should be known that if a conservative says something it’s a lie and be ready with facts to call them out. They have nothing but hate fears and lies and it’s time for people to know until they grow up and stop acting like 10 year olds they are not a viable party.

  17. Professor Jonathon Turley is a self-proclaimed progressive. It would be more accurate to describe him as a progressive libertarian law professor.

  18. I agree. To add to that, anyone VOTING for someone in office should provide the same. Seems fair? Or logical? Neither are concepts that liberals seem to understand. I know. To ask the same information or even a piece of paper to validate WHO THEY ARE is considered racists. And you say the GOP acts like 10 year olds?

  19. Funny but what you posted has nothing to do with the article. The article was about the lie being told by the GOP that the President had 13 executive orders overturned by the Supreme Court when in fact he has had none overturned. So why don’t you actually comment on that.

  20. Dead wrong as usual.

    Liberals are not opposed to providing an ID. However lets look at what you support.

    You support changing the ID’s that can be used just prior to elections. You support shutting down polls in areas that have minority areas. Thats the racist part.
    You support taking away college ID’s and adding gun license ID’s.
    You support shutting down college voting polls.
    You support not letting college student s vote at the colege they go to if they are from out of state
    You support not granting ID’s to epople who never had borth certificates but have voted most of their lives. More racist crap.
    If the gop would agree to one ID that everyone can use and let them have it free, then you have a deal. Until then stop supprting your party designing voting where certain people cant vote

  21. John cheetoface is just making an ass of himself,as usual. If anyone should be sued for not doing their job it should be ole cheetoface himself. He has failed in every aspect of his tenure as “Weeper of the House” Lyin ‘ Ryan would be a better Speaker but that isn’t saying much. it would be like saying who is the better turd.


  23. Well where are your facts?????? This whole article is exactly the same spewed garbage all politicians keep spewing on both party lines, cite facts not just rant in an article

  24. Professor Turley is widely regarded as a right wing extremist dimwit getting paid money by right wing corporate Oligarchs to commit treason against our country.

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